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Coronavirus and Cannabis Q&A Webinar Recording

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On March 26th, attorney Vince Sliwoski hosted an interactive webinar to address the affects of COVID-19 on the cannabis industry. In this webinar, Vince read and responded to a wide variety of stakeholder questions.

COVID-19: Ontario closing more businesses to combat coronavirus spread

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Cannabis shops being closed. Only the provincial cannabis online portal will remain open.

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10 Ways Most First-Time Growers Go Wrong


Successful cannabis cultivation isn’t about knowing every rule in the book. If anything, it’s simply about avoiding the kinds of mistakes that could compromise the quality of your crop. As a first-time home grower, it’s almost impossible not to let your enthusiasm get the best of you.

New Jersey: Court denies motion to halt second Atlantic City dispensary from opening

Cannabis Law Report reports A medical marijuana dispensary slated to open just blocks from a competitor on the Atlantic City Boardwalk can move forward for now, despite … Read More. Cannabis Law News

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CB1 receptors are present on cells in the spinal cord, cerebellum, hippocampus and basal ganglia. CB1 receptors are also present in other parts of the nervous system, including presynaptically in peripheral nerves. What happens when CB1 receptors are activated?


Rod Kight: Do Not Claim That Your Cbd Helps With COVID-19

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It should be abundantly clear that companies marketing products containing cannabidiol (CBD) should not make claims that CBD helps protect against COVID-19. The Food and … Read More. COVID19: Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Updates

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Article: How to conduct clean cannabis sales in the age of COVID-19

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Useful article from Leafly here…… America’s 243,000-strong legal cannabis workers are rapidly adopting local, state, federal and international health guidelines to keep working as essential … Read More. COVID19: Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Updates

What Edibles Are Right for You?

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For beginners, stepping into the world of marijuana edibles can be a daunting task. There are so many options, so many different potency rates, etc.,

Sydney man charged after allegedly concealing drugs in fruit box for quarantined traveller

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Here in Sydney this has been our favourite news story for the weekend ! The moment a man allegedly delivered drugs concealed in a fruit … Read More. COVID19: Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Updates

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How are edibles made?  

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Making marijuana edibles is much easier than most people realize. To activate the THC, all you need to do is cook the marijuana in a high-fat item (fat with heat activates THC), such as peanut butter (which is why marijuana firecrackers are so effective).

Cannabis Vape Queen Carissa Davino Buys $9 Million L.A. Mansion

Cannabis Law Report

The Medmen dude has just had to sell his LA Mansion to an 18 year old You- Tuber but vape queen , Davino, from Chicago … Read More. COVID19: Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Updates

The Basics of Making Weed Edibles a Home 

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Weed edibles have been rapidly growing in popular across the United States and even world. This is for many reasons: The effects last longer, the high is more of a “body high”, and there is no smoking (and thus little smell) involved.

Article: Safe Cannabis Use in the Age of the Coronavirus

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Thrillist (LA) reports on the different safety approaches being taken by cannabis retail across the US and how business are interpreting rules and regulations coming … Read More. COVID19: Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Updates

Where Are Edibles Legal? 

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In the United States, over 30 states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. 11 have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. But how many of these states have legalized the consumption and sale of marijuana edibles? Outside of the U.S.

Canadian Cafe(Cannabis And Fine Edibles) Group’s “Pandemic Response Protocols”

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Interesting look at one cannabis retailers approach to preparing for the pandemic and how it manages its operations and clients throughout this period of lockdown/change.… … Read More. COVID19: Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Updates

Most Americans Believe Marijuana Dispensaries are “Essential Services”, Finds Poll

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A strong majority of adults in the United States believe that state-legal and licensed medical marijuana facilities should be labelled as “ essential services “, which is a designation that permits them to maintain uninterrupted retail operations during regional ‘stay-at-home’ orders.

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Terry Yanofsky and David Lazzarato appointed as John Bell and Peter Stringham retire from the CGC Board. SMITHS FALLS, ON, April 1, 2020 /CNW/ – … Read More. Press Release US


Two of Five Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Close in Iowa

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According to Iowa state officials, medical marijuana dispensaries have closed in Council Bluffs and Davenport.


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The below discussion is an analysis of the current legal environment in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. This analysis highlights the ability of both … Read More. COVID19: Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Updates One-Hit Wonders