Wed.Jul 17, 2019

Senate Banking Committee to Hear Testimony Regarding Need for Marijuana Reforms


Members of the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs are scheduled to hear testimony next week regarding the need to provide greater access to financial services for state-licensed marijuana-related businesses.

Kentucky Could be on the Path to Medical Marijuana


Much to opponents’ dismay, marijuana reform continues to sweep the United States. These changes include everything from decriminalization to full-blown legalization. But it appears that, as far as reform goes, medical marijuana is a safe medium.

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Cannabis for Menstrual Cramps: Can Cannabis Help Women with Painful Periods?


After many years of suffering from terrible pains with each passing month, I finally tried marijuana for menstrual cramps – Continue Reading. The post Cannabis for Menstrual Cramps: Can Cannabis Help Women with Painful Periods? appeared first on Greencamp. Health

Now This: Martin Lee and the CBD Revolution

Project CBD

Transcript: [This activist is the reason you know about CBD. Now he’s telling the history behind the cannabinoid

Hemp Cross-Pollination Could Damage Cannabis Crops—Here’s How to Prevent It


With the passing of the Farm Bill, hemp production is on the rise. That's good news, but troubling for marijuana growers. The post Hemp Cross-Pollination Could Damage Cannabis Crops—Here’s How to Prevent It appeared first on Leafly. Growing Industry Hemp

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Dealing with Cannabis Agencies or Municipal Governments? Learn Your Regulatory Language

Canna Law Blog

Cannabis companies in regulated states like California often find themselves needing to report to their licensing agency or the municipal government that gave them permits when it comes to pretty much any change in their business, owners, or financiers.

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KALY Considers Increasing 2019 $20 Million CBD Extraction Revenue Target

Canna Newswire

DALLAS – July 17, 2019 / OTC PR WIRE via Canna Newswire / – Kali-Extracts, Inc. Kali, Inc. dba/Kali-Extracts, Inc.) USOTC: KALY ) (“KALY”) today confirmed the company has signed CBD extraction contracts with hemp cultivation operations worth $15 million in total.

The Dangers and Consequences of Non-Compliance: WeedAdvisor’s Role in Prevention


The past week has not been good for Canada’s licensed producers, with two companies losing their place in the cannabis market. British Columbia licensed producer, Agrima, fell under investigation in the fall of 2018 due to “unauthorized activities” during its time as a private entity.

Alberta on Track for 200 Cannabis Stores by End of the Month


As Ontario struggles to open its 24th legal cannabis store, Alberta is "really rolling.". The post Alberta on Track for 200 Cannabis Stores by End of the Month appeared first on Leafly. Canada Industry Alberta dispensaries retail retail stores

Baltimore state’s attorney: Marijuana legalization must include marijuana justice

Cannabis Law Report

Marilyn Mosby the State’s Attorney for Baltimore, Maryland, United States and the youngest chief prosecutor of any major American city. She writes for the Baltimore Sun. Last week, I traveled to Washington, D.C.,

CBD Oil Is in Kansas, but Its Legality Remains Confusing


CBD isolate is legal, but full-spectrum CBD is not. It all depends on the THC content. The post CBD Oil Is in Kansas, but Its Legality Remains Confusing appeared first on Leafly. Politics cbd kansas

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DOH puts non-resident’s medical cannabis applications on hold

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

The New Mexico Department of Health could face a legal challenge from one of its most prominent critics, who also runs a high profile medical cannabis dispensary.

The Roll-Up Bonus Episode: Talking Cannabis & CBD


Bruce talks with Aliza Sherman (above) and Dr. Junella Chin, authors of "Cannabis & CBD for Wellness & Health," about cannabis, dosing, and long-distance collaboration. The post The Roll-Up Bonus Episode: Talking Cannabis & CBD appeared first on Leafly. Podcasts podcasts the roll-up

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Revolution Enterprises Names Tony Hunter as Board Chairman

Cannabis Life Network

ELMHURST, Ill., July 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Revolution Enterprises CEO Mark de Souza announced today that prominent media executive and corporate leader Tony Hunter will become chair of the company's board of directors.

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California Authorities Seize 9,000 Plants in Raid on Illegal Cannabis Grow-Op


Despite California having the biggest head start, the black market still persists with full force. Unfortunately, these are partly fueled by pricing differences and availability gaps – with communities opting out in large clusters, effectively leaving “dry areas” where dispensaries are unavailable.

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US Senate to Hold Hearing Next Week on ‘Challenges for Cannabis and Banking;’ Cannabis Trade Federation Chairman Invited to Testify

Cannabis Law Report

WASHINGTON — The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs will hold a hearing Tuesday, July 23, on “Challenges for Cannabis and Banking: Outside Perspectives.”

Big Changes Coming to Colombian Cannabis Regulations


The budding South American cannabis industry has gained a great deal of attention in recent months, with Colombia being no exception, according to Marijuana Business Daily. As attitudes and policies develop across the continent, its countries prepare to – if successful – pose a real competitive challenge to their North American and (to a lesser extent) European counterparts.

Article: Duane Morris LLP New Illinois Cannabis Law Sets Licensing, Regulation Trends

Cannabis Law Report

Authored By: Neville M. Bilimoria. July 16, 2019. Bloomberg Law. On June 25, Illinois Gov.

New Mexico Medical Marijuana Patient Levels Spike Since Mid-2018


As the stigma and laws around marijuana both relax, patient access to medical marijuana continues to broaden in many states. In cases like New Mexico, it did not take long for medical marijuana use to skyrocket. The number of registered patients has notably jumped in the last few months, with an even larger overall increase over the past year. But this surge in medical marijuana’s popularity may have unintended – albeit positive – effects.

Article: Smoke Clears For Employers Under New Illinois Marijuana Law

Cannabis Law Report

Akerman LLP – HR Defense. M egan Kokontis. As marijuana legalization laws spread, some states are more focused on employee protections, but Illinois recently adopted a new marijuana law that includes extensive workplace protections for employers.

New Jersey Continues to Expand Medical Marijuana Program

The Joint Blog

New Jersey’s Department of Health announced on Monday that it’s expanding the state’s medical-marijuana program.

Profile: A closer look at Santa Barbara Co. Sheriff’s Cannabis Compliance Team successes and future challenges

Cannabis Law Report

While local leaders are mapping out ways to support and regulate licensed grows – law enforcement and prosecutors are overwhelmed with the number of illegal grows. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Cannabis Compliance Team got its start in June of 2018.

STUDY: How Cannabis Could Be Used To Curb Cannabis Addiction

The Fresh Toast

An Australian paper published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine demonstrated that one substance that could curb cannabis dependency is cannabis itsel Continue reading STUDY: How Cannabis Could Be Used To Curb Cannabis Addiction at The Fresh Toast.

FDA To Speed Up On Regs

Cannabis Law Report

The Food and Drug Administration plans on expediting CBD rules and regulations, potentially by the end of summer or early fall, according to Dr. Amy Abernathy, the principal deputy commissioner and acting chief information officer. “We

PURA Explores CBD Infused Beer With Existing Beer Producer

Canna Newswire

DALLAS – July 17, 2019 / OTC PR WIRE via Canna Newswire / – Puration, Inc. USOTC: PURA ) (”PURA”) today announced entering into discussions with an existing beer producer about a partnership to produce a CBD infused beer.