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Update: California Cannabis Tax Holiday

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When it comes to cannabis ballot measures, a common promise is made to voters that the increased tax revenue from cannabis sales will go back into the community. Cannabis taxes are therefore unavoidable. So is the debate over how high those taxes should be.

Oklahoma: Advocates Turn in Signatures to Place Adult-Use Legalization Measure on November Ballot


"As in past election years, voters in both traditionally 'red' and 'blue' states will have the opportunity to cast their vote in favor of ending the failed policy of cannabis criminalization.


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How delta 8 and synthetic THC bypass edible limits and tax in Canada

Cannabis Life Network

Excise tax on Canadian THC products is at an extreme, according to a recent report documented on CLN. More recently, excise tax in the Canadian market has begun to motivate industry moves that resemble problems created by America’s Farm Bill south of the border.

THC 72

New Research on the Use and Perception of Cannabis

Project CBD

Research update on the shifting dynamics of cannabis consumption and cultural perception

CBD 215

Where the Money Grows: Learning the Industry Trends in Medical Cannabis, Recreational Marijuana, Hemp, and Beyond

Speaker: Jonathan Bench, International Cannabis and Securities Business Attorney at Harris Bricken

The U.S. cannabis industry is still in its infancy, even though states began engaging with legalization in one form or another in the late 1990s. Today, many opportunities exist for individuals and businesses that want to engage in the industry. Join international cannabis and securities business attorney Jonathan Bench as he provides some pitfalls and best practices for companies & individuals looking to engage with the U.S. cannabis marketplace.

Review: Nipsey Hussle’s estate opens The Marathon Collective dispensary


We talked to Hussle's big brother Blacc Sam and sampled products from the grand opening of this highly-respected legacy operation. The post Review: Nipsey Hussle’s estate opens The Marathon Collective dispensary appeared first on Leafly.

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Is endocannabinoid deficiency proven by science?

Cannabis Life Network

Various errors can occur in the endocannabinoid system, each causing a unique set of symptoms. Proof for any endocannabinoid deficiency is often lacking, but poor ECS function causes particular conditions according to good science. And the deficit is based on causation and not simply correlation.

Answer of the Day for Jul 8, 2022


According to an anonymous, cross-sectional online survey conducted in May 2021 that involved 2,697 adult Canadian federally-authorized medical cannabis patients, many patients substituted cannabis-based products for pharmaceutical drugs. What percentage used cannabis-based products as a substitute?

5 strains perfect for listening to house music (and a playlist, too)


House music is making a resurgence in 2022. Find out the 5 strains that are perfect for this high energy genre. The post 5 strains perfect for listening to house music (and a playlist, too) appeared first on Leafly. Lifestyle durban-poison energetic green-crack LGBTQIA lifestyle Music strains

We Stand for Freedom


Before you head to today's barbecue, community event, or rally, whether today's a day of work, reflection, or celebration, please take a moment to stand with us in our fight to let freedom ring. The post We Stand for Freedom appeared first on NORML.

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How HHCP Distillate Effects on People

Otherside Farms

The distinctive new type of cannabis concentrate, the HHCP distillate, makes waves. A procedure called distillation is used to make the distillate; either HHCP distillate or CBD distillate, a procedure called distillation is used.

Does a tolerance break or a different strain make THC stronger?

Cannabis Life Network

Tolerance breaks are infamous strategies for cannabis consumers and medical patients to rejuvenate their experience. A different strain of medical cannabis might be a strategy to make THC stronger compared to a tolerance break, though. Perhaps the required dose of THC has become outrageous.

THC 82

Strain-ger Things: 11 weed strains like Purple Palm Tree Delight


Searching for Purple Palm Tree Delight? Leafly has 11 strains for you to try that can get you as stoned as Argyle in Stranger Things. The post Strain-ger Things: 11 weed strains like Purple Palm Tree Delight appeared first on Leafly.

Marijuana Reform Advocates in Arkansas, Nebraska Turn in Signatures for November Ballot Campaigns


If approved for the ballot, Arkansas and Nebraska will be among a number of states where voters will be deciding the issue this fall. The post Marijuana Reform Advocates in Arkansas, Nebraska Turn in Signatures for November Ballot Campaigns appeared first on NORML. ACTIVISM Ballot Initiative

Comparing CBC Isolate to CBC Distillate

Otherside Farms

The study of cannabinoids is fascinating because it sheds light on the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). What exactly are cannabinoids? A large variety of these chemicals can cause cannabis-related effects. It is well-known that THC and CBD have therapeutic effects.

Cannabis Rights in Canada Crossword Puzzle

Cannabis Life Network

Last weekend was Canada Day… or, as it’s affectionately known in the stoner community, Cannabis Day. It’s a time of year when we celebrate where we live, showing gratitude for our afforded privileges.

Americans got hella lit for July 4, sales data reveals


Wow, America. You bought a ton of weed this July 4 weekend. We've got the deets on the data. The post Americans got hella lit for July 4, sales data reveals appeared first on Leafly. Industry 4/20 4th of July adult-use cannabis retail sales

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New Discovery: This Supplement Could Help Mitigate Cannabis’ Negative Impacts on the Heart


Cannabis can help with a whole host of conditions, but some research has raised concerns about its potentially negative impact on the heart. Fortunately, a new study discovered a supplement that may help to mitigate the risk.

THC 79

Best strains and terpenes for sleep

The Cannigma

Sleep is foundational to good health, impacting our energy levels, cognition, and hormone regulation. Yet despite the obvious benefits, nearly one in three people don’t get enough sleep. Hitting the hay is often listed as a reason why people consume cannabis, but does the science support this?

Sleep 76

Minnesota Accidentally Legalizes Edibles 

Cannabis Life Network

Minnesota accidentally legalized cannabis edibles as part of a regulatory overhaul on July 1, 2022. State legislators passed a law allowing the sale of products containing “non-intoxicating cannabinoids.”

Hemp fashion is back — and it’s not just for hippies


Hemp has been a staple textile for centuries. These clothing brands are proving it's finally back en vogue and not just for hippies. The post Hemp fashion is back — and it’s not just for hippies appeared first on Leafly. Lifestyle fashion Hemp lifestyle products

Hemp 97

U.S. Army’s Hemp Research, Mississippi’s Medical Cannabis Program, and Japan’s Synthetic Cannabinoid Gray Market


The U.S. Army is exploring hemp fabrics for uniforms, Mississippi’s medical cannabis law took effect, and Japan’s synthetic cannabis gray market has exploded. Let’s dive into this week’s cannanews. Army Explores Hemp Uniforms. The U.S.

Cannabis laws in Georgia

The Cannigma

Medical: Yes, limited Recreational: illegal Reciprocity: No. Cannabis regulation in Georgia is complicated, but the plant is still illegal. There is no adult-use market, thought several cities have decriminalized possession.

Law 74

Nevada Cannabis Lounges Announced

Cannabis Life Network

Nevada cannabis lounges are coming. Cannabis lounges bring legalization to a new level by allowing consenting adults to openly use cannabis socially. Nevada’s Cannabis Compliance Board announced the news in late June.

Episode #248: Hottest strains of summer 2022


The hot new strains of summer are here! We're breaking down Animal Face, Zoap, Dream Cake, and more. The post Episode #248: Hottest strains of summer 2022 appeared first on Leafly. Podcasts cannabis news cannabis strains marijuana podcasts

California Cannabis Lender License Requirements

Canna Law Blog

Cannabis businesses need money – and lots of it – to operate. Being mostly startups, operational profits are not enough to sustain their business.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?


You may have heard of 420, but have you heard of 710? It’s known as Oil Day or Dab Day among cannabis users. The marijuana holiday falls on July 10th and celebrates cannabis concentrates. But if you’re new to medical marijuana, you may not know much about this form of cannabis.

Cancer patients medicate with cannabis with or without clinical trials

Cannabis Life Network

Every year sees a pile of scientific research supporting the use of cannabis as a treatment for cancer. Clinical evidence, however, has yet prove that cannabinoids, terpenes, or cannabis treat cancer.

Why are gummies the most popular format in recreational hemp?


When it comes to edibles, gummies reign supreme. That's not just in adult-use markets: recreational hemp consumers love the format, too. The post Why are gummies the most popular format in recreational hemp? appeared first on Leafly.

California Opens Hemp Registrations

Canna Law Blog

For years, California has been a very bad state for the hemp industry. That started to change last year with the passage of AB-45 , a bill intended to regulate CBD manufacturing and sales. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued proposed AB-45 regulations just a few months ago.

Pets 68

What’s this weird substance on my homemade gummies?

The Cannigma

Getting the right answers in your cannabis journey can be tricky. But with The Cannigma’s Ask the Expert, you can find questions from readers like you, answered by a real cannabis pharmacist. Question: While cooling my gummies in the freezer a tan colored substance separated from the gummies.

Oil 60