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Pesticides: A retrospective

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The arsenal of pesticides available to licensed producers in Canada constantly changes as Health Canada‘s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) adds or removes permitted sprays, so here is a comprehensive list that will be kept consistently up to date with those changes.

ChiWeed Directory of Marijuana Recreational Businesses

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Good news to cannabis enthusiasts as Illinois becomes a legal market for marijuana come 2020 with the passing of House Bill 1438, the state of Illinois has moved to having legal recreational, adult-use cannabis.

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Hemp-CBD Across State Lines: Louisiana

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The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“ 2018 Farm Bill ”) legalized hemp by removing the crop and its derivatives from the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) and by providing a detailed framework for the cultivation of hemp.

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Do all US medical marijuana legal states have the same medical marijuana legislation? In fact, there is significant variation among the state medical marijuana program rules and regulations.

Cannabis Conviction Expungements Not Gaining Traction In Colorado

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Grizzle explains the issues around the low take up. The city launched a scheme called the Turn Over a New Leaf program to great fanfare in January 2019, creating an expedited process for anyone seeking expungement.

The Way Cannabis Helps Inflammation Is Pretty Amazing

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Not only does cannabis have a positive effect in taming inflammation and a myriad of ailments associated with inflammation, the entourage effect created by the combination of cannabinoids gives a person an even better result.

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How to date a non-toker

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Since Canada legalized cannabis, society has started to chill out. People who used to equate pot with heavy narcotics are learning the facts and the social stigma is breaking down. On top of that, there are lots of people who accept cannabis use now simply because the government is on board.

Australia:Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt pens letter to ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr, calling on him to produce evidence he considered before supporting the legislation, regarding the health impacts of cannabis.

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Where To Buy The Best Dab Rigs Under $100

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There are lots of dab rigs out there! Culture


The Wall St Journal Is Calling Cannabis Stock Price Drops A “Crash”

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Here’s the introduction to the piece. The WSJ has a narrative and we’re not disagreeing with their general train of thought even if some of the language is a bit over dramatic. Here’s how they they introduce the piece. The party is over for cannabis companies.

Leading Australian research company says 42% of Australians now support legalisation of marijuana, up 9% points in just four years

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New research from Roy Morgan shows increasing numbers of Australians across all age groups want to legalise marijuana – although 49% remain opposed. Overall, 42% of Australians now support legalisation of marijuana, up 9% points in just four years.

California Governor Signs Marijuana Tax Fairness Bill But Vetoes Cannabis In Hospitals

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The report goes on to say, ” Newsom “begrudgingly” vetoed legislation, SB 305 , that would have required certain health care facilities to allow terminally ill patients to use medical cannabis on site.

NACB: Adoption of their National Standards on Security

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They write in their press release… The NACB is proud to announce the adoption of its National Standards on Security. In the cannabis industry, the vast majority of cash and product diversion is caused by internal actors.

And Another Cannabis Company Management Shakeup

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Grizzle report. Following the recruitment of a new Director of Corporate Growth and Director of Wholesale last month, Trulieve today announced a number of senior management changes. .