August, 2021

How the Cannabis Industry is Marketing to COVID Moms

Cannabis Life Network

Motherhood isn’t linear. Every mother knows that every family’s journey is different. Compared to a mere ten years ago, women today have more resources when it comes to navigating the world of motherhood for the first time.

It’s Time to Refute the Cannabis Gateway Theory Once and For All


A recent study from the University of Pittsburgh suggests that the United States federal government’s current stance that cannabis is a gateway drug is bunk. Cannabis is a gateway drug is nothing more than another Reefer Madness propaganda tactic.

Data 83

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When Charging Forward into Adult-Use Policy, Please Don’t Leave Patients Behind!

Americans for Safe Access

A common challenge patients often experience when adult-use laws are adopted in their state is that legislative and regulatory improvements to medical cannabis programs are suspended while states pivot to organize adult-use models.

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Analysis: Marijuana Legalization Opponents’ Fears Have Not Come to Fruition in Canada


The analysis finds that there has been “no marked increase in cannabis youth by use” in the three-year period following legalization. The post Analysis: Marijuana Legalization Opponents’ Fears Have Not Come to Fruition in Canada appeared first on NORML.

Where the Money Grows: Learning the Industry Trends in Medical Cannabis, Recreational Marijuana, Hemp, and Beyond

Speaker: Jonathan Bench, International Cannabis and Securities Business Attorney at Harris Bricken

The U.S. cannabis industry is still in its infancy, even though states began engaging with legalization in one form or another in the late 1990s. Today, many opportunities exist for individuals and businesses that want to engage in the industry. Join international cannabis and securities business attorney Jonathan Bench as he provides some pitfalls and best practices for companies & individuals looking to engage with the U.S. cannabis marketplace.

Autism, Rare Cannabinoids & the Endocannabinoid System

Project CBD

CBD and other plant cannabinoids show promising effects in the treatment of symptoms related to autism spectrum disorder

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Why edibles don’t work for some people

The Cannigma

There are numerous reports of people for whom edibles don’t produce the high they expect, even if smoked cannabis does get them high. There are several explanations for why this may be the case. Some of those factors involve variables you can change.

Bloomberg: How Marijuana Is Both Legal and Illegal in the U.S.

Cannabis Law Report

Cannabis Law TV

Our Summary of the new Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act

Americans for Safe Access

On July 14, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced the long-awaited introduction of comprehensive federal cannabis reform legislation – the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act (CAOA).

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North Carolina: Medical Cannabis Now Legal on Cherokee Land as State Considers Reform


A local ordinance was approved by The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Tribal Council, legalizing medical cannabis within the Qualla Boundary. The post North Carolina: Medical Cannabis Now Legal on Cherokee Land as State Considers Reform appeared first on NORML.

Video: Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Project CBD

Project CBD speaks with Dr. Ethan Russo about Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, an enigmatic medical condition

What is delta-10?


Delta-10 is a cannabinoid that's less potent than THC but is gaining in popularity because you can get it in states that outlaw THC. Learn all about delta-10. The post What is delta-10? appeared first on Leafly. Cannabis 101 delta-10

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2-AG – too good to be overlooked

The Cannigma

This article was reviewed by Miyabe Shields PhD , a cannabinoid pharmacology expert with over 11 years research experience in the field. The cannabis plant is best known for making bioactive molecules known as cannabinoids.

Germany’s Drug Commissioner Endorses Decriminalizing Cannabis

Cannabis Law Report

ICBC reports. Now the drug commissioner of the federal government, Daniela Ludwig ( CSU ), has advocated prosecuting cannabis possession up to a personal use limit of six grams nationwide as an administrative offense – and no longer as a criminal offense. “In

Cannabis Decriminalized in New Orleans, Pardons 10,000 Cannabis Convictions

Cannabis Life Network

Cannabis Decriminalized in New Orleans On Thursday, August 5, New Orleans took a historic step. The New Orleans City Council passed a series of articles to pardon cannabis-related charges and any future charges.

New Orleans: City Eliminates Penalties for Marijuana Possession, Vacates Thousands of Past Convictions


A separate ordinance passed by the city clears the criminal records of those convicted of low-level marijuana possession offenses. It is estimated that some 10,000 residents will be granted blanket pardons under this action.

Migraines, Cluster Headaches & Psychedelics

Project CBD

Scientists are studying psilocybin and LSD to treat migraines and cluster headaches

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At 80, David Crosby recalls his greatest weed moments


The classic rock hall-of-famer grows his own and says he's still 'just another stoner, man.'. The post At 80, David Crosby recalls his greatest weed moments appeared first on Leafly. Lifestyle classic rock David Crosby home growing legal cannabis musicians and weed

Can cannabis make you more empathetic?

The Cannigma

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes; to look at life from another’s perspective; and to feel and think like someone else. But is empathy just another form of divergent thinking (creativity) and spirituality, the basis of cannabis culture?

Cannabis and Biotech Board Chair Arrested for Securities Fraud

Cannabis Law Report

Bloomberg Law is reporting. A cannabis and biotechnology entrepreneur was arrested and charged with securities fraud over his secret sale of shares in two companies in which he served as board chairman. Avtar S.

NM judge calls for increased purchase limit for medical cannabis patients

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

As New Mexico’s Regulation and Licensing Department works toward finalizing rules for non-medical cannabis sales, some unfinished business remains when it comes to the state’s medical cannabis program.

Puerto Rico: Law Signed Protecting Medical Cannabis Patients from Employment Discrimination


Under the expanded law, employers may not discriminate against authorized patients of medical cannabis in the recruitment, hiring, designation, or termination process or when imposing disciplinary actions.

LSD Therapy for Alcoholism

Project CBD

During the 1950s, LSD therapy showed great promise of treating the “spiritual disease” of alcoholism

Canadian comedian defies cannabis and ADHD stigma on TikTok


Meet Darcy Michael, the Canadian TikTok star with 1.8M followers tuning in for his hot takes on weed, ADHD, parenting, and relationships. The post Canadian comedian defies cannabis and ADHD stigma on TikTok appeared first on Leafly.

How Many Leaves Does a Female Cannabis Plant Have?

Cannabis Life Network

The number of leaves on a cannabis plant is not a straightforward endeavour. In fact, the biological sex of the cannabis plant can determine the attractiveness to growers and prospective harvesters. Cannabis is a sophisticated subject matter.

Leafly Sues Florida Over State’s Ban on Third-Party Cannabis Orders

Cannabis Law Report

Ganjapreneur report. Leafly has filed a legal challenge against restrictions imposed by Florida’s Department of Health which banned Florida dispensaries from utilizing the website’s online ordering tools.

Coming to a smoke session near you: the North American Weed Tour 2021 hits the road and the airwaves

The Cannigma

If the past year and a half has taught us one thing, it’s that cannabis is pandemic-proof. But what about a weed tour of North America, one that’s taking off just as the Delta variant begins picking up speed across the United States? The team behind the 2021 North American Weed Tour isn’t worried.

2022 Marijuana Reform Ballot Initiative Efforts Underway Nationwide


Here's a breakdown of current statewide, citizen-initiated efforts so far. The post 2022 Marijuana Reform Ballot Initiative Efforts Underway Nationwide appeared first on NORML. Ballot Initiative ballot initiative decriminalization legalization marijuana medical marijuana

The FDA Defers to Pharma, Nixes CBD as Dietary Supplement

Project CBD

ValidCare seeks volunteers for the final phase of expanded clinical study of CBD ’s effect on the liver

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Meet THC-O, a hemp-derived compound three times stronger than THC


The latest hemp-derived THC compound is quickly rising in popularity—and raising questions about its safety and legality. The post Meet THC-O, a hemp-derived compound three times stronger than THC appeared first on Leafly. Cannabis 101 concentrates delta-8 Hemp THC-0 THC-O THC-O acetate THC-zero

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Terpenes and Cannabinoids – Spelling Weed Wordsearch

Cannabis Life Network

Do you know what sucks? Trying to learn to spell each terpene. Do you know what’s even harder than that? Spelling the various cannabinoids. There’s a lot of cannabis-related words that are really tricky to spell from memory.