Study: Young Adults’ Consumption of Alcohol, Cigarettes, Other Substances Fell Following Marijuana Legalization


Investigators reported, “Contrary to concerns about spillover effects, implementation of legalized non-medical cannabis coincided with decreases in alcohol and cigarette use and pain reliever misuse.”.

Cannabis Consumption Friendly Hotel Coming to Las Vegas

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Thanks to a recent change in legislation, businesses can now apply for a commercial cannabis consumption lounge license. The post Cannabis Consumption Friendly Hotel Coming to Las Vegas appeared first on Cannabis News, Lifestyle - Headlines, Videos & Cooking.


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Nevada Wants To Legalize Marijuana Consumption Sites

Cannabis Law Report

Will Cannabis Consumption Sites Be Legal In Nevada? Green Entrepreneur

New York Embraces Cannabis Legalization and Public Consumption


New York’s recent cannabis legalization has ended their decades-long support of draconian federal cannabis prohibition. Recreational Cannabis Legalization in New York. It’s great to see cannabis legal on both a medical and recreational level in the state of New York.

Recreational Cannabis Legalization Sparks Increase in Consumption, Study Reveals


Does recreational cannabis legalization contribute to a spike in consumption? On the other hand, Martins and her team of researchers claim that legalization did not contribute to a rise in frequent cannabis consumption among the aforementioned groups since the year 2017.

6 Most Popular Cannabis Consumption Methods

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With the cannabis industry growing at an unprecedented rate, people are spoilt of choice with the consumption methods and brands. When this method of consumption is being discussed, joints and blunts readily come to mind. Choosing The Perfect Method of Consumption For You.

Legislation Introduced To No Longer Deny Citizenship Based on Cannabis Consumption


On Monday, March 8th, Representative Brenden Boyle (PA-02) introduced legislation (HR 1614) to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act by removing marijuana offenses as grounds of inadmissibility or consideration in a good moral character determination, among other legal changes.

The Future of Cannabis Consumption

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Recreational cannabis consumption is legal in 10 states in the United States as well as all across Canada for adults of a certain age. The post The Future of Cannabis Consumption appeared first on Cannabis News | Marijuana News | Medical Cannabis News. Blog Cannabis Legalization Culture Featured Law Marijuana Legalization canada consumption lounge legalization recreational cannabis Top Shelf Budtending usa

Oregon: Cannabis Social Consumption Bill SB 639 Is About Civil Rights


Nearly 10 years after opening the first cannabis cafe in the United States , Oregon NORML ( ) executive director Madeline Martinez is appealing directly to legislators in Salem to pass a bill sponsored by Senator Lew Frederick (D-Portland) that would finally legalize her trademark business, The World Famous Cannabis Cafe. 639 creates a legalized framework for indoor smoking and vaping, H.B.

Researchers Study Cannabis Consumption Among Different Veteran Demographics


By evaluating “the prevalence of past-12-month and lifetime cannabis use and cannabis use disorder” among American veterans, the researchers were able to conduct a rough analysis of consumption behavior among veterans. The findings showed that consumption clocked in at 1.8%

Alaska Officially Adopts Regulations To Allow On-Site Cannabis Consumption at Dispensaries


Regulations were officially approved in Alaska to allow cannabis dispensaries to apply for on-site consumption permits. While some city ordinances in states like California, where cannabis is also legal, have allowed some in-store cannabis use, Alaska is the first state to establish a statewide licensing system to permit patrons to use the cannabis products they purchase before leaving the dispensary.

Are Cannabis Consumption Lounges the New Legalization Trend?

Cannabis Law Report

Finding a legal place to enjoy weed will get easier and easier in many states. Green Entrepreneur

B.C. is considering (smoke-free) cannabis consumption spaces. What would that look like?


Weed lounges were a staple of cannabis communities but didn't survive post-legalization. is considering (smoke-free) cannabis consumption spaces. Canada Industry adult-use cannabis beauty cannabis cafes cannabis lounges cbd legalization smoke-free

Smoking Weed And Your Rights – A BC Cannabis Consumption Lounge Crossword

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In Canada, you can legally buy a joint but there are few places where you can smoke it. The post Smoking Weed And Your Rights – A BC Cannabis Consumption Lounge Crossword appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

Cresco Labs’ Big Acquisition, Denver’s First Cannabis Consumption Club, and a Final Push for SAFE Banking


Cresco Labs made a huge acquisition, Denver is within reach of opening its first consumption club, and cannabis executives rallied to push for industry banking protections. Customers will now be able to pick up Cresco products in 70% of the current legal cannabis states.

NYC’s Rooftop Cannabis Cultivation, NM’s First Consumption Lounge, & NJ’s Recreational Market Launch


New York City’s mayor has a bold plan to kick start cannabis cultivation, New Mexico got its first cannabis consumption lounge, and New Jersey finally opened its recreational cannabis market. New Mexico Celebrates Its First Cannabis Consumption Lounge.

Consumption Lounges in Nevada

Connor & Connor PLLC

Specifically, Las Vegas is one of the largest tourist cities in the country and with the state of Nevada having legalized cannabis for both medical and recreational use, tourists are faced with the difficult problem of having no legal place to consume their cannabis products. Regulations currently legalize the use of cannabis within a private dwelling, but for tourists visiting from out of town and staying in casinos, it is not something that is feasible for them to do.

California And Nevada Lawmakers Advance Marijuana Social Consumption Lounge Bills

Cannabis Law Report

Marijuana Moment reports The Nevada Assembly on Thursday approved a bill to legalize marijuana consumption lounges. And a California bill… Read More. Cannabis Law News

Cannabis Consumption Trends During Covid-19

Otherside Farms

We reached out to our consumers during this unprecedented time in history to ask them some hard-hitting questions about their consumption habits during the quarantine. As well as tackling consumption habits, we also wanted to touch on consumption methods, ie. We also touch on the changing habits of consumption and our theory as to how this data will affect the future of cannabis. Consumption Levels.

A New Survey Provides Insight into Youth Consumption Post Legalization


For many years those who have stood against the reform of cannabis laws have argued that decriminalization and/or legalization would lead to an increase in consumption among adolescents. This report analyzed lifetime consumption among youth as well as current consumption habits.

The 420 Hotels Announces Launch of Crowdfunding Round for Denver’s First Hotel With a Legally Licensed Lounge for Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis Law Report

Owner of Denver’s Storied Patterson Inn Plans a First-of-Its-Kind Cannabis Consumption Lounge in a Boutique Hotel to Meet Tourism Demand. is developing this first location by adding a well-appointed cannabis consumption lounge as an amenity to the adjacent Patterson Inn.

Consumption Lounges on the Horizon for Nevada


State lawmakers on Wednesday approved funding for the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board to oversee so-called “cannabis consumption lounges” there. Consumption Lounges Won’t Be the Only Positive Change for the Industry.

Alaska: On Site Marijuana Consumption Rules Finalized


Under the new rules, which take effect April 11, licensed cannabis retailers may apply with state regulators for an additional “on site consumption endorsement.” It is anticipated that the initial on site consumption areas may be approved by this summer. “When these rules go into effect, Alaska will be the first state to finalize and approve statewide rules for on-site consumption.

6 Ways to Maximize Your CBD Oil Consumption

United Patients Group

If you’ve been looking for ways to maximize your CBD oil consumption, these tips and techniques below may be of use. When your goal is to maximize your consumption and absorption, follow the directions of the business you’re purchasing from and what is mentioned on the packaging.

Vegas Braces for Cannabis Consumption Lounges


Destigmatizing and legalizing cannabis are certainly positives for the industry, but it’s not just an increase in retail sales fueling the sector’s boom. The post Vegas Braces for Cannabis Consumption Lounges appeared first on SpeedWeed.

Canada: Quebec Raises Legal Age To 21 For Cannabis Consumption

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Quebecers under the age of 21 won’t be able to legally buy or possess cannabis as of Wednesday, as the province’s new legal age for consuming recreational pot goes into effect. The legal age for consumption is 19 in every other province except Alberta, where it’s 18.

New Jersey: Adult-use legalization is closer than ever


After months of negotiation, Governor Murphy and NJ state legislators have reached a deal on what will be included in upcoming legislation to legalize the adult-use and retail sale of marijuana in the state of New Jersey. We need urgent action from New Jersey residents to make adult-use cannabis legalization a reality in the Garden State. Click here to send an urgent letter to your state legislators in support of adult-use cannabis legalization in New Jersey.

Cannabis Consumption Licenses Are Gaining Traction Across the U.S.


Cannabis consumption restrictions pose a significant problem that has plagued the growth of cannabis markets in the United States, but it’s a problem that is slowly being solved as more states introduce onsite cannabis consumption licenses. . The Cannabis Consumption Problem.

Edmonton’s supervised consumption sites win big in federal court

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Edmonton’s supervised consumption sites, aka safe injection sites, have won big over a local business association that wanted two of 3 downtown sites closed. The post Edmonton’s supervised consumption sites win big in federal court appeared first on Cannabis News | Marijuana News | Medical Cannabis News. Cannabis News Featured Law Edmonton pivot legal society safe injection sites supervised consumption sites

DOH set to finalize rules on cannabis consumption areas, new testing standards

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

New Mexico is one step closer to establishing sanctioned, legal areas for medical cannabis patients to use their medicine. Consumption areas should not be limited to [Licensed Non Profit Producers],” Rowland said.

New Poll Shows 57% of Americans Want Legal Cannabis


A new poll released by market research firm YouGov showed that 57% of Americans support full cannabis legalization , while only 27% objected to legalization and 16% were unsure. For Democrats, cannabis legalization was collectively backed with 70% of them voicing support.

Planet 13 positioned to build consumption lounge with passage of landmark Bill 341 in Nevada

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The company said it has reserved “an expansive dedicated space” within its flagship, uber luxury SuperStore dispensary in Las Vegas for a consumption lounge which it will look to get built “as soon as possible”.

Cannabis Consumption Lounges Are Coming to the Vegas Strip


Legalizing cannabis in Nevada back in 2017 instantly posed an issue to the state’s tourism industry: While visitors could legally buy weed, but due to regulations limiting consumption to private residences, tourists usually don’t have places to legally get high. Image via.

Leafly’s top stories of 2021


In 2021, Leafly news covered the latest in legalization, weed trends, strains, current events, and culture. Lifestyle consumption methods delta-8 legalization politics strains

Events 113

Responsible Cannabis Consumption as a Parent


The post Responsible Cannabis Consumption as a Parent appeared first on Legalize it. Some critics claim that consuming any cannabis whatsoever as a parent is irresponsible. In which case, you have to say the same about every parent on earth who ever indulges in a glass of wine or the occasional beer. It’s exactly the same thing – complete BS on both accounts. Just because you’re a parent […].

In Mexico, this city ordered its cops to let everyone smoke weed—and not just on 4/20


Oaxaca's capital city just legalized the public consumption of cannabis. Politics cannabis smoking marijuana legalization mexico Oaxaca public consumptionWill other Mexican cities follow?

German Study Shows Dramatic Increase In Cannabis Consumption

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The strongest relative increase occurred among 35-64-year-olds, but overall regular consumption has also increased. Change here may not happen as fast or in the same patterns as it did anywhere else, although it is beginning to resemble the fight for legalization in the United States.