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Kief vs. Hash—What’s the Difference and How Can They be Used?


Cannabis legalization has brought about a plethora of different methods of consumption for patients and recreational users alike. In the past, when someone was referencing cannabis consumption, it typically boiled down to smoking a joint or eating a brownie. Nowadays cannabis consumption includes a rich variety of methods.

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Understanding Hash and Its Many Varieties

Kind Meds (Cannabis Education Blog)

In the simplest terms, hash is a concentrate formed by the compression of cannabis trichomes, also known as resin glands, creating a dense, solid substance. This resin is produced by the cannabis trichomes and acts as a sort of defensive barrier to protect the plant from any pests that might harm it. What Are Kief and Sift?

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Shake weed – good, better or best?

The Cannigma

These remnants often contain plenty of trichomes , which is where cannabinoids and terpenes are produced and stored. Over time, those scraps collect, and if they come from a high-quality cultivar, can be great addition to to a joint or a bowl. Note that sugar leaves do contain a lot of trichomes, and therefore cannabinoids.

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Canadian hash products to sample this summer (hot knives not included)


Hash is the OG cannabis concentrate. Coast to coast, Canadian cannabis consumers can’t get enough of this concentrate. . Made by compressing trichomes (aka kief) of the cannabis plant to create a resinous concentrated product, hash—or hashish—offers stronger effects than flower due to its concentrated levels of THC.

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Cannabis Accessories That Enhance The Consumption Experience


Cannabis accessories are a key part of the consumption experience. Have you noticed any trends in cannabis consumption devices? The biggest trends in cannabis consumption these days are in the twin fields of edibles and oils. So over time, it collects kief in the bottom chamber. What makes you excited about what you do?

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Dry Sift vs. Bubble Hash – The differences and benefits between them.

The Joint Blog

Hash is a cannabis concentrate that you can smoke in pipes, bongs, or joints. There are several ways to produce it, but the essential steps involve extracting the trichomes from a cannabis plant and repeatedly compressing them to form a solid, hardened piece. . You will see a thin layer of trichomes form on the bottom of the tray.

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Minorities in cannabis, with Steven Philpott Jr.

The Cannigma

one of our science reviewers at The Cannigma and a cannabis trichome expert who is getting his master’s in Plant Sciences. As part of his master’s degree, Steve is currently using electron microscopes to take super close-up pictures of trichomes, tiny protrusions on cannabis plants. So, a trichome is what? EG: Super cool.