Florida Municipality Considering Marijuana Decriminalization Measure


Click Here to Review NORML’s Decriminalization Report. Marijuana policy should be evidence based. 2019 Advocacy Citizen Lobbyists Community Organizing Decriminalization Grassroots Municipal decriminalization Florida municipal ordinance

Hawaii: Governor to Let Marijuana Decriminalization to Become Law


David Ige publicly stated this week that he does not intend to veto pending legislation to decriminalize low-level marijuana possession offenses. It also establishes a task force to review cannabis policy and to make recommendations to the legislature by 2021. Democratic Gov.

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Low-Level Marijuana Possession Offenses Now Decriminalized in New Mexico


Late last week, the Governor announced the formation of a new task-force to make policy recommendations with regard to 2020 legislation to legalize the adult use of cannabis. Decriminalization decriminalization New Mexico

Clarifying NY State Decriminalization and Marijuana Possession Related Penalties


There has been some confusion and misinformation circulating about what New York’s latest expansion of marijuana decriminalization means and what impact it will have on criminal prosecutions going forward. Such convictions may not be subject to the newly enacted expungement provisions as they are “controlled substances” offenses and not “marijuana” offenses which were the sole targets for expungement under the new decriminalization law.

Hawaii: Lawmakers Pass Legislation Decriminalizing Low-Level Possession Offenses


House and Senate lawmakers have finalized and passed legislation, House Bill 1383 , decriminalizing low-level marijuana possession offenses and vacating past convictions. The measure also establishes a task force to review cannabis policy and to make recommendations to the legislature by 2021. To date, 23 states and the District of Columbia have either legalized or decriminalized (eliminated the possibility of jail time) the adult possession and personal use of marijuana.

New Mexico: New Marijuana Decriminalization Law Goes Into Effect Next Week


Michelle Lujan Grisham signed legislation into law decriminalizing the possession of personal use amounts of cannabis. “This is a win for consumers and activists continuing to fight and reform the state’s marijuana laws,” says NORML State Policies Coordinator Carly Wolf. “The criminalization of patients and consumers is a failed public policy, and there is finally a more sensible alternative in place. Decriminalization decriminalization New Mexico

What Is the MORE Act, and How Could It Change Marijuana Policy Forever?


The MORE Act, which was introduced to the US Congress last month, would completely decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. “One of the first votes he cast as an elected official in the New York Assembly was to decriminalize the state of New York.”

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Grassroots Activism and Marijuana Policy: A Winning Combination


Regardless of the policy you’re advocating for (e.g., adult-use, patient access, decriminalization etc.) Marijuana policy should be evidence based. When NORML was founded in 1970, roughly 12% of Americans supported legalizing marijuana.

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Hawaii Decriminalizes Cannabis

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Hawaii on Tuesday decriminalized marijuana, making it the 26th state to decriminalize or legalize the drug. The new law removes the possibility of jail time as a penalty for up to three grams of marijuana, but maintains a $130 fine.

Mexican President Reveals Plan to Decriminalize All Drugs


In a dramatic policy shift, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador admits that 'prohibition is unsustainable.' The post Mexican President Reveals Plan to Decriminalize All Drugs appeared first on Leafly. Politics decriminalization mexicoHe thinks ending it will better protect public health.

Denver Decriminalizes Psilocybin

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jurisdiction to decriminalize psilocybin-containing mushrooms. jurisdiction has actually approved of the decriminalization of psilocybin, and this could have major effects throughout the nation. Decriminalization is a very different concept.

Hawaii Decriminalizes Marijuana, but with Strict Limitations


Hawaii’s move to decriminalize marijuana was actually not easy. But at the end of the day, strict decriminalization is better than outright prohibition. The decriminalization law is known as HB1383. According to the bill, the decriminalization of marijuana in Hawaii comes with a few other changes. Decriminalizes the possession of three grams or less of marijuana and establishes that the possession is a violation punishable by a monetary fine of $130.

North Dakota Decriminalizes Marijuana


Whether it is decriminalization, medical permission or full-blown legalization, signature moves like these typically start and end with a decent amount of fanfare. According to Vox , the state decriminalized marijuana in early May, yet they didn’t make a peep. While North Dakota may not want to call much attention to such a critical policy change, its impact as part of a broader picture means it is worth noting. Decriminalization vs. Legalization – a Middle-Ground. .

Texas Decriminalizes Marijuana


This is why it is particularly remarkable that, on April 22 nd , the Texas government passed a bill that would decriminalize marijuana possession. While Texas Democrats would rather see things go one step further into full legalization, decriminalization is still a step in the right direction.

Wisconsin Governor Aims To Legalize Medical Marijuana And Decriminalize Recreational This Year


Newly sworn-in Democratic Governor Tony Evers announced Monday that he is taking Wisconsin cannabis policy reform into his own hands by attaching proposals to his spending budget this year. Decriminalization, Not Legalization.

Hawaii Gov Accedes To Cannabis Decriminalization

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Marijuana Moment reports”Hawaii Gov.

New Jersey cannabis consumers seek relief before 2020


” In addition to supporting full legalization, Garden State NORML supports decriminalizing marijuana – utilizing civil fines – for all ages. For regional context, Philadelphia decriminalized marijuana in 2014, and 20 additional cities in Pennsylvania followed suit.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Voices Support For Decriminalizing Psychedelics

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) called for decriminalizing the use of and research on psychedelics, as well as comprehensive marijuana legalization, in a video message played for a drug policy reform conference on Thursday.

Oakland (City) officially decriminalizes plant based psychedelics

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RESOLVED, That the Oakland City Council directs the City Administrator to instruct the City’s state and federal lobbyists to work in support of decriminalizing all Entheogenic Plants and plant-based compounds that are listed on the Federal Controlled Substances Schedule 1; AND BE IT FURTHER.

United States: Congressional Committee Takes Historic Step Toward Decriminalizing Marijuana

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United States : Congressional Committee Takes Historic Step Toward Decriminalizing Marijuana. Rather, the STATES Act would leave cannabis policy to the various states. Last Updated: November 29 2019. Article by Robert M. Kline. McDermott Will & Emery.

Joe Biden Supports Decriminalizing Cannabis, but Stops Short of Legalization


With Biden entering the primaries in hopes of going toe-to-toe against Donald Trump, his preference for decriminalization over legalization (as reported by CNN ) may seem a bit more conservative than many of his supporters’. Decriminalization Over Legalization. . According to CNN : “Joe Biden supports decriminalizing marijuana, a Biden campaign spokesman told CNN, but the former vice president isn’t going as far as calling for the drug to be legalized on the federal level.”.

Wisconsin Democrats Aim to Decriminalize Marijuana

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Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin introduced legislation recently that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of recreational marijuana for those 21 and older. Tony Evers earlier this year called for decriminalizing up to 25 grams.

Alabama: Jefferson County Police To Cite, Rather Than Prosecute, Minor Marijuana Violators


Under the new policy, police will issue a summons to those who possess personal amounts of marijuana or cannabis-related paraphernalia. Additional information is available from NORML’s ‘Local Decriminalization’ report, online here.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/29


In Texas, the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence passed a marijuana decriminalization bill out of committee this week. Senate Bill 45 would make this policy consistent for juvenile offenders. Click here to email your lawmakers in support of decriminalization.

New York: the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA)


420 ACTIVISM Advocacy Business Community Organizing Decriminalization ECONOMICS Expungement GOVERNMENT Grassroots INDUSTRY Legalization LEGISLATION Policy cannabis equity justice legalization marijuana New York NORML prohibition racial justice Small Business war on drugsA.1617 , the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA), has been re-introduced this legislative session. The bill would legalize the adult possession, use, and regulated sale of marijuana.

Delaware: Attorney General Calls For Expanding Use Of Civil Penalties For Marijuana Violations


” News radio station WHHY reports that the decriminalization policy will apply to possession cases involving up to 175 grams of cannabis. LAW ENFORCEMENT Policy decriminalization DelawareDelaware prosecutors will no longer be encouraged to pursue criminal charges against those who possess marijuana for personal use, according to guidelines issued by the state’s new Attorney General, Kathleen Jennings.

HISTORIC: House Judiciary Subcommittee Holds First-Ever Hearing on Federally Descheduling Marijuana


Members of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security heard expert testimony today challenging the federal government’s failed policy of cannabis prohibition.

NORML: New Mexico: New Marijuana Decriminalization Law Goes Into Effect Next Week

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Michelle Lujan Grisham signed legislation into law decriminalizing the possession of personal use amounts of cannabis. This is a win for consumers and activists continuing to fight and reform the state’s marijuana laws,” says NORML State Policies Coordinator Carly Wolf.

USA: National Safety Council Position/Policy Statement Cannabis Impairment in Safety Sensitive Positions

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The National Safety Council (NSC) supports policies to mitigate and eliminate the risks of cannabis (marijuana) and other products containing delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the impairing component in cannabis. Safety concerns are paramount as legalization and decriminalization continues.

Minnesota: Attorney For State’s Largest County To No Longer Criminally Prosecute Marijuana Possession Offenses


Minor marijuana possession offenders will no longer be criminally prosecuted in Hennepin County, Minnesota, according to a new policy announced Thursday by County Attorney Mike Freeman. Commenting on the new policy, NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano said: “The Hennepin County Attorney is to be commended for taking this proactive stance. Paul, enacted a similar policy earlier this year.

Denver Could Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms on Tuesday


The historic vote could open the way for other cities to rethink their policies on hallucinogens. The post Denver Could Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms on Tuesday appeared first on Leafly. Politics Colorado decriminalization DenverOpponents say it's a bad trip waiting to happen.

Report: Marijuana Legalization Not Associated with Adverse ‘Spillover’ Effects in Neighboring States


The study , entitled “Measuring the Criminal Justice System Impacts of Marijuana Legalization and Decriminalization Using State Data,” assessed the impact of adult-use regulation schemes on criminal justice resources in both legalization states and neighboring non-legalization states.

Alabama Senate Committee Unanimously Passes Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

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Legislation to decriminalize the possession of personal amounts of marijuana has been passed unanimously by an Alabama Senate committee. The Senate Judiciary Committee recently voted 11 to 0 to pass the marijuana decriminalization bill, sending it towards a vote by the full Senate. The post Alabama Senate Committee Unanimously Passes Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession appeared first on TheJointBlog.

On Decriminalizing Magic Mushrooms: The Psychedelic Constituency and Its Challenges

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In February 2018, I heard about a group that wanted to decriminalize psychoactive mushrooms in Denver, but didn’t know much about it. I joined the drug policy reform movement in 1993 specifically with the goal of legalizing psychedelics, so I was glad to hear from Matthews.

Helping Underscore a Longstanding Tenet of SMPL – Cannabis Policy is a Public Health Issue Rather than a Criminal Justice One


It’s time for drug policy reform – in America and across the globe. We need more policies that treat drug abuse as a public health issue. Portugal decriminalize d the personal use of all drugs in 2001, and since then, overdose deaths have decreased by more than 80%. It is time for all nations to follow this lead and embrace a new global vision for drug policy based on principles of harm reduction and respect of fundamental human rights, including the right to health care.