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Poll Reveals Most Americans Approve Of Legal Marijuana Laws


A recent poll found that fifty-five percent of American adults think that the laws regulating the legal cannabis markets in some states are successful, or that they are at least “more of a success than a failure.”. The survey, taken by YouGov on April 20 of this year, asked 27,328 Americans living in the states that have already enacted laws to legalize marijuana, “Do you think the legislation has been a success or a failure?”.

Ways Medical Marijuana Laws Have Changed In Response To Coronavirus

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Sales of medical marijuana have not died down amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, many medical marijuana patients have stocked up on supplies as many people have stocked up on toilet paper and other important household goods. Understandably, they’re afraid of a disruption in the supply chain that would keep them from accessing the MMJ they use for treatment. Some are even exploring growing their own medical marijuana for the first time.


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The FDA Continues to Chase CBD Companies

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We advise many of our clients, and particularly our clients the CBD and skincare spaces, on how to navigate the complex state and federal regulations that apply to marketing and labeling their products. And one of the persistent concerns we address from clients in this industry is how to run a compliant business that does not wind up on the receiving end of an enforcement action from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How flavonoids in cannabis, spinach, and other plants affect COVID-19

Cannabis Life Network

COVID-19, a virus, has proven humanities vulnerability. Cultures have been shaken and politicians have had to admit their wrongs and see the situation as a true beast not to be easily tamed. It is high time for people to act simply with their daily habits yet health authorities are timid and cautious when offering any […]. The post How flavonoids in cannabis, spinach, and other plants affect COVID-19 appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

CDC Seeks Public Comments Regarding Chronic Pain Management


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is seeking public comments on how Americans with chronic pain are successfully treating their symptoms. The call for comments, posted on April 17 at here , states: “Interested persons or organizations are invited to participate by submitting written views, recommendations, and data related to perspectives on and experiences with pain and pain management.

The Truth About CBD And COVID-19

The Fresh Toast

The Truth About CBD And COVID-19. As new claims fly across your social media channel, it can be tough to keep track of it all. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of what you should know about CBD and the coronavirus. The post The Truth About CBD And COVID-19 appeared first on The Fresh Toast. Cannabis Medical Marijuana News CBD coronavirus COVID-19 FDA FTC NFL

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Can CBD Oil Help in Relieving the Arthritis Pain?

Cannabis Law Report

If you go and visit the Arthritis Australia website you will very soon come across a statistic that says one in six Australian suffers from … Read More. Pot Luck

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Washington Cannabis Business Sales: Avoiding Successor Tax Liability

Canna Law Blog

In Washington’s closed cannabis marketplace, we see plenty of license purchases and sales, with deals structured in many creative ways, always to maximize the likelihood of regulatory approval from the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board. Washington’s cannabis regulations are among the most stringent, consistent with Washington’s Department of Revenue’s application of Washington’s taxation statutes.

Cannabis companies offer compassion programs to offset CBD costs


Get familiar with cannabis brands that offer compassionate discount programs geared toward medical patients, along with a few of their best products. The post Cannabis companies offer compassion programs to offset CBD costs appeared first on Leafly. Health Industry cbd

Canada’s response to the Cannabis Industry during COVID-19 by Province

Cannabis Life Network

A scope into Canada’s response to the Cannabis industry during Covid-19 by province reveals the industry’s resilience in the face of these trying times. The industry is among the high-growth sector and a significant contributor to the Canadian economy. The country has gained over 400 brick-and-mortar stores since legalization of weed in late 2018. Initially, […].

A Simple Guide on the Differences Between Hemp, Cannabis & CBD


Guest post by Bruce Smith – Content editor at Fenocan. Edited by Leafwell. There has been a huge rise in hemp-derived CBD in recent years. Cultivators are growing it, transporting it, and selling it on a daily basis. Humans are buying it and using it on a daily basis as well, and not just for themselves but also for their pets. Hemp products are used in a wide range of industries. Source. Health & Wellness cannabis explained cannabis plant CBD hemp hemp oil THC

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NORML Joins Civil Rights and Criminal Justice Groups To Support Small Cannabis Businesses


The Marijuana Justice Coalition, which is made up by groups including the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, the ACLU, the Drug Policy Alliance, NORML, and others, has sent a letter to Congressional Leadership requesting that small marijuana businesses be able to access the emergency relief funds being administered by the Small Business Administration.

CBD Could Provide Useful Treatment In Rare Brain Cancer

The Fresh Toast

CBD Could Provide Useful Treatment In Rare Brain Cancer. A new study could lead to CBD-based treatments that would help both people and dogs that suffer from glioblastoma. The post CBD Could Provide Useful Treatment In Rare Brain Cancer appeared first on The Fresh Toast. Cannabis Featured Medical Marijuana News RX apoptosis brain cancer cancer CBD CBG glioblastoma THC

CBD Claims: Federal Enforcement Actions Are No Longer Limited to Warning Letters

Canna Law Blog

The online sales of cannabidiol (“CBD”), including hemp-derived CBD products, have ramped up in response to the coronavirus (“COVID-19”) pandemic. Regrettably, during these uncertain times, a handful of CBD companies have been taking advantage of people’s fear and anxiety over the spread of the virus, making certain claims that CBD can treat and even cure COVID-19.

5 medical conditions psychedelics may be able to help treat


Cities are starting to decriminalize psychedelics. Here are some conditions that entheogenic plants may help treat. The post 5 medical conditions psychedelics may be able to help treat appeared first on Leafly. Health decriminalization

Cannabis Patent Holder UCANN Files for Bankruptcy. Will it Work?

Canna Law Blog

Colorado-based United Cannabis Corporation (“UCANN”) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on April 22. Regular readers may recall that UCANN is the plaintiff in the first ever cannabis patent protection case which generally concerned liquid cannabinol formulations of a purified CBD and/or THC greater than 95%. That litigation is now stayed (paused) as a result of the bankruptcy filing.

A Founder Looks at 50: Keith Stroup on Starting NORML


On NORML’s 50th anniversary, NORML’s Founder Keith Stroup reflects back on a lifetime as America’s foremost marijuana smoker and legalization advocate. This is the first in a series of blogs on the history of NORML and the legalization movement. Starting NORML. At the time I was preparing to graduate from Georgetown Law School in 1968, my major focus was finding a way to avoid being drafted and sent to fight in the Vietnam war.

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10 Best Cannabis Strains for Beginners


In general, beginners ought to avoid high amounts of THC wherever possible. The method of ingestion matters as well. Cannabis flower is probably most tolerable in terms of effects. Edibles can prove overwelming for many, and smaller amounts of THC are more psychoactive when eaten. This is because THC is metabolized into 11-OH-THC by the liver, making it more psychoactive. Vaporised cannabis. Source.

Grandma gets high: Why seniors are consuming cannabis


A growing number of seniors are using cannabis for medical issues and recreational usage. Find out why. The post Grandma gets high: Why seniors are consuming cannabis appeared first on Leafly. Health medical marijuana

Update on Cannabis Rescheduling at the United Nations

Americans for Safe Access

In March 2020, the United Nations Committee on Narcotic Drugs (CND) was expected to vote on the WHO’s recommendations on the scheduling of cannabis and cannabis products during their annual meeting in Vienna, Austria. However, the CND decided to delay the vote until its next meeting in December 2020. This marks the second time the vote was delayed. .

An Adapted Yet Awe-Inspring April with Nevada NORML


Even in the midst of a global pandemic that’s resulted in devastating shockwaves felt across every economic sector, Nevada NORML has nevertheless continued to strongly advocate for cannabis reform in these uncertain and unknown times. And with the month of April having the worldwide cannabis day of celebration, we knew that a 4/20-centric event was exactly what our great cannabis community in Nevada and beyond deserves.

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NZ Draft Regulated Cannabis Legislation Has Been Published…. It’s New Zealand, Therefore It’s Sensible & Practical

Cannabis Law Report

The Cannabis Legalization and Control Bill is being described by business sources in the country as “world-leading” for provisions that would reserve market share for … Read More. Cannabis Law News

Why you should read the label on your cannabis product


Testing ensures that cannabis products are safe, and it also tells you about potency, and cannabinoid and terpene levels. Not having a test is a red flag. Here's what to look out for an a cannabis product label. The post Why you should read the label on your cannabis product appeared first on Leafly. Cannabis 101 cannabis testing labeling

Cannabis delivery options across Canada during COVID-19

Cannabis Life Network

If you run out of your favorite bud – do not fear – delivery services are here! Below are some Cannabis delivery options across Canada during COVID-19. It is important to note that each province has different regulations on Cannabis and therefore delivery options are limited by your location. Nonetheless, let’s get started! Cannabis delivery […].

Are Marijuana & Runner’s Highs the Same?


Cannabis enthusiasts can now add one more thing to the list of things the human endocannabinoid system influences: the runner’s high. If you’re ?also? an exercise enthusiast, you know the feeling. A runner’s high is that post-workout nirvana breached when you push yourself to the max — and then go past it. It’s a truly euphoric feeling, almost like your body’s little gift to itself for working so hard. According to Boston Marathon winner, ?

Agriculture ministry in Poland calls for Standard of 1.0% THC in hemp

Cannabis Law Report

Poland’s Ministry of Agriculture has recommended a full 1.0% THC allowable in industrial hemp in a recently unveiled 2-year government farming plan. The country would … Read More.

For the queen of cannabis yoga positivity, fighting stigma is a daily battle


Jessamyn Stanley built a following with her body-positive yoga message—and then took another bold, risky step. The post For the queen of cannabis yoga positivity, fighting stigma is a daily battle appeared first on Leafly. Health Lifestyle body positivity Instagram interview Jessamyn Stanley Yoga yoga and cannabis

7 Cannabis Strains to Enjoy Smoking in the Great Outdoors

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Now that the weather is warming up, we thought you might like to know our top picks for the best cannabis strains to enjoy smoking in the great outdoors. Tutankhamon Tutankh- Huh… never heard of it? This strain is more commonly known as King Tut, a descendant of the parent strain: AK-47. King Tut […]. The post 7 Cannabis Strains to Enjoy Smoking in the Great Outdoors appeared first on Latest Cannabis News Today - Headlines, Videos & Stocks.

Are Dispensaries Doing Home Delivery During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

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MMJ patients in various parts of the country have been keen to find out: are dispensaries doing home delivery during the coronavirus pandemic? How to get medical marijuana during lockdown is a real issue for patients who rely on MMJ to ease the symptoms of medical conditions that are often severe and debilitating. MMJ home delivery has been a contentious issue in many parts of the country over the last few years.

Godwin Proctor Report Says Class-action lawsuits on rise against public hemp firms

Cannabis Law Report

Federal class action securities lawsuits against publicly traded hemp and marijuana businesses doubled from 2018 to 2019, a trend that’s typical in an emerging industry, … Read More. Cannabis Law News

Star signs and cannabis strains: May 2020 horoscopes


Take a cue from all of the Bulls in your life this month and treat yourself. Taurus season might as well be known as online shopping season or support-your-local-restaurant season because these May babies love the finer things in life. The post Star signs and cannabis strains: May 2020 horoscopes appeared first on Leafly. Lifestyle Strains & products Horoscopes strains