Using Cannabis to Treat Gynecological Conditions


A recent survey of female medical marijuana patients published by the Journal of Women’s Health concludes that women are more likely than men to base their health and wellness regimens on medical cannabis products and. Medical marijuana for women is here to stay.

Ohio Gives Another Shot at Expanding Qualifying Conditions


Ohio is currently accepting petitions in an attempt to expand the list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis. Medical cannabis is now available to residents in Ohio who meet one of 22 qualifying conditions laid out by House Bill 523.


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Louisiana: Governor Signs Bills Into Law Facilitating Expanded Cannabis Access for Patients


John Bel Edwards has signed a series of bills into law greatly expanding patients ability to access medical cannabis products. Late last week, the Governor signed House Bill 819, which expands the discretion of physicians so that they can recommend cannabis therapy for “any condition” that he or she “considers debilitating to an individual patient and is qualified through his [or her] medical education and training to treat.” Democratic Gov.

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Louisiana: Senate Passes Amended Bill Permitting Doctors to Recommend Medical Cannabis for ?Any Condition?


Senators on Wednesday passed legislation to significantly expand the pool of patients eligible to qualify for medical cannabis access. Members voted 28 to 6 in favor of an amended version of House Bill 819, which expands the discretion of physicians so that they can recommend cannabis therapy for “any condition” that he or she “considers debilitating to an individual patient and is qualified through his [or her] medical education and training to treat.”

Qualifying conditions for medical marijuana by state


Here's a list of which states authorize medical marijuana for valid, qualified patients. Each entry includes a link to the state's qualifying conditions. The post Qualifying conditions for medical marijuana by state appeared first on Leafly.

Medical Marijuana Patients Use Less ADHD Medication


A study published earlier this year reveals a simple but interesting pattern: When patients with ADHD consume more cannabis, they require fewer prescription drugs. Cannabinoid and Terpenoid Doses are Associated with Adult ADHD Status of Medical Cannabis Patients.

Migraine Patients: 82% Say Marijuana Works


According to a recent study published in the Journal of Headache Pain , across 2,032 patients and 21 illnesses, headache was a symptom treated with cannabis in 24.9% (505) of cases, while 88% (445) of headache patients treated probable migraines with cannabis.



Patients with any of the medical conditions below are eligible for weedadvisor under the new Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation (ACMPR). Uncategorised

Medical Marijuana Patients: 7 Things You Should Know About Driving

MMJ Recs

Medical marijuana (MMJ) can be a useful tool when helping to treat a variety of physical and emotional health conditions. One of the most commonly asked questions that medical marijuana patients have is whether they’re permitted to drive while under the influence of cannabis.

200,000 Marijuana Patients in PA

Nature's Way Medicine

Anxiety disorders became an approved condition last summer. Patients with a history of these conditions could since be approved if they have documentation. The post 200,000 Marijuana Patients in PA appeared first on Nature's Way Medicine. News Pennsylvania 200000 medical marijuana news patients pennsylvaniaSometime last week, Pennsylvania reached 200,000 medical marijuana card holders approved by physicians to purchase cannabis in dispensaries.

Study: Cannabis Safe and Effective in Fibromyalgia Patients


The administration of herbal cannabis is safe and effective in patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia, according to clinical data published this month in the Journal of Clinical Medicine. Israeli investigators assessed the use of cannabis over a six-month period in 211 patients with the disease. Eight-one percent of subjects reported “at least moderate improvement in their condition … without experiencing serious adverse events.”

Patients In Florida Can Finally Smoke Medical Cannabis


Newly sworn-in Governor Ron DeSantis officially ended the statewide ban on smokable forms of medical cannabis in Florida, making good on the promise he made to patients. In doing so, medical cannabis patients are finally legally permitted to smoke dried cannabis flower if their doctor recommends that specific method of administration. Previously, it was illegal for patients to smoke their cannabis medication, according to the law.

Texas NORML: Patient Lobby Day Recap


In the Texas State Capitol Building, dozens of patients joined us to ask their legislators to coauthor legislation that makes the Texas Compassionate Use Program more inclusive and effective. HB 1365 (authored by Rep Lucio, III) and SB90 (authored by Sen Menendez) would allow patients with debilitating conditions access to medical cannabis to therapeutically treat the symptoms of their condition.

How does medical marijuana help patients with Epilepsy?

The Epilepsy Foundation defines epilepsy as a chronic condition of the brain which causes seizures and affects 65 million people worldwide. It is not fully known the genetic origins of epilepsy or if the condition is hereditary. Medical marijuana can alleviate certain side effects and, some research indicates, reduce the number of seizures a patient experiences. The post How does medical marijuana help patients with Epilepsy? Patient Education

What Are The Qualifying Conditions For An Oklahoma MMJ Card?

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But under what conditions do you qualify for an Oklahoma MMJ card? Jump online with a specialist like MMJ Recs to see if you meet the qualifying conditions for an Oklahoma MMJ card! What Are The Qualifying Conditions For An Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card? You have to be over the age of 18 in order to qualify for an Oklahoma MMJ card, but unlike in other states, there is not a pre-set list of qualifying conditions you must meet to be granted a card.

Study: Cannabis Associated with Reduced Opioid Use, Prolonged Benefits in Pain Patients


The daily use of cannabis by patients with chronic pain conditions is associated with prolonged improvements in pain management and subjects’ overall quality of life, as well as sustained reductions in the use of opioids, according to longitudinal data published in the journal Pain Medicine. ” In addition, patients’ “reported frequencies of fatigue, headaches, feelings of anxiety, and nausea decreased compared with baseline.”

Serious Conditions Are Responding To Cannabinoid Therapy

Peninsula Alternative Health

As medical cannabis emerges from the dark days of prohibition, researchers are finding a wide range of conditions responding successfully to it. Epilepsy Seizure disorders are on the list of qualifying conditions for most medical cannabis states. Because nearly one-third of patients with epilepsy are not getting the results they want from conventional treatments, they are eager to experiment with natural cannabinoid therapy.

Cannabis advisory board meeting unable to address qualifying conditions due to lack of quorum

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

A state panel met but was unable to make any actual recommendations for adding more qualifying conditions to the list of reasons approved patients can use medical cannabis. The New Mexico Medical Cannabis Advisory Board heard thoughts and recommendations from a handful of medical cannabis patients on Tuesday on how to improve the Medical Cannabis Program.

Clinical Trial: Cannabinoid Administration Via a Metered-Dose Inhaler Is Safe and Effective for Chronic Pain Patients


The delivery of precise doses of THC via an inhaler is associated with pain mitigation in patients with neuropathy and other complex pain conditions, according to clinical trial data published in the European Journal of Pain. A team of Israeli researchers conducted a randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial to assess the safety and efficacy of a novel, metered-dose cannabis inhaler in 27 patients with chronic pain.

Study: Daily Cannabis Use Among Pain Patients Associated with Less Non-Prescription Opioid Use


Patients suffering from persistent pain conditions who frequently use cannabis are far less likely to use non-prescription opioids, according to longitudinal data published in the journal PLOS One. A team of investigators from Canada and the United States assessed drug use trends in chronic pain patients over a multi-year period (June 1, 2014 to December 1, 2017).

How To Choose The Right MMJ Strain For Your Patient

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If you are an MMJ caregiver, you’ve probably wondered, “How do I know which medical marijuana strain to give to my patient?” Choosing the right MMJ strain is super important because different medical marijuana strains have very different effects on patients. Knowing which MMJ strain is best for which condition will allow you to treat your patients as effectively and safely as possible.

Ohio Opens Petition Process for New Medical Marijuana Conditions

The Joint Blog

From now until the end of the year, Ohio officials will be accepting petitions from those seeking to expand the state’s medical marijuana program by increasing the number of medical conditions that qualify someone to become a legal patient.

What Marijuana Patients with Heart Problems Need to Know


In January of 2020, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology published a review titled Marijuana Use in Patients With Cardiovascular Disease. Screening and testing for use of marijuana are encouraged in clinical settings, especially in the care of young patients presenting with cardiovascular disease. The report states: Arrhythmias were present in nearly 5% of patients with a history of marijuana use. Medical Conditions Heart

Israel To Allow Medical Cannabis Prescriptions For Some Conditions

Cannabis Law Report

Patients with certain medical conditions will be permitted to receive medical cannabis by prescription rather than requiring Health Ministry permission, Deputy Health Minister Ya’acov Litzman announced on Thursday evening. “I I have decided to adopt the position of Ministry of Health professionals to permit a prescription instead of a license for certain medical conditions where diagnosis is clear,” Litzman said. “I The Jerusalem Post writes.

Medical cannabis qualified patient bill has one last stop before the governor’s desk

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

The bill would change the law to allow only New Mexico residents who have a qualifying condition to get a medical cannabis patient card. Continue reading Medical cannabis qualified patient bill has one last stop before the governor’s desk at The NM Political Report. Marijuana & Drug Policy News NM Legislature 2020 Legislative Session medical cannabis medical cannabis patient card Medical Cannabis Program

In Michigan, Senior Cancer Patients Fight the Stigma and Find Medical Cannabis


The post In Michigan, Senior Cancer Patients Fight the Stigma and Find Medical Cannabis appeared first on Leafly. Health cancer chronic pain medical cannabis Michigan qualifying conditionsHolly vapes the nausea away. Ron dropped a 10-year Vicodin script. Elizabeth kicked opioids. But it's still not easy for the 55+ set to get medical cannabis.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help Cancer Patients?

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Patients often turn to alternative therapies to help them cope with the pain of the disease and the disabling effects of the treatment drugs. A question frequently asked is “Can medical marijuana help cancer patients?” How can medical cannabis help cancer patients? This might be preferable for some patients who prefer not to smoke, but there are a couple of downsides to edibles. The post How Can Medical Marijuana Help Cancer Patients?

New Patient Experience

Peninsula Alternative Health

As pioneers of the Maryland cannabis industry, we take great pride in offering patients a wide variety of products and clinical guidance. PAH strives to be a positive influence in the community and encourages patients to use cannabis as a complimentary medicine. Through patient feedback and ongoing research, our team provides thoughtful recommendations on cannabis products that best fit the individual’s needs. by Erin Bilenki.

The Willows Farms Has been Awarded Conditional Approval for Five Cannabis Licenses

Canna Newswire

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica – April 8, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – The Willows Farms Limited recently received a green light to start business, as they were awarded their conditional approval for five licenses from the Cannabis Licensing Authority. While Jamaica has been known for many cultural sentiments, its ideal atmospheric conditions are prime for this agricultural pursuit.

Louisiana: Senate Passes Amended Bill Permitting Doctors to Recommend Medical Cannabis for ?Any Condition?

Cannabis Law Report

NORML reports… Senators on Wednesday passed legislation to significantly expand the pool of patients eligible to qualify for medical cannabis access. Members voted 28 to … Read More. Medical Cannabis News

Study: Pain Patients Report Significant Health Improvements Following Enactment of Medical Cannabis Access Laws


Investigators reported that pain patients were the group most likely to report health benefits following medical cannabis enactment. ” Separate studies – such as those here , here , and here – consistently report that pain patients often reduce their use of opioids following access to medical cannabis therapy. Among state-licensed medical cannabis registrants, two out of three report consuming cannabis to mitigate pain conditions.

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NH House Says Yes To Two Bills Expanding Medical Cannabis Conditions

Cannabis Law Report

The New Hampshire House of Representatives approved two bills to make medical marijuana available to more patients by expanding the state’s list of treatable conditions, but a more expansive measure died in the Senate. The House on Wednesday voted to add insomnia and opioid-use disorder to the list of qualifying conditions, though the latter would carry significant restrictions, including a requirement that certifying providers have specialized knowledge in addiction treatment.

Mississippi’s November Ballot Will Include Two Medical Marijuana Initiatives


Initiatives 65 and 65A would amend Mississippi’s state constitution to allow patients with certain qualifying conditions to access medical marijuana after having been approved by a licensed physician. Patients would be allowed to possess 2.5

New data reveals top medical conditions for which cannabis is reimbursed in Germany

Cannabis Law Report

The data is based on an ongoing government survey involving 6,538 patients, as of September. New data reveals top medical conditions for which cannabis is reimbursed in Germany. The information was disclosed in a reply to a parliamentary inquiry, using the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) as the data source. All details here. Medical Cannabis News

How Cannabis Is Helping to Treat the Patients of Neurodegenerative Diseases


Many of these conditions can be severe, leaving patients disabled, unable to think clearly or walk without aid. Cannabis is rising as an effective way to treat many health disorders—some of the positive ways that Cannabis can assist patients in including neurodegenerative diseases.

How Many MMJ Patients Are in Oklahoma?

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Because MMJ can be used to help alleviate or completely lift some symptoms of many challenging and bothersome health conditions, many people have jumped at the chance to become Oklahoma MMJ patients. Out of the 33 states that have some form of legal MMJ legislation, Oklahoma has quickly become one of the biggest, making it the state with more MMJ patients per capita than any other state. The number of MMJ patients in Oklahoma is steadily growing.

Dosing A Patient With MMJ: A Primary Caregiver’s Guide

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Being a caregiver to a medical marijuana patient is a big responsibility. How Much Medical Marijuana Should I Give My Patient? While medical marijuana offers a large array of benefits to those who suffer from certain medical conditions, the effects of marijuana may not be immediately felt. There’s a low risk of overdose, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use caution until you know how the MMJ will impact the patient. depends entirely on the patient.