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The California Lawyers Association Cannabis Interest Group Of The Intellectual Property Law Section Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

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The press release says… The Cannabis Interest Group is a dedicated forum for the exchange of information, ideas, and practice tips about the nexus between … Read More. Cannabis Law News

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Top Four Concerns for Tri-Party Cannabis Supply Chain Agreements

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Cannabis supply chain agreements (e.g., manufacturing agreements, distribution agreements, license agreements, supply agreements) can be difficult enough to draft and negotiate when there are just two parties.

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MJ Biz Report: Not all WHO cannabis recommendations would loosen international control, UN drug agency says

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MJ Biz write… An analysis by a United Nations monitoring body concludes that most of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) cannabis scheduling recommendations would either … Read More. Cannabis Law News

Speaking out on Tokyo’s Anti-Drug Propaganda Video: Reactions from Experts Overseas

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This news on Tokyo’s anti-drug propaganda video was published on May 2, 2020 by greenzonejapan Tokyo – Japan/ In March 2020, a video clip was released by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health.

Politico: California cities begin embracing cannabis in desperate search for cash

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Here’s the introduction to their piece… It has been almost four years since voters legalized recreational marijuana in California, and nearly 70 percent of cities … Read More. Cannabis Tax Intel

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Some cancer patients use medical marijuana to treat various cancer-associated ailments. What are some of the ailments ameliorated by medical marijuana?

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Traveling with Medical Cannabis and CBD

United Patients Group

More than 5 million people are registered as legal medical cannabis users in the United States alone.

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Jamaica: Audley Shaw, minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Tells MJ Biz Says Inability To Finalize Export Issues Isn’t The Reason Cannabis Companies Are Giving Up On The Country

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Apologies for the long winded headline ! MJ Biz write Jamaica’s agriculture minister has dismissed claims that long-delayed regulations for medical cannabis exports is causing … Read More. Breaking News

Berlin Cannabis Startup Says “Crowd-Growing” Could Be The Future of Cannabis ?

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The pitch appears to be, you’ve tried crowd funding now there’s cowd-growing. Is it a good idea? Is it designed for small investors? We’ve … Read More. Breaking News

California: Humboldt County Public Health Officer Says Cannabis Farm Is Source Of Coronavirus Outbreak

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Emerald Triangle publication Redheaded Blackbelt is reporting that a cannabis farm is the source of a CIVID-19 Cluster in Humboldt Yesterday,(24 June 2020) Dr. Teresa … Read More. COVID19: Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Updates Gumballs

Oregon Regulators Extend Cannabis Delivery

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The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will extend delivery while the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and also took steps to ban certain additives from cannabis vape products.… … Read More. COVID19: Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Updates

Report: FinCEN Update: Marijuana Banking Update Depository Institutions (by type) Providing Banking Services to Marijuana-Related Businesses1 (SARs filed through 31 March 2020)

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Short-term declines in the number of depository institutions actively providing banking services to marijuana-related businesses (MRBs) may be explained by filers exceeding the 90 day … Read More. Breaking News

Report: How To Solve The People Issues Hindering The Cannabis Industry

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Green Growth are moving into publishing. We’re not sure how detailed the report is. It is only 12 pages but it does touch on some … Read More. Breaking News

BVI (British Virgin Isles) projected to make a yearly minimum of $30M in marijuana exports

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As a kid who grew up in Tortola CLR is bound to report this news ! BVI news reports Government is projecting to make at … Read More. Breaking News

Heady Vermont’s Weekly State By State Round-Up Of Developments

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As alswys if you only have time ti scan a quick list of state by state news updates over the last 7 days. Heady … Read More. Breaking News


China: Xi Warns Of China’s Intention To Step Up “War On Drugs”

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Like everybody else he will eventually be undone by this… Please note that this is a Xinhua official report we’ve highlighted so the language will … Read More. Breaking News


Article: Uruguay agency sets a roadmap for hemp sector development

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Hemp Today report… Cannabis-derived food & feed, cosmetics, medicine and genetics offer the best export opportunities for Uruguay in the coming years, according to a … Read More.

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Beyond Brownies & Beer: Insights on Tasty Cannabis Infusions

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THE PRICE – Free THE DATE – July 1st at 1 pm PT / 4 pm THE RATING – THE BLURB – Beyond Brownies & … Read More. Webinars