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Canada Votes 2019: The Federal Parties and their Cannabis Policies

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The 2019 Canadian federal election is looming, and with each passing day it seems that the polls are looking tighter and more volatile.

A Multi-Faceted Approach To Treating Multiple Sclerosis With Marijuana

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While muscle stiffness affects an estimated 90% of MS patients, a study of medical marijuana has shed light on how cannabinoids in marijuana may alleviate spasticity. Continue reading A Multi-Faceted Approach To Treating Multiple Sclerosis With Marijuana at The Fresh Toast.

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U.S. Pressure Causing Major Canadian Banks to Reject Cannabis Clients


The Canadian cannabis industry is being treated like its U.S. counterparts, according to CBC News. While the SAFE Banking Act makes its way through the legislative process in the U.S., banks remain nervous about involving themselves in the industry.

Maine: Regulators Confident That Adult-Use Cannabis Sales Will Begin Next Spring


Regulators at the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy affirmed this week that they expect adult-use marijuana sales to begin in the spring of 2020.

Indicted Ukrainians sought Nevada cannabis licenses in all the wrong ways


Two Ukrainian associates of Rudy Guilani have been indicted in a scheme to obtain cannabis licenses in Nevada illegally. The post Indicted Ukrainians sought Nevada cannabis licenses in all the wrong ways appeared first on Leafly. Politics corruption licensing Nevada

CBD Products and False Advertising Under the Lanham Act

Canna Law Blog

A few weeks ago, I wrote a Hemp/CBD litigation forecast in which I predicted that at some point a CBD company will make use of the Lanham Act by claiming that a competitor is engaging in false or misleading advertising. See here ).

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Tilray, AB InBev to launch CBD drinks in late 2019, THC drinks need more time

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TORONTO — A joint venture between B.C. cannabis company Tilray Inc. and the world’s largest brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev plans to have CBD-infused drinks on the Canadian market as early as December, but says it needs more time to research beverages containing THC.

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Study finds endocannabinoid system regulates sperm development


The latest research suggests the endocannabinoid system and male reproductive system share a complex and extensive connection, bringing scientists closer to understanding how cannabis affects men’s fertility.

Big banks seeing Canadian cannabis businesses as high risk

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Cannabis is Canada is legal, and was sold as being big business, but as we approach the one year mark of Canadian cannabis legalization, big banks across the country are turning away from weed money. Thomas H.

The Roll-Up #109: The Kushy Punch bust


The week in review: LA cannabis company Kushy Punch is accused of running legal product out the front door, illegal product out the back. . The post The Roll-Up #109: The Kushy Punch bust appeared first on Leafly. Podcasts Politics podcasts the roll-up

Legalization 2.0: A Look at What is Coming This December


With about two months left until the government rolls out a variety of edibles and other popular products, it is important to understand what these are and the limitations around them.

Cannabis retail guide: Kiaro, Vancouver


See inside this spa-like cannabis store in Vancouver. The post Cannabis retail guide: Kiaro, Vancouver appeared first on Leafly. Canada Industry retail retail stores

Oregon Vape Update

Cannabis Law Report

As always a comprehensive set of links and resources from the Oregon Retailers Association. Oregon Retailers of. Cannabis Association. ORCA Special Update Email – 10.11.19. OLCC Flavored Vaping Product Ban.

Quebec Plans to Open 20 New Marijuana Retail Locations by March 2020


The Société Québécois du Cannabis (SQDC) will be adding 20 more stores by March 2020, according to the Montreal Gazette. This will raise the number of stores from about 20 to a total of 43.

Article – South Africa: Regulated Cannabis Could Affect Over 900K Small Growers

Cannabis Law Report

Since first talk of legislation prices have dropped by half threatening the livelihood of many small growers who rely on cannabis as their one and only revenue stream.

Additional cannabis producer asks to intervene in lawsuit over plant count

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

A potential new party to a lawsuit filed against the New Mexico Department of Health could further complicate the issue of how much medical cannabis is enough for the state. Medical cannabis producer R.

New Marvel Comics Plot Line Has The Kingpin Legalizing Cannabis In The World Of Super Heroes & Super Baddies

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As real-life elected officials in New York have fumbled their attempt to pass comprehensive cannabis legalization this year, the writers and illustrators at Marvel quite literally drew up their own blueprint for how it could be done and it is sort of scary in how accurate it appears to be.

New Mexico’s Health Warning Labels Show Common Sense Approach to Vaping Crisis


When it comes America’s “vaping crisis,” not every state is turning to the nuclear option, according to The Durango Herald.

Today’s Answer of the Day


Similar to prescription narcotics, there is a potential for the patient to use medical marijuana in a way other than the way the healthcare provider had discussed with the patient. Some misuse is intentional, while some is not.

B.C. Predicts Possible Drop in Legal Marijuana Prices


feels a downward trend in cannabis cost is on the horizon, according to Global News. The price of legal cannabis is a huge turn-off for consumers. Although things like quality, consistency and safety are all benefits of buying from the open market, some products are almost prohibitively expensive. But the cost of production and regulatory compliance all add overhead that companies need to cover. Applying both sales tax and an excise tax also does not help consumers or the legal industry.

All You Need To Know About Buying Weed In Canada

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Canada has become the second country in the world to legalize marijuana consumption for recreational purposes. And this has so far, been a great step for the government. Leading to regulated cannabis trade, the opportunities for poachers and black marketers seem bleak.

First Outdoor East Coast Harvest and Several Hemp Harvests Underway

Cannabis Maven

From the East Coast to the Midwest, several first-time outdoor cannabis harvests are happening. Growing

Washington: Liquor & Cannabis Board Update Vape Rules & Regs

Cannabis Law Report

Cannabis Licensees, The LCB has expanded its Vapor and Public Health page on the Liquor and Cannabis Board website with additional clarifying information regarding the flavored vapor product ban. Updates include content regarding: Specific pages for Cannabis licensees and Tobacco/Vapor licensees; Table stating “What’s Allowed” and “Not Allowed” in the emergency rule; Disposition of product; Enforcement information; and. Links to required signage.

First Outdoor East Coast Harvest and Several Hemp Harvests Underway

Cannabis Maven

From the East Coast to the Midwest, several first-time outdoor cannabis harvests are happening. Growing

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