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Who is Rick Simpson and what is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)?


Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a concentrated form of cannabis oil known to have medical benefits. Learn more about Rick Simpson and how to make RSO today. The post Who is Rick Simpson and what is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)? appeared first on Leafly.

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A Salute to South Africa's 'Dagga' Advocate

Project CBD

South Africa’s cannabis community mourns the death of Julian Stobbs

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7 Ways Medical Cannabis and CBD Can Help Treat Depression And Stess

United Patients Group

Depression continues to threaten humanity across the globe, with nearly half of the suicidal cases involving depressed individuals. The number of people having depressive episodes at least once a day continues to rise significantly, with the American adult population leading the pack.

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US States With Access To MMJ Have Seen 20% Drop In Certain Opioid Use

MMJ Recs

There are many health crises currently affecting the United States. But one of the deadliest is the opioid epidemic, which has wreaked havoc across the country. In 2019, more than 130 people died every single day from opioid-related drug overdoses. That amounts to a shocking 47,600 deaths every year.

What is a cannabis dab pen?


Interested in dabbing but it seems too complicated? Check out a dab pen, the perfect marriage of vaping and dabbing, and a portable, discreet way to get high quality flavor from cannabis. The post What is a cannabis dab pen? appeared first on Leafly. Cannabis 101 Vaping

Nevada Starts Switchover To New Cannabis Regulatory Body

Cannabis Law Report

KUNR radio reports on the state’s new compliance board which hopes to be a far more transparent and effective set up than what the the … Read More. Cannabis Law News

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Eaze, A German Businessman and a $100 Million Fraud Case – Cannabis Just Got Even Crazier

Cannabis Law Report

The Wall Street Journal has just published a story about a $100M federal fraud case which could fundamentally damage the reputation of the regulated cannabis … Read More. Breaking News

What are the Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Your Skin?

Cannabis Life Network

Do you care about your skin? Hemp seed oil may not be the first thing you think of but, it has tons of benefits for your skin! We are all focused on the next best thing when it comes to our skin. Am I right? Being a Certified Health Coach I’m always looking for new […].

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Cannabis Leases: Eight Important Tenant Considerations

Canna Law Blog

Cannabis laws give landlords a unique amount of control and bargaining power over tenants. This usually translates to above-market rent and one-sided lease agreements.

Kenya: Rastafarian Lawyer Appointed To The Bar “Legalize it, “he says as he goes ahead to prophesy a day when nobody will be arrested for being in possession or for consuming cannabis Sativa.”

Cannabis Law Report

Our congratulations to Mathenge Mukundi, not only for getting to the bar, but promising to use his new position to help those at the bottom … Read More. Breaking News

What is THC? A Beginner’s Guide To Marijuana’s Psychoactive Cannabinoid

The Fresh Toast

What is THC? A Beginner’s Guide To Marijuana’s Psychoactive Cannabinoid. The therapeutic benefits, side effects, risks of THC. Welcome to cannabis 101. The post What is THC? A Beginner’s Guide To Marijuana’s Psychoactive Cannabinoid appeared first on The Fresh Toast.

Organigram To Slash 220 Workers 25% Of Existing Workforce

Cannabis Law Report

“These decisions are never easy to make, but we are committed to ensuring the Company is appropriately sized relative to market conditions – we are … Read More. Breaking News

What’s in a name? Marijuana, Cannabis, and Hemp

Americans for Safe Access

Adapted from The Medicalization of Marijuana: Legitimacy, Stigma, and the Patient Experience (Routledge, 2019) by Michelle Newhart and William Dolphin. As with all things involving social controversy, dispute over what to properly call the plant known by the botanical name Cannabis Sativa L.

Jamaica: Press Release – Cannabis Licensing Authority / “Transition is the Mission” – CLA Commences Stakeholder Consultation for Cultivator’s (transitional) Special Permit

Cannabis Law Report

The new Special Permit is geared towards transitioning small or subsistence farmers who currently find it challenging to obtain a licence to enter into the … Read More. Breaking News

Louisiana’s medical marijuana market is about to grow with ‘tens of thousands’ of plants


Nearly a year after medical marijuana went from seed to shelves at nine pharmacies in Louisiana, there is a second player in a market that’s about to get a larger pool of patients suffering from a wide-open range of medical conditions. Southern University medical marijuana licensee Ilera Holistic Healthcare shipped out its first tinctures and topical creams to pharmacies this month, joining LSU licensee Wellcana Group, which put its first tinctures on shelves last August.

Harris Bricken: Oregon Psychedelics: Psilocybin on the Ballot this November!

Cannabis Law Report

Read Harris Bricken’s take on proposed legislation concerning psilocybin in Oregon They write On June 29, the folks at “ Yes On IP 34 ” … Read More. PsyIndex Weekly Update - brought to you by CFN

Colorado Governor Could Mass-Pardon Marijuana Possession Convictions


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is one pen stroke away from having expanded powers to pardon persons in the state with low-level marijuana possession convictions. The proposed measure is the result of an amendment to a bill approved by Colorado’s General Assembly at the end of this legislative session. The bill, HB 1424 , would expand access to the state’s cannabis industry for people of color. The amendment, put forward by Rep.

The PsyIndex Weekly Update

Cannabis Law Report

The PsyIndex rose 9.2% last week after a turbulent week prior. At least three privately-held psychedelic companies—Entheon Biomedical, Mindset Pharma and Cybin—announced reverse merger transactions … Read More. PsyIndex Weekly Update - brought to you by CFN


Rebooting Cannabis In California

Cannabis Law Report

The Santa Barbara County Grand Jury issued its 2019-2020 Final Report on June 30, 2020. The last section of this Report is devoted to the … Read More. aBIZinaBOX Inc. and Jordan S. Zoot Featured

MJ Biz Interviews Cat Packer executive director of the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation

Cannabis Law Report

Essentially they ask her what’s coming next… In mid-June, Packer sent a series of recommendations to the City Council, which gave them final approval on … Read More. Gumballs