Virginia: Marijuana Decriminalization Takes Effect July 1


Richmond, VA: Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has signed legislation ( Senate Bill 2 | House Bill 972 ) decriminalizing marijuana possession. Twenty six states additional states and the District of Columbia have either legalized or decriminalized the adult possession and use of marijuana.

Oklahoma: Governor Vetoes Measure Expanding Medical Cannabis Access, Reducing Possession Penalties


Kevin Stitt has vetoed legislation, House Bill 3288 , which sough to expand patients’ access to medical cannabis and make other amendments to the state’s marijuana laws. 2020 Medical Marijuana decriminalization home delivery medical access OklahomaRepublic Gov.

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Virginia: Governor Approves Bills to Decriminalize Marijuana and Legalize Medical Cannabis


Richmond, VA: Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has approved legislation ( Senate Bill 2 | House Bill 972 ) decriminalizing marijuana possession offenses. Northam also recommended technical amendments which must be approved by the legislature before the new law takes effect July 1, 2020.

Virginia: Legislature Approves Decriminalization and Medical Cannabis Bills


Broad changes to marijuana laws swept through the 2020 Virginia General Assembly. Today, the legislature approved HB 972 to decriminalize marijuana possession. Become a member Virginia NORML and join the fight to reform marijuana laws in the Commonwealth.

New Mexico: Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Decriminalization, Other Reform Bills


DECRIMINALIZATION. Once signed into law, the reduced penalties take effect on July 1, 2019. Senate Bill 406 expands medical cannabis access and provides important new patient protections. ACTIVISM LEGISLATION Legislative Update Medical Marijuana access decriminalization employment hemp medical marijuana New Mexico

New Mexico Judge Rules Inmates Can Access Medical Marijuana


Cannabis News decriminalize marijuana inmates access medical marijuana Medical marijuana in prison medical marijuana laws new mexico

U.S. Senators Urge DOJ To Decriminalize Cannabis


6, the senators sent a letter urging the Department of Justice (DOJ) to decriminalize cannabis at the federal level. While Congress works to pass comprehensive cannabis reform, you can act now to decriminalize cannabis.” United States Sens.

Texas: Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Advances Out Of Key Committee


This is a vast improvement from current law, which penalizes even small amounts with an arrest, up to 180 days in jail, up to $2,000 in fines, and a permanent criminal record. Governor Dan Patrick says he’s not supportive of marijuana law reform. Texas patients need safe access to medical marijuana. * ACTIVISM Advocacy Citizen Lobbyists Community Organizing Decriminalization Grassroots Policy

Italy Gets One Step Closer to Decriminalizing Cannabis


A ballot campaign launched by several pro-cannabis organizations and political parties in the country last week earned the required 500,000 signatures to continue down the road to cannabis decriminalization. Cannabis reform is booming in Italy.

Switzerland Makes Way for Easier Access to Medical Cannabis


Decriminalization and legalization of cannabis may be gaining ground but patients in certain countries are still struggling to access medical cannabis through the legal market. Mandating that patients carry their prescriptions with them in case they have a run-in with the law. .

Wisconsin Governor Aims To Legalize Medical Marijuana And Decriminalize Recreational This Year


Evers aims to legalize medical cannabis, decriminalize recreational possession and use, and expunge qualifying arrest records. Our budget will decriminalize possession of marijuana in amounts of 25 grams or less, and we’ll also be creating a path for expungement for these crimes for those who’ve completed their sentence or probation,” wrote Evers on Twitter. Decriminalization, Not Legalization.

Denver Decriminalizes Psilocybin

Canna Law Blog

jurisdiction to decriminalize psilocybin-containing mushrooms. jurisdiction has actually approved of the decriminalization of psilocybin, and this could have major effects throughout the nation. Let’s break down exactly what this law does and doesn’t do. First, the law doesn’t “legalize” psilocybin to the same extent that cannabis has been “legalized” in many states. Decriminalization is a very different concept.

North Dakota Decriminalizes Marijuana


Whether it is decriminalization, medical permission or full-blown legalization, signature moves like these typically start and end with a decent amount of fanfare. According to Vox , the state decriminalized marijuana in early May, yet they didn’t make a peep. Doug Burgum signed a bill decriminalizing marijuana last week — but the issue got little to no attention from his office or news media. Decriminalization vs. Legalization – a Middle-Ground. .

Webinar – July 28 2021: Peyote and Decriminalization Webinar Q&A

Cannabis Law Report

The Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative Communications Committee took questions from participants during the Peyote and Decriminalization Webinar which took place onMay 25th, 2021. issues as this is where the Decriminalization efforts this Webinar was addressing take place.

Marijuana Laws: A Look Back at 2021


Over the course of the year, states across the country enacted more than 50 individual pieces of pro-marijuana legislation touching on everything from legalization and decriminalization to the expansion of access […].

New Hampshire: House Lawmakers Approve Bill Allowing Personal Possession of Marijuana


” Last session, the Governor vetoed legislation , House Bill 364, which sought to allow patients registered in the state’s medical cannabis access program the option to home-cultivate up to three cannabis plants.

Cannabis laws in France

The Cannigma

Possessing cannabis is illegal in France, although in 2020, the country changed the law so that the punishment is now a €200 fine. Possessing cannabis is illegal in France, although in 2020, the country changed the law so that the punishment is now a €200 fine.

Law 86

CA: Arcata City Council Councilmember Sarah Schaefer Agrees To Lead Psychedelics Decriminalization Proposal

Cannabis Law Report

Another California city is pursuing a resolution to decriminalize psychedelics, with an Arcata City Council member agreeing to sponsor the measure. Third California City Seeks To Decriminalize Psychedelics. Decriminalize Nature Humboldt. Marijuana Moment reports.

Idaho Activists Push for Cannabis Decriminalization After Lawmakers Try to Ban it


Currently, Idaho is only one of three states that do not have some form of medical cannabis or recreational cannabis law in place. Will the initiative to decriminalize cannabis make the 2022 ballot for the state of Idaho?

Seattle City Council Affirms Support for Decriminalization of Entheogens

Cannabis Law Report

Lewis (District 7 – Pioneer Square to Magnolia) expressed enthusiasm following the passage of Resolution 32021 , declaring that the investigation, arrest, and prosecution of anyone engaging in entheogen-related activities should be among Seattle’s lowest law enforcement priorities.

Cannabis And National Decriminalization: The Story So Far


Unraveling marijuana laws could be a long, tedious process, but some lawmakers have said they’re ready to try. At the federal level, cannabis continues to be prohibited across the board, resulting in a legally dubious gray market operating in the 42 states with loosened marijuana laws.

California Senators Just Approved Bill to Decriminalize Possession of Psychedelics


State senators on the Golden State’s public safety committee voted to advance a bill that would decriminalize the possession of many mind-expanding substances by 4 to 1 on Tuesday. . The proposed law is not the only effort underway to expand access to psychedelics in California.

Virginia: Majority Shift in Legislature Opens Door for Major Marijuana Law Reform


Tuesday, November 5, control of Virginia’s legislature shifted to democrats, opening the door for decriminalization , expungement, and establishing a clear path to legalizing responsible adult-use in the Commonwealth. Despite broad support from legislators on both sides of the aisle, decriminalization, expungement, and legalization bills have historically met a swift demise along party lines in the House and Senate Committees that hear criminal justice bills.

Law 217

Decriminalized Cannabis In Canberra Makes Zero Difference To Medical Patients

Cannabis Law Report

“It’s really tough emotionally to know that we’re breaking the law to supply our own medicine,” she said. “I’ve done that through using the plant medicine and I’m just so grateful that I have access to it, even though I need to do that illegally.”

The Future of Federal Marijuana Laws Remains Dazed and Confusing


federal law as a Schedule 1 drug puts us far behind our international partners and scientific competitors, including the U.K., Most Americans have access to either medical or adult-use cannabis under state laws. Marijuana’s categorization under U.S.

Law 87

Louisiana Is Blazing Trails With New Cannabis Laws


In addition to numerous expansions to the state’s medical marijuana (MMJ) program, the state’s decriminalization of cannabis went into effect in August, beginning the reversal of decades of harm done by the war on drugs.

South Dakota Governor’s Office Introduces Decriminalization Bill • High Times


To the surprise of many, South Dakota ’s Governor Kristi Noem is considering a bill that would decriminalize cannabis in South Dakota. That way, patients will have steady access to the medicine they need.

Oakland (City) officially decriminalizes plant based psychedelics

Cannabis Law Report

WHEREAS, there is a lack of clarity as to whether such practices can be subject to law enforcement and therefore those seeking to improve their health and well-being through the use of Entheogenic Plants use them in fear of arrest and prosecution; and . Magic mushrooms are still illegal under federal and state law. Oakland passed a resolution to effectively decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms and other psychoactive plants and fungi in a unanimous City Council vote on Tuesday.

New Frontiers in the Law of Psychedelics

Cannabis Law Report

The state of the law on psychedelic substances is in flux. Some of the most promising substances, and the law applicable to each, are outlined below: Psilocybin. As such, the use, sale, and possession of psilocybin in the United States is illegal under federal law.

Law 87

Australia – Mind Medicine Say That New ACT Drug Rules Decriminalize MDMA & Other Compounds For Recreational Use But Not For Therapy

Cannabis Law Report

Currently the TGA can, under its Special Access Scheme, provide an approval to a medical practitioner to treat a treatment resistant patient with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD and psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for depression. Here’s what they say.

Cherokee Nation Just Decriminalized Weed Possession in State Where Pot Is Still Illegal


The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians tribal council, which oversees Native communities located on the western edge of North Carolina, has voted to decriminalize the possession of an ounce of cannabis for those 21 years and older, Cherokee One Feather reports. . Image via.

Hash 52

Harris Bricken: California Psychedelic Law Updates

Cannabis Law Report

t’s been a while since I provided an update on the state of California psychedelics law, but there have been a few important updates in the last few weeks, so it’s now that time. Psychedelics are also illegal under California law. So please stay tuned to the Canna Law Blog.

U.S. House Representatives Bonnie Watson Coleman & Cori Bush Unveil Federal Bill to Decriminalize Drug Possession, Replace with Health-Centered Approach

Cannabis Law Report

And it gives people who have been harmed by these draconian laws a chance to move forward and embrace some semblance of the life they have long been denied.”. Ensures individuals with drug convictions can gain access to drivers’ licenses. to Decriminalize Drug Use and Possession.

If Widened Access to Weed “Harms” Mexico, President AMLO Says He’ll Reinstate Prohibition


He even went as far to say that his government might introduce a law or initiate a voter’s referendum to reverse the process under certain conditions. . The post If Widened Access to Weed “Harms” Mexico, President AMLO Says He’ll Reinstate Prohibition appeared first on SpeedWeed.

In Historic First, U.S. House Votes to Decriminalize Marijuana

The Joint Blog

The United States House of Representatives has voted in favor of legislation that would decriminalize and tax marijuana on the federal level. The bill “is a major step, mind you, a major step toward ending the unjust war on drugs and racial inequities that are central to these laws,?

Texas Police Chiefs Association Hold Marijuana Press Conference


It was disappointing to see Law Enforcement advocating for policy that continues to saddle Texans with criminal records and all those collateral consequences as well as putting fear ahead of regulated patient access to medical marijuana. Phase 2: Push for decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana and expanded medical use. Prohibit the practices at the county level that supersede state law by unilaterally refusing to prosecute less than four ounces of marijuana.

The Michigan Decriminalization of Psilocybin Mushrooms and Other Plants and Fungi Initiative Has Been Approved For Circulation As A Ballot Initiative

Dykema (Cannabis Law Blog)

This month, the Michigan Board of Canvassers approved a ballot initiative that asks the people of Michigan to decriminalize certain psychedelic plants and fungi. A major caveat found in the Initiative, however, is that in order to comply with the law, a business intending to provide such services would have to be designated by a qualifying hospital or psychiatric hospital for that purpose.