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Health Claims Draw Patients as Cannabis Science Catches Up


The number of medical marijuana cardholders more than tripled in the last five years, as more states jumped on the bandwagon. Meanwhile, barriers to research are finally falling. The post Health Claims Draw Patients as Cannabis Science Catches Up appeared first on Leafly.

Oregon: Governor Signs Law Prohibiting Landlords From Discriminating Against Medical Marijuana Patients


Democratic Gov. Kate Brown has signed legislation, Senate Bill 970 , prohibiting landlords from taking discriminatory action against those who either use medical cannabis or possess cannabis-related convictions.

Article: Canada: Future Care Costs For Cannabis In Personal Injury Claims

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June 6 2019. Article by Jorge P. Segovia. Cox & Palmer. Authored also by Miranda Jacqueline Ramjattan 1. Introduction. This article will examine how courts have responded to claims for cannabis, as an element of future care costs, in personal injury cases.

5 CBD Secrets

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Cannabidiol and CBD oil seem to be everywhere these days, despite the confusing legal status of this prolific compound. But how much do we actually know about CBD

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Studies: Medical Cannabis Enrollees Typically Reduce Their Use of Opioids


Patients diagnosed with chronic pain and other debilitating conditions typically reduce, or in some cases, eliminate their use of opioids following their enrollment in state-sanctioned medical cannabis access programs. Several peer-reviewed studies now document this trend.

Press Release: GACC (The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce) Releases Cannabis Industry’s First Model U.S. Federal Legislation

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Here’s the press release in full……… The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce (GACC) released the U.S. cannabis industry’s first comprehensive model federal legislation to legalize interstate and international medical and adult-use cannabis in the United States.

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Oregon House Passes Cannabis “export” Bill

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“In a bi-partisan vote of 42-17 on Tuesday, the Oregon House passed an historic measure that will allow Oregon’s Governor to enter into agreements with other consenting states to allow for the legal export of cannabis between state markets. Governor Brown is expected to sign the bill.”

Hell’s Getting Chilly: Alabama & Mississippi Take Up Cannabis Reform


Two of America's most cannaphobic states make first-step improvements, thanks to dedicated activists. The post Hell’s Getting Chilly: Alabama & Mississippi Take Up Cannabis Reform appeared first on Leafly. Politics alabama medical marijuana mississippi

Beleave Settles with BC Securities Commission over $7.5M stock scheme

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Do Anti-Drug Campaigns Actually Work?


From “This is your brain on drugs” to “Delay, delay, delay,” we look at the importance of anti-drug campaigns, how they’ve failed, and what they’re like today. The post Do Anti-Drug Campaigns Actually Work? appeared first on Leafly. Health health


Eswatini (aka Swaziland) Will Soon Introduce First Draft Of Cannabis Legislation Into Parliament

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Cannabis Law Report has learnt that the following drafts for cannabis regulation and licensing expect to go to the Eswatini parliament chambers at the end of August or early September this year. The Eswatini government is looking to pass legislation similar to that of neighbouring kingdom Lesotho.

48North Agreement with OCS for Outdoor-Grown Cannabis

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TORONTO, June 10, 2019 /CNW/ – 48North Cannabis Corp. TSXV:NRTH) announced today that it has signed a supply agreement with the Ontario Cannabis Store (“OCS“), Ontario’s sole wholesaler and online retailer for recreational cannabis.

Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas, Signs Into Law CBD & Hemp Legislation

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Without any fanfare Gov. Greg Abbott signed a new law Monday that clears up which CBD products are legal in Texas and will also allow local farmers to grow hemp as a crop. Dallas News reports. The law, which received bipartisan support in the state Legislature , goes into effect immediately.

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Cannabis Law and Policy: What I’ve Learned From Teaching

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For the past three years, I have taught a class called “Cannabis Law & Policy” at Lewis & Clark Law School here in Portland, Oregon. It’s a seminar that meets for two hours a week for upper level students.

Hemp Could Help Bees

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Lisette Voytko writes for Forbes… Topline : A recent study from Colorado State University reports that industrial hemp could help declining bee populations—a source of great ecological concern—because it’s a great source of pollen.

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Legal California Dispensaries Want to See Stronger Action Against Grey Market


Despite being a pioneer in marijuana legalization, California is dealing with an illegal marijuana crisis. But according to The Hill , sneaky dealers hiding in the shadows are not the problem. The real threat comes from a much fancier, better-equipped source we all know as the “grey market.”.

Kroger Launches CBD Sales In 17 States

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Cincinnati, Ohio-based grocery store chain Kroger Co. is now selling CBD-infused topicals in its stores in 17 states, the Detroit News reports.

5 Wacky Canadian Cannabis Laws You Didn’t Know Existed


Cannabis might be legal in Canada, but these obscure laws might surprise you. The post 5 Wacky Canadian Cannabis Laws You Didn’t Know Existed appeared first on Leafly. Canada Politics Alberta British Columbia government law enforcement list Ontario

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US Firm, Frost Brown Todd Publish Latest State By State: Hemp Update May 2019

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The latest hemp laws state-by-state: May 2019. By: Hemp Industry Team. Hemp growth programs took root in four different states, expanded in two states, and legislation awaits the governor’s signature in another state in the month of May.

The End of ‘Just Say No’ Drug Approach is Underway in America


The Just Say No program began with America’s crack cocaine epidemic and spread to once seemingly effective school programs like D.A.R.E. In the years following, we have learned that abstinence and scare tactic-centric programs had little to no positive impact on curtailing youth drug use.

Washington DC: Congressional Committee Advances Psychedelics Amendment But Blocks Marijuana Proposal

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Here’s the introduction to their piece that we suggest you read in full to get a sense where these discussions might be heading at a Federal level. Marijuana Moment write. The measure moving to a full House vote, introduced by Rep.

Ingredient Alliance Announces Launch of Pharma Grade CBN/CBG/THCV and Early Harvest Biomass

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Designer Cannabinoids take center stage at Ingredient Alliance. LOS ANGELES – June 11, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – Ingredient Alliance has added pharma grade CBN, CBG, THCV and early harvest biomass (both organic and conventional) to their slate of cutting-edge Cannabinoid offerings.

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Oxnard approves cannabis manufacturing testing and distribution in city limits

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The Tri County Sentry reports. Oxnard— The Oxnard City Council, took a step forward in the cannabis market during its June 4, meeting, and unanimously approved the manufacturing, testing, and distribution within the city limits.

Micro-Dosing with Cannabis

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“Why try micro-dosing? Well, less is more when it comes to marijuana consumption.” ” It’s no secret that marijuana legalization is very popular in the US as evidenced by the two biggest national surveys conducted by Gallup and Pew.

Article: Working Through The Weeds Of Cannabis Laws: Prop 64, FMLA, And ADA

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[link]. Proposition 64 changed marijuana laws. What many do not realize is that it did not change employment laws. Employers recognize societal norms are changing with the passing of Prop 64.

Looking Beyond the Green – Garden Remedies’ Commitment to Mentoring New Cannabis Entrants

Burns Levinson (Cannabusiness advisory)

Retail sales of medical and recreational marijuana in the U.S. have been projected to reach $12 billion by the end of 2019. In Massachusetts, the total sale of recreational marijuana have topped $100 million last month according to data released by the Cannabis Control Commission (“CCC”).

Australia: Agriculture Victoria Grants Industrial Hemp Licences

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Murray River Organics (ASX:MRG) and Althea Group Holdings Limited (ASX:AGH) announced yesterday both had been granted hemp cultivation licences by the Victorian Government.(Australia). Australia). The Hempgazette reports.

London Experts Urge More Research into Marijuana’s Effects on Fertility


We have heard many of the health consequences of cannabis use brought forth by doctors or special interest groups. But one claim, made by London researchers, has not received much attention. Specifically, recent studies indicate – albeit rather weakly – that cannabis use could cause problems with fertility in both men and women, according to The London Free Press. Unfortunately, prohibition laws make further investigation difficult.

New Mexico regulators suggest may cap medical cannabis production

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These are the bullets they highlight. The Department of Health published a proposal Tuesday to limit medical cannabis cultivation to 1,750 mature plants per licensed producer. Immature seedlings shorter than 8 inches won’t count toward the limit so that producers can experiment with plant strains.

Cannabis Retail Guide: Spiritleaf, St. Albert


See inside the Spiritleaf location on the outskirts of Edmonton. The post Cannabis Retail Guide: Spiritleaf, St. Albert appeared first on Leafly. Canada Industry Alberta dispensaries retail retail stores

Indiana: Purdue University Hires Hemp Production Specialist

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Hoosier Ag News Reports… Purdue University is expanding its investment and support of the industrial hemp industry by selecting a hemp production specialist, a brand-new position.

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Meet the Producer of Some of the Priciest Cannabis in Canada


And they’re proud of it. The post Meet the Producer of Some of the Priciest Cannabis in Canada appeared first on Leafly. Canada Strains & Products British Columbia Canadian cannabis Licensed Producers marketwatch strains and products

Publication: University Of Tennessee Hemp CBD Production Budget Templates June 2019

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2019 Industrial Hemp Extract (CBD) Production Budget (1 acre). This publication contains the 2019 University of Tennessee Industrial Hemp Extract (CBD) Production budget for growers that are adopting the plasticulture production system for 1-acre production of industrial hemp for extract.

South Africa Cannabis in Numbers: 10 Average Hours of Daily Sun


There is no factor more critical to successful cannabis cultivation than light, and when it comes to light there is no replacement for Mother Nature. Natural sunlight may be tricky to control in certain climates, but South Africa is blessed with near perfect conditions for cannabis.