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BREAKING: Is Cannabis an “Essential” Service under California’s COVID-19 “Stay At Home” Order?

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Cannabis Workers, Unemployment Insurance, and the Small Business Administration: What You Need to Know


There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is adversely impacting businesses around the world, and smaller businesses especially.

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USA: State By State Update

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States. Alabama. Senate Approves MMJ Bill. Families plea for lawmakers to pass MMJ bill. Summary of MMJ Legalization Efforts. Alaska. Don Young sent constituents survey on whether vets should get MMJ. Arizona. Ballot measure endorsed by former backers of rival campaign.

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Regarding COVID-19, A Message to the NORML Family from the Executive Director


NORML Family, I wanted to reach out personally to you to address the current public health situation that is directly impacting all of our lives, and to discuss what this means for our shared goal of ending federal marijuana prohibition going forward.

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Cannabis for Coronavirus

Nature's Way Medicine

Cannabis may prove useful at the time when coronavirus is ready to kill us. The post Cannabis for Coronavirus appeared first on Nature's Way Medicine. medical marijuana cannabis coronavirus sepsis thc

NORML’s Statement Regarding the Designation of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries as “Essential Services”


The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is issuing the following statements regarding the continued operation of medical cannabis dispensaries during the COVID crisis.

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Illinois: Impact of marijuana legalization important lesson for employers

Cannabis Law Report

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin reports. The road to Illinois becoming the 11th state in the country along with the District of Columbia to legalize adult-use recreational cannabis was a long and winding one.

The Cannabis User’s Guide to Surviving the Coronavirus

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While some very early research shows that CBD may have some anti-viral properties, there is no research that shows cannabis, THC or CBD rich, to be a cure for viruses or even colds. So beware of unethical CBD companies selling bogus Coronavirus “cures.”.

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New York Lawmakers File Revised Marijuana Legalization Bill As Coronavirus Accelerates Budget

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Marijuana Moment reports… New York lawmakers have rolled out a revised bill to legalize marijuana as uncertainty abounds about the state legislative and budgetary process amid the coronavirus outbreak.

COVID-19 restrictions sparking a run on cannabis stores


As cities across Europe shut down, consumers line up to stock up at legal stores across North America. The post COVID-19 restrictions sparking a run on cannabis stores appeared first on Leafly. Health Industry cannabis shortages cannabis stores coronavirus COVID-19

We’re Working to Help You with COVID-19

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On behalf of everyone at Harris Bricken, our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19 around the world — not only those diagnosed with the virus, but also their friends and family and those whose work, education, and way of life have been affected.

Did CBD Kill This Woman?

Project CBD

It can’t be emphasized enough that patients must be honest with their doctors about their cannabis use, particularly if CBD is involved, given its modulating effects on various CYP enzymes

Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/14/20


Welcome to the latest edition of NORML’s Weekly Legislative Roundup! Following are the bills that we’ve tracked this week and as always, check NORML’s Action Center for legislation pending in your state.

Edibles may be better than smoking cannabis during the pandemic


Smoking in general may harm your lungs, making it difficult to fight SARS-CoV-2, should you contract it. Check out why edibles, tinctures, and topicals may be the way to go right now. The post Edibles may be better than smoking cannabis during the pandemic appeared first on Leafly.

A Stoners Guide To Quarantine Boredom

Cannabis Life Network

The coronavirus has got everybody pretty freaked out, and understandably so. As the situation unfolds, more and more countries are declaring a state of emergency and advising people to stay in their homes. Businesses, schools, and non-essential services are closing. The world is on edge.

Synthetic Cannabinoids: Dangerous for Diabetics?

Project CBD

While smoking cannabis appears to be helpful for diabetics managing weight and insulin levels, synthetic cannabinoids could be dangerous.

Is the window for legitimacy in the cannabis sector now wide open? It’s All About Supply & Demand

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With the world now coming to a screeching halt with the COVID-19 pandemic, the global cannabis market is perhaps more precariously positioned than ever before.

5 reasons why it’s the perfect time to start growing cannabis


Cannabis gardening can be a good hobby in lonely times. Check out why now's a great time to start growing at home. The post 5 reasons why it’s the perfect time to start growing cannabis appeared first on Leafly. Growing cannabis growing COVID-19 opinion

Considered Essential? Cannabis amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

Cannabis Life Network

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the face of the world as we know it, but thankfully there is a bit of good news amidst the crisis. With bigger problems to focus on, governments around the world are taking a much more reasonable approach towards cannabis regulation. Several different U.S.

From Saul Kaye, CannaTech Founder & CEO


Cannabis Investing in a Coronavirus World. 60 days ago, cannabis investors were excited about 2020. More states and countries legalized, supply chains were ready, and customer demand was growing – the investment opportunity was obvious.

Washington State Liquor And Cannabis Board Addresses COVID-19

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Yesterday at the close of business, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) emailed stakeholders an update on COVID-19.

Is my dispensary open and can they deliver cannabis right now?


Emergency COVID-19 marijuana rules are now in effect. Some places now allow delivery, others are shut down. Check here for updates. The post Is my dispensary open and can they deliver cannabis right now? appeared first on Leafly.

COVID-19: Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes speak in support of Online Signatures for California Cannabis Initiative

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This morning we got word that the U.S.-Canadian Canadian border would be closing to non-essential travel and traffic; a “reciprocal” move aimed to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Florida Dispensaries: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policies


As Florida’s leading medical cannabis physicians , CannaMD is committed to working closely with licensed dispensaries to ensure medical cannabis patients stay safe while continuing uninterrupted treatment during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Cannabis and Force Majeure: If Coronavirus Prevents Contract Performance, Who’s Liable?

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Under most U.S. states’ laws, coronavirus likely constitutes a force majeure – an “act of God” – a severe, unforeseeable circumstance beyond the control of any contracting party. No party created this act of God — both are “innocent parties”; both will likely suffer from breach.

Learn to bake cannabis edibles during your coronavirus self-isolation


Looking to kill some time while stuck at home? It's a great time to whip up some cannabis-infused butter or cooking oil and teach yourself the finer points of baking with marijuana! Here are some of our favorite starter recipes.

Canopy Growth closing Tokyo Smoke and Tweed retail stores

Cannabis Life Network

SMITH FALLS, Ont. Cannabis company Canopy Growth Corp. says it’s closing all of its corporate-owned Tokyo Smoke and Tweed stores later today in an effort to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

These Are The Best CBD Oil Pills & Soft Gels To Help You Stay Calm

Miss Marijuana

By: Charlot Martin-Amadi. Are you looking for CBD oil pills or soft gels to add to your wellness routine? Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, has many medicinal benefits.

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Five Ways California Can Ease COVID-19 Burdens on Licensees

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We just published a post on what cannabis businesses can be doing to stay ahead of the curve with respect to the coronavirus (COVID-19), which is shutting down businesses across the globe.

Enjoy a daily 420 Chill video: It’s self-care in the COVID-19 era


We all must chill. Do it at 4:20 with these ultra chill videos, posted daily during this time of social distancing. The post Enjoy a daily 420 Chill video: It’s self-care in the COVID-19 era appeared first on Leafly.

Tweed’s first THC-Infused Cannabis Beverage

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