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Review: Granddaddy Purple Diamond Pod by Rove

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Despite becoming one of the largest legal cannabis markets by sales, Illinois is still lacking the depth of brand choice that many other states have. Rove is the latest brand to bridge the gap, coming to the state through a partnership with the CNS Harvest license. I recently had the opportunity to pick up a few of the new Rove products starting with the Granddaddy Purple Diamond Pod The Rove Granddaddy Purple Pod is a distillate-based oil infused with botanically derived terpenes.

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Michigan Passes California in Cannabis Product Sales

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The cannabis industry has witnessed a remarkable shift in the market landscape. With Michigan passes California in cannabis product sales by number not revenue. This development signifies a pivotal change in the U.S. cannabis market, challenging the long-standing dominance of California. Traditionally seen as the epicenter of cannabis culture and.

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West Virginia’s Medical Marijuana Access: Where to Start

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West Virginia’s medical marijuana program was established to provide patients with qualifying medical conditions access to medical cannabis as an alternative treatment option. The program was enacted into law in April 2017 with the passage of the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Act. The program is overseen by the West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis, which is responsible for regulating the cultivation, processing, distribution, and sale of medical marijuana in the state.

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