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Texas: Austin Police to Cease Making Arrests, Issuing Citations for Minor Marijuana Offenses


“APD will no longer cite or arrest individuals with sufficient identification for Class A or Class B misdemeanor ‘possession of marijuana’ offenses.". The post Texas: Austin Police to Cease Making Arrests, Issuing Citations for Minor Marijuana Offenses appeared first on NORML.

Star signs and cannabis strains: July 2020 horoscopes


Cancer season is upon us. Find out what good tidings and surprises await you in the month of July. The post Star signs and cannabis strains: July 2020 horoscopes appeared first on Leafly. Lifestyle Strains & products Horoscopes strains

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Nashville: District Attorney Ceasing Low-Level Marijuana Prosecutions


"Marijuana charges do little to promote public health, and even less to promote public safety.". The post Nashville: District Attorney Ceasing Low-Level Marijuana Prosecutions appeared first on NORML. ACTIVISM district attorney memphis Nashville prosecutions Tennessee

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America’s most affordable THC wax, oil, and hash of 2020


Celebrate July 4 and Oil Day with the most value-priced extracts of Colorado, Oregon, California, Florida, and beyond. The post America’s most affordable THC wax, oil, and hash of 2020 appeared first on Leafly. Strains & products 710 concentrates dabs extracts oil oil day shatter wax

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Nebraska: Activists Submit Over 182,000 Signatures to Qualify Proposed 2020 Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative


Activists gathered at the state capitol in Lincoln to turn in over 182,000 signatures from registered voters in an effort to qualify a medical cannabis legalization measure for the 2020 ballot.

Healthy foods to eat that can improve and extend your marijuana high

Cannabis Life Network

Junk food is the immediate munchies go to, isn’t it? Those simple carbs just taste so complex and delicious when you’re high. However, I’d like to walk you through another alternative…a win-win situation.

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Defy… Defiance – it’s all in a name. lawsuit

Cannabis Law Report

CBD News Direct reports… A Denver company that sells a line of CBD sports drinks is suing a Tennessee beverage company for copyright infringement, alleging … Read More. Cannabis Law News

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The Harvest Trademark is an Ongoing Point of Contention in the U.S. Cannabis Market

Canna Law Blog

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote about the uptick in cannabis business suing one another for trademark infringement (as opposed to non-cannabis companies suing cannabis companies, which happens a lot and which you can read about here , here , and here ).

Texas: Austin police officially end arrests, citations for misdemeanor cannabis offenses

Cannabis Law Report

Arrests will only be made if there is an immediate safety threat or it is part of a separate felony-level investigation. Reports KVUE. The Austin … Read More. Breaking News

Florida Medical Marijuana: 4th of July Sales [2020]


As we gather to celebrate our independence this Fourth of July, the CannaMD family is grateful for the freedom to help patients through the incredible healing properties of medical cannabis.

County Raises $2.3M in Student Scholarships with Cannabis Taxes

Cannabis Law Report

Pueblo County, Colorado is set to provide $2.3 million in scholarship funding to local students using cannabis-derived taxes. Janelle Quick, director of the Pueblo Hispanic … Read More. Pot Luck

Louisiana Expands Medical Program and Offers Banking Assurance


Louisiana has had a medical cannabis program for many years. However, for patients to qualify for access to medical cannabis, they must have received a diagnosis of at least one of the 14 qualifying conditions that were initially approved under the initial law.

New Nevada Cannabis Related Legislation – AB533: Cannabis Compliance Board / SB209: Testing and labeling of hemp products

Cannabis Law Report

AB533 : Cannabis Compliance Board This new law transfers most of the responsibilities of marijuana regulation starting Wednesday to a new, five-person Cannabis Compliance Board … Read More. Cannabis Law News

The Week in Weed: July 3, 2020

The Blunt Truth

Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday look at what’s happening in the world of legalized marijuana. State and local news dominates this week. Los Angeles will change its cannabis licensing program.

Virginia’s Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Went Into Effect Yesterday – What Does That Mean and What’s Next?

Cannabis Law Report

As we wrote about here , Virginia enacted a law decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana earlier this year. Unfortunately, there seem to be … Read More. One-Hit Wonders

Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Clinical Burnout?

The Fresh Toast

Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Clinical Burnout? The intensity of the global response to the conditions of COVID-19 has prompted a need to address the high levels of burnout experienced by medical professionals. . The post Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Clinical Burnout?

Rhode Island: Newport Places Six-Month Moratorium On Sale Of Cannabis

Cannabis Law Report

The Newport City Council voted 6-0 on June 24 to place a six-month moratorium on any retail use regarding the sale of marijuana in order … Read More. Breaking News

Why Marijuana Could Be Risky For Your Heart

The Fresh Toast

Why Marijuana Could Be Risky For Your Heart. The relationship between smoking cigarettes and cardiovascular disease is well known. But cannabis use could also result in faster heartbeats and rising blood pressures.

Policy Document: A Regulated Cannabis Scheme For Bermuda – Ministry of Legal Affairs

Cannabis Law Report

To provide a regulatory and licensing regime to establish a Cannabis scheme in Bermuda. This is designed to meet Government’s stated policy initiative to progressively … Read More. Breaking News

Southern University’s medical marijuana partner sells first tinctures, topicals to pharmacies


Ilera Holistic Healthcare plans to sell products from its first medical marijuana harvest this week to pharmacies across the state under its license with Southern University. Ilera holds the medical marijuana contract to grow for Southern University in Baton Rouge and had about 2,300 plants growing at its temporary facility several months ago that’s since been harvested. The products also have passed state tests through the Department of Forestry and Agriculture.

Toronto Cannabis Store Pulls Banksy & Other Artists From Display Due To Assumptions, Moaning Brands & General Stupidity

Cannabis Law Report

Rather depressing to see that both weed smokers and companies are total philistines and worried that art will upset the process of making money. But … Read More. Breaking News

Canada: Former politician Tony Clement joins Linton’s psychedelic drug company as advisor

Cannabis Law Report

Tony Peter Clement PC a former Canadian former federal politician and former Member of Parliament for Parry Sound has joined an Ontario-based company set to … Read More. PsyIndex Weekly Update - brought to you by CFN


Surprise Surprise…. High Times extends Regulation A+ public offering from June 30 until September 30

Cannabis Law Report

Nobody can be surprised that they are finding raising capital a little bit of a challenge. SEC NOTICE UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE … Read More. Breaking News


What. Another MedMen Crisis? Who’d Have Known…Pasadena City Would Like To Know Who’s Actually Running The Company

Cannabis Law Report

It’s a fair enough request and as you’ll see from the article all they needed to do was read the documentation. It sort of begs … Read More. Breaking News


Forbes Article Says Californian Dispensaries Are Being Targeted By Organised Crime Yet Again

Cannabis Law Report

Cannabis dispensary owners are worried by a second spate of pre-planned and organsied robberies of premises statewide and some are suggesting that law enforcement just … Read More. Gumballs

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Article: Marijuana supply chain: Why ‘seed-to-sale’ rules are key to New York legalization debate

Cannabis Law Report

All we say in response to this article is pick your tech solutions provider very carefully. We can’t say names but we suggest that both … Read More. Breaking News

Employees at Massachusetts cannabis company vote to unionize

Cannabis Law Report

MJ Biz reports that. Employees at New England Treatment Access, a cannabis company based in Massachusetts, voted to form a union under the United Food … Read More. Breaking News

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Just To Re-Iterate: 56% of New Zealand Voters In Favour Of Cannabis Regulation

Cannabis Law Report

We’ve seen a number of reports this week indicating in Trumpian fashion that New Zealanders don’t want regulated cannabis although surveys generally show show an … Read More. Breaking News

CBD Company Myaderm Files For Bankruptcy

Cannabis Law Report

It’s a precarious world, the business of CBD. This company even had a distribution deal with giant retailer Dicks Sporting Stores… It hasn’t saved them … Read More. Breaking News

Massachusett Cannabis Control Commission Seeks Comments On Vaping

Cannabis Law Report

July 2, 2020 On September 24, 2019, Governor Charles D. Baker declared a public health emergency and the Commissioner of Public Health issued a temporary … Read More. Breaking News

UK: That’s Going Well Then!!!…. “No new NHS patients prescribed cannabis oil since legalisation”.Australia Equally Useless Too

Cannabis Law Report

Thankyou Guardian for sorting through all the white noise and providing a sense of reality and as usual it’s one rule for the wealthy and … Read More. Breaking News