Fri.Nov 29, 2019

The FDA Issues Hemp-CBD Warning Letters and a Consumer Update

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The Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) had a busy Monday this week. On November 25, the agency issued warning letters to 15 businesses selling hemp-derived CBD (“Hemp-CBD”) products as unapproved drugs. The FDA also released updated consumer guidance on Hemp-CBD. Warning Letters.

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How CBD:THC Blends Work: Half Baked – Exploring the Biases of NAM

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CBD has become a global phenomenon, whether as a medicine or just a dietary supplement. In reality, a lot of therapeutic effects that people are buying into are really just placebo effects. With that being said, CBD does heal and help with many conditions, especially epilepsy.

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UK Firm Mackrell Upgrades Cannabis Team

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Singapore Stands Fast On Cannabis Liberalization

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European Medicinal Cannabis Association (EUMCA) Say Germany Has The Cannabis Model The EU Should Adopt

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New York Times: Wave of European Cannabis Firms to List in 2020, Analyst Says

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LONDON — Up to five companies active in the cannabis industry could go public in 2020 in Europe, a continent whose stock markets have largely missed out on the North-American “pot stocks” frenzy, a leading industry analyst said on Thursday.

Weed and mental health – everything you should know

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The cannabis plant contains more than 500 identified chemical constituents. More than 100 of them are cannabinoids. Medical marijuana uses the cannabis plant or its basic chemicals to treat a whole bunch of different diseases and conditions.