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CBD and THC Ratio

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Many consumers love to smoke, vape, or eat marijuana because of its THC compound, which takes users to cloud nine after about 30 minutes of consumption. However, some people hate getting high, and even the lowest dose of THC-rich products could alter their thinking.

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How to Spot a Fake Vape Cart Before It’s Too Late

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Cannabis consumers are crazy about their vape pens. Vaping is leading the surge, with 58 percent of concentrate sales coming from prefilled vaporizers. . A lot of consumers prefer vaping to smoking. Were these authentic Kingpen vape carts?

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Why is Medical Marijuana Becoming So Popular in the Healthcare Industry?

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It has become increasingly popular as more states legalize the consumption of the plant for medical purposes. Most people know that marijuana elicits a “high” from the consumption of THC, a chemical compound with purported health benefits contained within the cannabis plant.

Guide to Microdosing Cannabis Concentrates, Flowers and Edibles


Nowadays, there are a couple of trends among medical cannabis consumers: One of them is using high CBD products, as cannabidiol (CBD) diminishes the head high produced by THC. How to microdose weed (THC)? Two drops of a THC liquid extract equal to 1 mg—which should be the starting dose.

7 Ways To Consume CBD

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However, the effects of pills will also last longer than that of most other methods of consumption. CBD can also be absolved by the skin, which leads to the relief of pain and inflammation. The THC to CBD ratio varies widely between strands of Marijuana. Vaping CBD.

How to Kill the Pain with CBD

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That’s fine if the pain lasts just a minute while searching for a kid who scattered the toys on the floor. However, suffering from chronic or inflammatory pain may affect one’s overall wellbeing. . Pain affects more than your body. Chronic pain. THC. .

CBD Oil Gets Absorbed Faster And Best For Therapeutic Use

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In order to consume CBD oil, vaping will be the preferred method as per the purists and scientists. With vaping, CBD will increase the bioavailability substantially. Unlike oral consumption, inhaling CBD allows to absorb high percentage so it is very cost-effective alternative.

Guest Post: The Legal Status of CBD Oil in Italy

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But these days, it is also prescribed as medicine for patients, who suffer from chronic illnesses. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive compound, which is responsible for the feeling of being “high,” when cannabis is consumed. Chronic pain.

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Things Everyone Should Know Before Using Cannabis

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If you’re interested in using cannabis, you should know certain things like its benefits, differences between THC and CBD and consumption methods/cannabis products that you might want to choose from to find what is best for you. Chronic pain.

Micro-Dosing with Cannabis

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Well, less is more when it comes to marijuana consumption.” That’s why micro-dosing has become a growing trend with Cannabis advocates pushing for less is more with regards to cannabis consumption. A better alternative to smoking or vaping may be tinctures, oils and edibles.

8 Different Ways To Consume Marijuana

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Using a bong can also transfer more THC into the bloodstream than regular smoking, giving you a better high. Vaporizing Vaping involves heating cannabis without burning it. One study even found vaping can improve respiratory function.

Strike Oil: Desire for Cannabis Oil Heats Up


Cannabis oil is sourced from the same dried buds you are used to for vaping and smoking. In commercially-produced cannabis oils, the concentrations of CBD and THC tend to be well-controlled, which makes it easy to calculate dosage and effect. Take it from this consumer, oils offer a steadier “high” than flower because the oil has consistent THC and CBD levels. Scientific studies confirm cannabis oil may help treat chronic pain and anxiety.

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CBD’s Role in Treating Lupus – What You Should Know!

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In the current scenario, more than a million people are suffering from this chronic disease. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease which is considered to be incurable in today’s world. The reason behind the same is that it encircles none or very little (less than 0.3%) amount of THC.

New York Medical Marijuana Guide

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The first person to investigate the purported effects of cannabis consumption was Fiorello H. In 1944, the La Guardia Committee report studying the issue of cannabis consumption in New York was released. Essential Requirements for Marijuana Consumption in New York .

A Beginners Guide to Medical Cannabis in Maryland

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A registered physician supplies medicinal cannbais if you have cachexia; anorexia; wasting syndrome; severe, chronic pain and/or nausea; seizures; severe or persistent muscle spasms; glaucoma; and/or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

A Beginners Guide to Medical Cannabis in Maryland

Peninsula Alternative Health

If you’re a first-time patient or considering medicinal cannabis as a solution to your chronic condition, Peninsula Alternative Health discusses what you need to know about medical cannabis in Maryland: Only licensed Maryland medical cannabis dispensaries supply qualified patients and caregivers with this alternative medicine. Each strain differentiates based on their potency of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and its other cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD).

5 Different Ways of Using CBD for Cancer Treatment

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Those substances can be found in THC, a different type of cannabinoid. CBD has reached its enormous popularity because it is an effective cure for chronic pain. People use it for treating epilepsy, withdrawal symptoms, or joint pain. Oral Consumption.

Infographic: Health Pros and Cons of Cannabis

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This is where THC comes under focus, especially if applied in the early stages when it prevents cell death. The effect of THC keeps the cells safe and sound. Weed Makes the Pain Go Away. One of the medical benefits that marijuana is famous for is its pain relieving properties.

Cannabis Group Weekly Alert – November 2019 #2

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CDC announces breakthrough in finding possible cause of deadly vaping illness. Either HHS or President Trump himself is expected to make an announcement relaying details of a federal ban on flavored e-cigarettes soon, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said, adding that menthol will not be included in the ban and vape shops may be exempted. They do not have jurisdiction over vaping and vape shops, for example.”.