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Lawmakers Want to Know the Environmental Impacts of Cannabis Cultivation


Two lawmakers are asking about the environmental impacts of cannabis cultivation, and they’re recommending that a study be conducted to investigate the matter. According to media reports, “Republican Reps.

How cannabinoid receptors treat spinal cord injury

Cannabis Life Network

Cannabinoid (CB) 2 receptor uptick likely occurs to protect cellular systems. CB2 receptors in the brain and gut adapt to specific cells following the loss of CB1 receptors. And a recent study assessed cannabinoid two receptors treat spinal cord injury recycling a critical inflammasome.


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Deschedule Cannabis, Don’t Reschedule It: Part 2

Canna Law Blog

Last week, I wrote a piece entitled “ Deschedule Cannabis, Don’t Reschedule It.” ” The post came on the heels of President Joe Biden’s announcement that the federal government is considering the federal scheduling of cannabis.

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Washington DC lets tourists self-certify for medical cannabis   


To curtail cannabis gifting, DC just made it easier for tourists and non-residents to buy medical marijuana. The post Washington DC lets tourists self-certify for medical cannabis appeared first on Leafly. Politics DC dispensaries medical marijuana policy Washington DC

Where the Money Grows: Learning the Industry Trends in Medical Cannabis, Recreational Marijuana, Hemp, and Beyond

Speaker: Jonathan Bench, International Cannabis and Securities Business Attorney at Harris Bricken

The U.S. cannabis industry is still in its infancy, even though states began engaging with legalization in one form or another in the late 1990s. Today, many opportunities exist for individuals and businesses that want to engage in the industry. Join international cannabis and securities business attorney Jonathan Bench as he provides some pitfalls and best practices for companies & individuals looking to engage with the U.S. cannabis marketplace.

Poll: Two-Thirds of Voters Say “Nobody Should Be in Jail” for Marijuana Possession


Seventy-eight percent of Democrats, as well as 70 percent of Independents and 54 percent of Republicans, say that no one should be incarcerated for possessing cannabis. The post Poll: Two-Thirds of Voters Say “Nobody Should Be in Jail” for Marijuana Possession appeared first on NORML.

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The best cannabinoids for colon cancer

Cannabis Life Network

Cannabis contains phytocannabinoids, which are molecules with properties that range from intoxicating to therapeutic. Cannabinoids utalize several strategies to fight off different cellular malignancies, including oral and colon cancer.

Circle K convenience stores will sell cannabis—legally for once


10 Florida fuel stations will offer cannabis pick-up in 2023. Call it ‘Gas to go.’. The post Circle K convenience stores will sell cannabis—legally for once appeared first on Leafly. Strains & products cannabis news medical marijuana

NORML Op-Ed: POTUS’ Marijuana Pardons Are a Big Deal Politically — Here’s Why


President Biden’s foray into the arena of marijuana reform legitimizes legalization as a subject worthy of consideration — and action — by those at the highest levels of government.

The nose knows: how to identify common scents from terpenes

The Cannigma

If you’re new to cannabis, you may think that all weed smells the same. But once you’ve spent some time with the plant, the nuances and complexities appear. Different strains have aromas of lemon, pepper, and even gasoline.

How Delta 8 and 9 THC laws are different in Canada

Cannabis Life Network

Delta-8 hit shelves in Canada, but many wonder why processors want to produce a semi-synthetic THC variant. Consumers claim delta-8 is potent but less inebriating than delta-9 THC. But Canadian producers might target regulatory loopholes with THC variants.

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Meet Mandi Drake, one of Leafly’s Budtenders of the Year


Budtender of the year Mandi Drake says cannabis changed her life for the better. Now she's helping new patients find their perfect product. The post Meet Mandi Drake, one of Leafly’s Budtenders of the Year appeared first on Leafly.

Indonesian Mothers Are Fighting to Legalize Medical Cannabis for Their Children


Indonesia, a fertile land where the climate is perfect for cultivating cannabis, is in the “red zone” regarding legalization. In fact, getting caught with even the smallest amount of cannabis could earn locals (and tourists) harsh sanctions, fines, and/or a stint in prison.

TNI Policy Briefing: Cannabis and Climate The carbon footprint and energy use of indoor cultivation

Cannabis Law Report

20 October 2022 Policy briefing Environmental impacts are rarely taken into account in the cannabis regulation debate.

Cannabis regulations in Slovenia

The Cannigma

Medical: legal, but limited Recreational: decriminalized. Recreational cannabis is illegal in Slovenia but possessing small amounts of cannabis for personal use is not considered a criminal offense. Medical marijuana is not technically legal, but cannabinoid-based medications are.

Uber Eats in Toronto adds weed to its delivery offerings—awesome


Toronto’s weed smokers, vapers, dabbers, and edibles munchers don’t even have to leave their couches to re-up anymore.

How Germany Will Legalize Cannabis 

Cannabis Life Network

How Germany will legalize cannabis was leaked to the RND newspaper group this past week. If signed into law, this means Germans will be able to buy, sell, and grow legal cannabis. The leaked plan also suggests the Germans will limit advertising and ban any promotion of consumption.

Position: Legal Assistant

Cannabis Law Report

Job Description Legal Assistant – (22000BQU) Description PURPOSE OF THE JOB Under the direction of the General Counsel and other members of the Legal Department, the successful applicant will be responsible for managing routine legal matters.

Can cannabis use during pregnancy contribute to low birth weight?

The Cannigma

Cannabis is one of the most commonly used substances during pregnancy. Stigmas around weed are subsiding and the plant is becoming more prominent, leading to a rise in cannabis use. Pregnant women are no exception. An estimated 4.2%

7 cannabis strains that pair perfectly with your fall festivities


Most cannabis strains are lovely year-round, but a certain few seem tailor-made for fall. These are our seven top picks. The post 7 cannabis strains that pair perfectly with your fall festivities appeared first on Leafly. Lifestyle banana-kush fall runtz strains superglue Zookies

Uber Eats to Deliver Cannabis in Toronto

Cannabis Life Network

Leafy and Uber Eats have teamed up to deliver cannabis in Toronto. They announced the partnership on the fourth anniversary of cannabis legalization in Canada. Uber Eats is the first third-party delivery platform to deliver cannabis, but the devil is in the details.

News Report: Cannabis Company Sues DC for $750K After Police Raid

Cannabis Law Report

NBC4 Washington DC reports The owners said police have raided their stores multiple times over the last few years and seized hundreds of thousands of dollars, but despite the cases being dropped or dismissed, cops are still holding onto their cash. The owners of a D.C.

California Cannabis Crops Threatened by Wildfires More Than Any Other Type of Agriculture


More than 6,000 wildfires have ripped through almost 250,000 acres of California’s landscape this year alone. According to CAL FIRE , wildfires are occurring as a direct effect of climate change.

Mindfulness and marijuana: How breathwork and cannabis work together


Learn about the similarities between practicing breathwork and consuming cannabis, and how the two can work together to create beneficial effects for individuals. . The post Mindfulness and marijuana: How breathwork and cannabis work together appeared first on Leafly. Health meditation

Federal Bulletin: Economic Arguments for Cannabis Legalization

Canna Law Blog

On September 29, I spoke on an opening panel at the 7th annual Cannabis Law Conference for the Cannabis Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan. My co-panelist was the renowned Brookings political scientist John Hudak. One of John’s specialty areas is state and federal marijuana policy.

MediCane Health Inc. Announce First Patient Enrolled in a Phase IIa Clinical Trial of MediCane’s Balanced T3:C3 Oral Medical Cannabis Oil for Symptom Relief of Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD)

Cannabis Law Report

KFAR SAVA, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MediCane Health Inc.

How to Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Pennsylvania


Is Medical Marijuana Legal In Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program, or “The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act (SB3),” allows people with specific medical conditions to use and purchase medical marijuana without having to worry about legal consequences.

Nugs of wisdom: Advice from Leafly’s top 18 budtenders of the year


Weed business is booming, and with it the job opportunities for budtenders. The best of the best share their dankest insights. The post Nugs of wisdom: Advice from Leafly’s top 18 budtenders of the year appeared first on Leafly.

New Drug May Treat Patients Who Get Too High


While cannabis has been shown to offer multiple therapeutic benefits, one drawback is its potential to induce anxiety and paranoia in some users.

Canada: Tough ruling against former CannTrust cannabis execs could send message say experts

Cannabis Law Report

Bradford Today reports. TORONTO — Industry observers say cannabis companies’ future regulatory compliance is at stake as a case against three former leaders of CannTrust Holdings Inc. begins.

Biden’s Bad Example

Canna Law Blog

President Biden’s recent announcement of a pardon for federal cannabis offenses has caught the attention of observers abroad. In fact, I was quoted in an article by Brazilian journalist Anita Krepp on the subject.