Oregon: Governor Signs Law Prohibiting Landlords From Discriminating Against Medical Marijuana Patients


The measure states that a landlord may not take into consideration an applicant’s “status as a medical marijuana patient” or whether they have a “conviction based solely on the use or possession of marijuana.” Democratic Gov.

Oklahoma: Expanded Protections for Cannabis Patients to Take Effect


Legislation will take effect next week expanding protections for state-qualified medical cannabis patients. ” Oklahoma is the fifteenth state to explicit protect medical cannabis patients from workplace discrimination, according to California NORML.

Louisiana Patients Finally Get Their Medical Marijuana


The post Louisiana Patients Finally Get Their Medical Marijuana appeared first on Leafly. Industry Politics louisiana medical marijuanaThe state's dispensaries open for business, as Louisiana becomes the first Deep South state to offer legal medical cannabis.

Washington, DC: City Council Approves Workplace Protections for Medical Cannabis Patients


District council members have enacted legislation — Act Number A23-0114: The Medical Marijuana Program Patient Employment Protection Temporary Amendment Act — to protect qualified patients from workplace discrimination.

Patients In Florida Can Finally Smoke Medical Cannabis


Newly sworn-in Governor Ron DeSantis officially ended the statewide ban on smokable forms of medical cannabis in Florida, making good on the promise he made to patients. DeSantis signed Senate Bill 182 “Medical Use of Marijuana” into law.

How does medical marijuana help patients with Epilepsy?


Medical marijuana can alleviate certain side effects and, some research indicates, reduce the number of seizures a patient experiences. Two major ingredients in medical marijuana are THC, which initiates the psychoactive effects of the medicine, and Cannabidiol (CBD), which does not product psychoactive effects, but has exhibited positive effects systemically. According to the Epilepsy Foundation, medical marijuana may potentially affect seizures. Patient Education

Bill: Protect transplant patients who use marijuana

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Oregon lawmakers may tighten restrictions on the state’s organ transplant centers to ensure they don’t discriminate against patients based on marijuana use. For some, symptoms before surgery are severe enough they turn to medical marijuana for relief. SALEM, Ore.

Patients Frequently Substituting Cannabis For Anti-Anxiety Drugs


Patients authorized to legally use medical cannabis frequently substitute it in place of benzodiazepines, according to a pair of new studies published this week. In the first study , Canadian researchers assessed the relationship between cannabis and benzodiazepines in a cohort of 146 patients enrolled in the nation’s medical marijuana access program. Medical Marijuana Opioids SCIENCE benzodiazepenes opioids substitution

New Hampshire: Lawmakers Advance Legislation Permitting Patients to Home Cultivate


Members of the House and Senate have approved versions of House Bill 364 , which allows qualified patients the option to grow marijuana at home. The measure permits registered patients (or their designated caregivers) to cultivate up to three mature plants in a private location that it not subject to public view. An estimated 6,500 patients are authorized with the state to access medical cannabis via one of the state’s four operational dispensaries.

100,000 Pennsylvania Marijuana Patients

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This week, there will be 100,000 Pennsylvania patients approved by their doctor for a marijuana card. We have seen astounding success in our patients who are coming in for their renewals. Patients are coming off of. The post 100,000 Pennsylvania Marijuana Patients appeared first on Nature's Way Medicine ®. It may be the fastest growing program of any state in the country relative to how new it is.

Bill to Provide Greater Access for Virginia Medical Cannabis Patients Succeeds


SB1719 allows “registered agents” for those patients physically unable to pick up or receive delivery of their medical cannabis, like those in hospice, assisted living facilities, and those who rely on home healthcare providers. Virginia SB1719 passes the House of Delegates.

Access 228

20,000 Patients Approved in Pennsylvania

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There have been over 20,000 patients approved by doctors for medical marijuana cards as of today. It is only May 17th, 2018 and the number of approved Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients has doubled since the start of April.

How Many MMJ Patients Are in Oklahoma?

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As more states legalize medical marijuana (MMJ), its usage is becoming more prevalent throughout the United States. Medical marijuana in Oklahoma officially became legal in August 2018. Furthermore, the increase of Oklahoma MMJ patients meant additional legislation needed to be passed.

Arizona Just Made Cannabis Safer and Saved Every Patient $150


The state's first medical marijuana law update in nine years cuts fees, adds testing, and expands rural access. The post Arizona Just Made Cannabis Safer and Saved Every Patient $150 appeared first on Leafly. Politics Arizona laws medical marijuana regulations

3 Things That Are Dangerous For Medical Marijuana Patients

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3 Things That Are Dangerous For Medical Marijuana Patients Here are three of the biggest concerns medical marijuana patients should watch out for when choosing their medicine.

Fifty Thousand Patients Approved for MJ Cards in Pennsylvania

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50,000 Pennsylvania Patients Approved for Marijuana Cards! Pennsylvania physicians have approved over 50,000 patients in Pennsylvania since the start of the marijuana program earlier this year.

Becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient

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Becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient in the United States involves different requirements depending on the state you reside in. Check our article on Medical Marijuana States or www.safeaccessnow.org for more information for laws in your state.

Hawaii Dispensaries Can Now Serve Out-of-State Cannabis Patients


A new online patient registration system promises quick turnaround times, often within a day. The post Hawaii Dispensaries Can Now Serve Out-of-State Cannabis Patients appeared first on Leafly. Politics dispensaries hawaii medical marijuana reciprocity

Tennessee Moves To Be Friendly To Visiting Medical Marijuana Patients


They want law enforcement officers in the Volunteer State to be more understanding and friendly to traveling medical marijuana patients by allowing them to bring their medication with them when they visit.

Marijuana for Nausea: Helping Cancer Patients for Decades


Marijuana for nausea became FDA approved and available for medicinal use in 1985 in the US, and Canada legalized it for these purposes back in 2001. Marijuana and Pregnancy: Is It Safe to Smoke Pot While Pregnant?

How Marijuana Could Help Patients Quit Their Anti-Anxiety Meds

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How Marijuana Could Help Patients Quit Their Anti-Anxiety Meds A new Canadian observational study demonstrated the potential effectiveness of using medical marijuana to treat anxiety, as almost half of the study’s participants were successfully able to quit using benzodiazepines.

Health Claims Draw Patients as Cannabis Science Catches Up


The number of medical marijuana cardholders more than tripled in the last five years, as more states jumped on the bandwagon. The post Health Claims Draw Patients as Cannabis Science Catches Up appeared first on Leafly. Health medical marijuana research

Transplant Denied To Med Marijuana Patient With Liver Cancer

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A medical marijuana patient in Los Angeles with inoperable liver cancer has been removed from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s transplant list after testing positive for marijuana. Sixty-three-year-old medical marijuana patient Norman B.

Cancer Patients Should Just Buy Marijuana On The Streets, Says Alabama Senator

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Cancer Patients Should Just Buy Marijuana On The Streets, Says Alabama Senator Jim McClendon's reasoning resembled those conservatives have made in Texas as well, stating any loosening of the law will eventually lead to full-blown recreational cannabis reform.

10,000 Patients in Pennsylvania Approved for Medical Marijuana

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The number of patients being approved for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania has been growing exponentially! The post 10,000 Patients in Pennsylvania Approved for Medical Marijuana appeared first on Nature's Way Medicine ®.

Florida: State Lawmakers Vote to Restore Patients’ Right To Smoke Medical Cannabis


Seventy-one percent of Floridians voted in 2016 to amend the state’s constitution to allow for the use of medical marijuana. These provisions explicitly protected the rights of patients to access herbal cannabis and placed no restrictions with regard to how they chose to consume it. Under this proposal, patients would be permitted to possess up to four ounces of herbal cannabis.

Huge Win for Epilepsy Patient as D.C. Lifts Ban on Medical Marijuana in Schools


Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states, technically placing it in the same category as any other prescription medication. It is clear that, despite the fact that medical marijuana is gaining more acceptance, school policies reflect its stigma. Marijuana is Usually a Last Resort. .

5 Ways Marijuana Helps Cancer Patients

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Marijuana is becoming a widely accepted option for treating cancer patients. Below, we take a look at five ways how marijuana can help a cancer patient deal with their condition. Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy often experience weight loss during the period.

Sleep 52

Marijuana and HIV: Can Weed Help HIV Patients


Marijuana and HIV are two topics that can come together. Due to the medical properties of cannabis , it is no secret that HIV patients have used it as a pain and stress relief method for a long time. Marijuana and HIV for Mental Health. Marijuana for a Better Appetite.

Organigram – Mobile Application for Medical Cannabis Patients

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Allows registered patients to order products, manage profiles and connect with Company iOS and Android functionality Available for direct download at organigram.ca/app TSX VENTURE: OGI) (OTCQX: OGRMF), a leading licensed producer of cannabis, is pleased to announce the release of a cross-platform patient-focused mobile application (the […]. Business Marijuana News Press Releases Greg Engel medical cannabis OrganiGram

61 Tons of Medical Marijuana Consumed in Arizona Last Year


The Arizona medical marijuana program reached a record breaking high in 2018 with patients consuming nearly 61 tons of cannabis products, according to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program Report released by the state Department of Health Services on Monday, January 14.

New Mexico Medical Marijuana Patient Levels Spike Since Mid-2018


As the stigma and laws around marijuana both relax, patient access to medical marijuana continues to broaden in many states. In cases like New Mexico, it did not take long for medical marijuana use to skyrocket. The number of registered patients has notably jumped in the last few months, with an even larger overall increase over the past year. But this surge in medical marijuana’s popularity may have unintended – albeit positive – effects.

Why Can’t Medical Marijuana Patients Buy Guns? – Kight On Cannabis Blog (Lex Blog)

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Medical marijuana patients are not authorized to purchase a gun, even if they have never been convicted of a crime. This guest post by frequent Kight on Cannabis contributor Kate Harveston explores a controversial subject: gun control in the context of marijuana.

Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Patients Can Hold Open-Carry Gun Permits


The state's new medical marijuana law originally conflicted with Oklahoma's open-carry law. The post Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Patients Can Hold Open-Carry Gun Permits appeared first on Leafly. Politics medical marijuana oklahomaLegislators recently fixed the problem.

Louisiana Patients Demand Cannabis Be on Shelves by May 15


The ultimatum is an indication of the mounting frustration that medical cannabis still hasn't reached patients nearly four years after lawmakers OK'd the system. The post Louisiana Patients Demand Cannabis Be on Shelves by May 15 appeared first on Leafly. Industry Politics louisiana medical marijuana

PrestoDoctor Launches Medical Marijuana Patient Curated Shop!


PrestoDoctor is thrilled to announce PrestoDoctor Shop , a medical marijuana patient curated shop! Every item listed is chosen specifically for the needs of medical marijuana patients. We have been recommending medical marijuana to patients for years.

Can Cannabis Help Cerebral Palsy Patients?

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Can cannabis help Cerebral Palsy patients? The post Can Cannabis Help Cerebral Palsy Patients? Health Videos cannabis cbd cerebral palsy chronic pain federal health legal legal marijuana legalisation marijuana medical medical marijuana pain recreational recreational marijuana thc treatment weedResearch shows can be effective in relieving pain associated with Cerebral Palsy.