How Cannabis Cultivation Has Advanced Farming Technologies


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Article – Reed Smith: UK: Cannabis In The UK – A Regulatory Environment In Transition?

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Recently, three British MPs went to Canada on a fact-finding cross-party trip to consider the effects of a more relaxed regulatory environment in respect of cannabis. In order to legally produce, possess, supply, cultivate, import or export cannabis products, there are various regulatory requirements that must be met, depending on whether the product contains a controlled drug or is classified as a CBPM. Cultivation of cannabis also requires a Home Office licence.

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Colombia Could Become the World’s Number One Cannabis Cultivator


may have access to state-of-the-art growing technology, but that does not set them up to be world leaders in cannabis cultivation. Colombia, with its favourable climate and long-established marijuana cultivation workforce, will have a much easier time growing cannabis than its northern counterparts. The country’s rich history of marijuana cultivation dates back centuries. Indoor cannabis growth is exponentially worse for the environment than outdoor cultivation.

South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) Awards First Cannabis Cultivation License

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Especially since South Africa offers a safe and stable business environment in sub-Saharan Africa, and as a gateway into the rest of Africa and abroad.”. Here’s the report pulled from a press release.

Growing Your Own Stash: These 9 Marijuana Cultivation Tips Will Maximize Your Chances for Success

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Here are some tips and ideas for better marijuana cultivation and for the maximization of yield. Researches have shown that one of the best cultivation procedures to increase yield is by ensuring a consistently high CO2 level. Create a balance in your grow environment. Over-crowded marijuana grows environment can trigger the spread of diseases and pests. Wheeled tables make marijuana cultivation a lot easier and more convenient.

The Willows Farms Has been Awarded Conditional Approval for Five Cannabis Licenses

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The Cannabis Licensing Authority issued The Willows Farms the following licenses: Cultivator’s License (Tier 3) (Over 5 acres). The Willows Farms is proud to be a conditionally approved medical cannabis cultivator, processor, transporter, research & developer, and retailer.

Brothers (and Sisters) in Farms: The Pros and Cons of Joining a California Cannabis Cultivation Cooperative

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Our firm’s cannabis practice group represents licensed cannabis cultivators of all sizes, ranging from the small artisanal grower to the medium/large farm with a country farmhouse to the mega farm jumbo operation. California cannabis cooperatives are still going strong.

Should Growing Male Hemp Outdoors Be Banned?

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Gender is a controversial topic in hemp cultivation. Recently, Oregon CBD made a statement on its social media accounts, calling for the end of male hemp cultivation outdoors in Oregon and other areas that are currently devoid of feral hemp populations.

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Unions Blowing Smoke with "Green Lung" Myth

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Is cultivating marijuana to blame, or something else? What is ‘green lung’?

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Hemp Intro

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The good news: hemp is once again being recognized for its many benefits, with Hawaii being the first state to issue licences for the cultivation of this miracle crop. Even more importantly is the positive impact hemp can have on the environment.

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Light Deprivation and Cannabis: Jonathan Valdman of Forever Flowering Greenhouses Weighs In


Jonathan was invited to be the Senior Cultivation Advisor for iCan Serve, a global cannabis business services company based in Israel, in 2018. However, unless a farm is located near the equator, most countries’ outdoor environment will only allow the production of one crop annually.

African Cannabis Landscape: Guest Blog


Consider that there are various regions with deeply embedded histories of cannabis use , cultural connections to the plant and years of illicit cultivation, distribution and consumption. ” African biodiversity and cannabis cultivation.

Environmental Law Institute Publishes Article: Environmental Impacts and Opportunities for the Cannabis Industry & Publishes Brochures On Pesticide Use In Cannabis Grow Businesses

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The social and health implications of cannabis have been hotly debated, but the environmental impacts and opportunities offered by the rapidly expanding cannabis industry have received far less attention, despite calls to add the environment to the conversation on marijuana liberalization.

Marijuana Colors and What They Mean

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Marijuana doesn’t really choose its color, but it cultivated by the season and temperature it is being grown in, specifically the flowering stage. People who grow marijuana can tamper with colors by adjusting temperature and light exposure, also known as the pH environment.

CANNAVAL to Educate and Empower: Agriculture Commissioner Nominee Positive T.A. Nelson Welcomes Cannabis Education and Exhibitors to the US Virgin Islands

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The outlet connects both industry leaders and aspiring innovative players with stories that explore every sector of the cannabis industry from cultivation to finance to ancillary companies. Pot Network joins CANNAVAL as Media Partner; Munch & Co named Event Producers.

Israeli Medical Cannabis Innovation


The system automatically monitors and controls lighting, temperature, and humidity, and adjusts growing conditions, including delivering fertilizer, to create an optimal growing environment.

Guam Legalizes Marijuana Use By Adults


We have to take it and control it, monitor its use and effects, benefit from its medicinal efforts, allow our people to live in a safer environment.” Democratic Gov.

Nevada may be forced to reveal marijuana-license criteria

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The hearing will focus on a second wave of dispensaries approved in December to open into an evolving regulatory environment where local lawmakers are considering allowing pot lounges on or near the Las Vegas Strip.

Hemp-CBD Across State Lines: Colorado

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The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (“ 2018 Farm Bill ”) legalized hemp by removing the crop and its derivatives from the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) and by providing a detailed framework for the cultivation of hemp.

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Marijuana reform is budding in New Hampshire!


— Bipartisan bill HB 481 would legalize the personal adult-use, possession, cultivation, and retail sale of marijuana. It was referred to the Environment and Agriculture Committee on 1/03/2019. Here in New Hampshire, there has been a great deal of progress in the last few years.

Wake Up California Cannabis Growers It’s 2019

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The language that appeared on the ballot stated: “Exempts patients and defined caregivers who possess or cultivate cannabis for medical treatment recommended by a physician from criminal laws which otherwise prohibit possession or cultivation of cannabis.

KALY Leads in CBD ‘Boom’ Market and Stands Ready For Follow on US Marijuana Legalization

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and abroad, the current cannabis environment presents an exciting opportunity for investors,” Markiewicz said. DALLAS – July 11, 2019 / OTC PR WIRE via Canna Newswire / – Kali-Extracts, Inc.

Cannabinoids: THC

It is because of its complexity, sophistication and cultivation that cannabis has survived for centuries. The quality and quantity of these properties is contingent on the strain (genetics), and the growing environment. Historically, the oldest records in existence seem to place the origin of cultivation in northeastern Asia, a portion of which falls in present northern China where the early Chinese civilization began,” Li wrote.

KALY Considers Increasing 2019 $20 Million CBD Extraction Revenue Target

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USOTC: KALY ) (“KALY”) today confirmed the company has signed CBD extraction contracts with hemp cultivation operations worth $15 million in total. DALLAS – July 17, 2019 / OTC PR WIRE via Canna Newswire / – Kali-Extracts, Inc. Kali, Inc. dba/Kali-Extracts, Inc.)

ADM Labs Joins Hemp Advancement Initiatives As Industry Stakeholder

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DENVER , July 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The State of Colorado became a national leader in industrial hemp cultivation and production when it launched one of the first successful pilot hemp programs in the United States five years ago.

CA: Article “Supes draft cannabis tax rates”

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All together the board decided to tax retail at 4 percent of gross receipts, outdoor cultivation $2 per square foot, mixed-light cultivation $4 per square foot, indoor cultivation $7 per square foot, manufacturing 2.5 The Mountain Democrat reports.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 2/22


Update : Both bills are scheduled for a public hearing in the Joint Committee on Environment on 3/1. Legislation is pending, House Bill 364, to permit qualifying patients to cultivate personal use quantities of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

Could Trichoderma Cause Total Yeast and Mold Failure?

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To better understand this problem, let’s explore why Trichoderma is used in cannabis cultivation and how it interacts with the plant. In those states, growers have the microbial freedom to use beneficial microbes and can yield 20-30% more than those growing in semi-sterile environments.

New Zealand Govt Consultation Doc Says “Cannabis-based products will be allowed to bypass usual processes required for medicines in New Zealand”

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The consultation covers proposed licensing, cultivation, manufacturing and product standards, and a prescription and enforcement regime.

Cannabis Club TV (CCTV) Launches HRVST TV in Partnership with GrowGeneration and GreenBroz, Inc. to Bring Educational, Grow-Centric Content into Hydroponic Stores

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The HRVST TV network will highlight preferred brands and offer cultivation centered content to inform and entertain. We look forward to bringing the same level of brand support to the in-store environment.”. First In-hydro-store Television Network now available in nine states.

Australia: Agriculture Victoria Grants Industrial Hemp Licences

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Murray River Organics (ASX:MRG) and Althea Group Holdings Limited (ASX:AGH) announced yesterday both had been granted hemp cultivation licences by the Victorian Government.(Australia).

Brazilian Health Watchdog ANVISA Suggests Cannabis Regulation For Medicinal Use

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The holding of two public consultations to discuss safety and control requirements to allow the cultivation of marijuana for medical and scientific purposes and to evaluate the current requirements for regularization of cannabis spp products.

California’s Cannabis Advisory Committee Annual Report For 2018 Now Published

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California established the Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) through Senate Bill 420 (Vasconcellos, 2003) which increased access to medical cannabis for qualifed patients and primary caregivers and provided protections from prosecution for the possession and cultivation of medical cannabis.

10 Cool Podcasts for Stoners

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This is a mix of podcasts dedicated to cannabis by providing the latest local and international news, product and strain reviews, cultivation techniques, and cultural shifts, as well as a few gems that are guaranteed to enhance your high. Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast.

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New Jersey Greatly Expands Medical Marijuana Law

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In total, permits/endorsements will be accepted for up to five cultivation facilities, 15 dispensaries and four vertically integrated operators (including one cultivation endorsement, one manufacturing endorsement, and one dispensary endorsement). Cultivation endorsements will be issued according to canopy size: a) up to 5,000 SF = one endorsement; b) 5,001-20,000 SF = two endorsements; c) 20,001-30,000 SF = two endorsements. By: Kristin Jordan , Senior Counsel.

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Industrial Hemp Bill Tabled In Australia’s Northern Territory

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The Hemp Industry Bill 2019 would create the authorising environment for the regulation of cannabis with less than or equal to 1% THC for food, fibre and seed production uses.

Fox Rothschild Publish PDF, ” National Survey On Marijuana Law On Regulations”

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This pdf “e-book” has a publication date of 24 May 2019 and is authored by partners Joshua Horn & William Bogot.

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Colorado’s New Cannabis Rules Advance its Growing Market

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He points out that the clear-cut regulatory environment paves the way for market evolution while the industry is still “figuring things out.

Oregon Hemp Litigation: Failure to Pay for 10,000 Pounds of Seeds Alleged

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Given the extraordinary growth in hemp licensure and cultivation nationwide, it seems the courts will have their hands full for the foreseeable future with hemp industry litigation. As we predicted , litigation concerning hemp production continues to rise.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Forms National Cannabis Working Group

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“While Canada has a lucrative opportunity with our head start in the nascent global cannabis industry, we need a public policy environment that will help maximize the full economic potential of the sector,” group co-chair and Chamber cannabis policy lead Ryan Greer said in the news release.