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4 Reasons Why MMJ Patients Are Allowed To Possess More Marijuana Than The General Public

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The laws surrounding marijuana, both for medicinal and recreational use, are constantly changing and differ from state to state. However, there are still some very straightforward advantages to having a medical marijuana (MMJ) card.

Toxic FDA-Approved Food Additives

Project CBD

The FDA recently reiterated its official disapproval of any nonpharmaceutical use of CBD. But their precautionary overreach contrasts sharply with its lax policy towards many common, and problematic, food additives

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How CBD Helps With Chronic Pain

The Fresh Toast

Our patients’ lives improved in multiple ways after using CBD, including sleep, anxiety relief and hope. They even began calling hemp a “miracle plant.". Continue reading How CBD Helps With Chronic Pain at The Fresh Toast.

New Jersey: Lawmakers Approve Measure to Place Marijuana Legalization Question on the 2020 Ballot


Super-majorities of the New Jersey Assembly and Senate decided today to place a marijuana legalization ballot question before voters in 2020. The question will appear as a constitutional amendment on the November election ballot.

Is Bernie Sanders still ahead of the curve on cannabis?


He pioneered decriminalization in the 1970s and led legalization efforts in Congress. How would he act as president? Bernie's got a plan. The post Is Bernie Sanders still ahead of the curve on cannabis? appeared first on Leafly.

Major League Baseball to Remove Marijuana from “Drugs of Abuse” List

The Joint Blog

In a surprising move that is expected to send shock-waves across the professional sports industry, Major League Baseball (MLB) has announced that it will soon remove marijuana from its list of banned substances.

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20 cannabis predictions for 2020


Expect more terpenes, THCV, and vape battles. Three more states will go rec-legal. And cake-y strains will remain all the rage. The post 20 cannabis predictions for 2020 appeared first on Leafly. Politics 2020 cannabis news predictions

Even 0.3% -0.5% THC is too much for the Italian Senate. New light cannabis legislation is blocked and is “inadmissible”

Cannabis Law Report

Italy’s Senate has blocked the legalisation of ‘cannabis light. The head of Italy’s Senate has blocked the legalisation of a weaker form of cannabis, in a last-minute reversal of a bill approved by parliament last week.

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Hemp-CBD: Washington State’s Consumer Protection Act

Canna Law Blog

This is the second in a three-part series explaining why companies making and sell hemp-derived CBD products ought to be concerned about state consumer protection laws. Last week we looked at Oregon and an article on California is in the works.

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EPA approves 10 pesticides for hemp production

Cannabis Law Report

In a major step toward making the newly legal crop a national commodity, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Thursday approved the use of 10 products to control insect pests and diseases – nine biopesticides and one conventional pesticide. Full report.

Federal Spending Package Protects Medical Marijuana, Strips Other Provisions


In the FY2020 appropriations package released Monday, existing protections for medical cannabis programs from federal prosecutors that have been in place since 2014 remained, but other amendments that had been added earlier in the year by House Democrats were removed from the final compromise.

Australian Medical Cannabis Company MGC Says It Now Has 1800 Prescribed Products

Cannabis Law Report

The West Australian reports. …MGC Pharmaceuticals has achieved yet another significant milestone with the bio-pharma company this week surpassing more than 1,800 prescribed products of its medicinal cannabis-based pharmaceutical products in Australia, UK, Brazil and Ireland.

Legal vape markets literally 1,000% safer than street


A new analysis compiled by Leafly finds prohibition states had 10X the number of vape injuries per capita as legalization states. Officials have yet to confirm any injuries exclusively associated with a licensed store or product in the US.

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Near-Record Support for Cannabis Legalization Reflected in Latest National Polls


Over six in ten US adults support legalizing marijuana nationwide, according to a pair of recently released public opinion polls first reported by

Protections for cannabis patients don’t extend to those on house arrest

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

Next month, the New Mexico Legislature is expected to consider legalizing recreational use cannabis. But many medical cannabis patients and patient advocates believe the state should solve problems with the state’s Medical Cannabis Program first.

Georgia medical marijuana program starts after 7-month wait

Cannabis Law Report

AJC reports… Georgia’s top elected leaders moved forward Tuesday with a program to provide medical marijuana to the state’s 15,000 registered patients, nearly seven months after Gov. Brian Kemp signed it into law. Kemp, House Speaker David Ralston and Lt.

NORML ZA: Cannabis South Africa Roundup


NORML South Africa was established in 2008 and has been active in the growing cannabis culture scene. Over the past year, NORML has hosted activism events in conjunction with other cannabis organisations and still supports the Dagga Party of South Africa, a registered pro-cannabis political party.

A Look At Cannabis And Depression In Men

The Fresh Toast

Cannabis can improve the lives of those suffering from anxiety and depression. We need more clinical studies to determine how we can make this type of treatment more effective. Continue reading A Look At Cannabis And Depression In Men at The Fresh Toast.

CBD in Canada: Answers to your most frequently asked questions


Is CBD legal? Is it safe? Does it get you high? Here, we answer your top questions about CBD, including what it does, how it works, and how to access safe and legal CBD in Canada. The post CBD in Canada: Answers to your most frequently asked questions appeared first on Leafly.

Protecting Hemp-CBD Business Information

Canna Law Blog

According to recent reports, the hemp-derived cannabidiol (“Hemp-CBD”) market is expected to grow by 700 percent by 2020 and grow to $2.1 billion by 2020.

South Dakota: Medical Cannabis Initiative Certified for 2020 Ballot


A proposed measure legalizing medical cannabis access in South Dakota has qualified for the 2020 ballot. The South Dakota Secretary of State’s Office acknowledged Thursday that petitioners had gathered a sufficient number of signatures to place Measure 26 on the ballot. The initiative permits qualified patients to possess and home-cultivate cannabis for medical purposes, and establishes a state-regulated retail system for medical marijuana sales.

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Legalization 2.0 slowly rolls out – Edibles on Canadian shelves

Cannabis Life Network

It has been a long disappointing wait for cannabis to become fully legal in Canada. As regulations continued to rollout, hope for medicinal patients has dissipated into a DIY abyss. Now, the wait for Legalization 2.0 has come to an end – almost.

Everything Canadians need to know about CBD


Learn everything you need to know about CBD in Canada, from emerging science to specific health applications, to laws around possession, use, and more. The post Everything Canadians need to know about CBD appeared first on Leafly.

Oregon Welcomes Chinese Hemp Researchers: That’s Good and Bad for International Hemp Business

Canna Law Blog

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Apparently Aussie Cannabis Stock Is “Smoke Without Fire.” All Australians Know At The Moment Smoke & Fire Come Together

Cannabis Law Report

Investing in cannabis stocks on the ASX: Risks and benefits for ASX pot stocks. Medical cannabis was legalized in Australia in 2016 when the Narcotic Drugs Act was amended, allowing cannabis to be grown for medical and scientific purposes. Writes Investing

Hexo Corp. reports $62.4M first-quarter loss

Cannabis Life Network

OTTAWA — Cannabis company Hexo Corp. says it lost $62.4 million in its latest quarter compared with a loss of $12.8 million in the same quarter last year. The loss amounted to 24 cents per diluted share for the quarter ended Oct. 31, compared with a loss of seven cents per share a year ago […].

Zenabis recalls mislabeled CBD gelcaps that actually contained THC


Frightening prospect: CBD products containing far more THC than they should. The post Zenabis recalls mislabeled CBD gelcaps that actually contained THC appeared first on Leafly. Canada Health Strains & products health New Brunswick strains and products

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CannaTech Davos: Stakeholders in a Better Future


How does cannabis bring together stakeholders from across the globe to foster cohesion and sustainability? At the CannaTech Cannabis House in Davos we will be expanding the global cannabis conversation and addressing some of the big questions facing the modern world through the lens of cannabis.

Press Release & Media Report Says The Hemp Association of Ghana (HAG) Signs Export Deal To Portugal

Cannabis Law Report

Ghanaweb reports…… The Hemp Association of Ghana (HAG) has signed a deal with a Ghanaian-owned Cannabis business operator based in Portugal.

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When and How to Get a Temporary Restraining Order or Other Injunction in California

Canna Law Blog

What is an injunction? An “injunction” is an order of the Court that a certain act be done or not be done.

Illinois cannabis dispensaries open New Year’s Day for adult-use sales


Here’s what to expect from newly legal Illinois. The post Illinois cannabis dispensaries open New Year’s Day for adult-use sales appeared first on Leafly. Industry Lifestyle adult-use cannabis illinois