Microdosing: The Future of Cannabis?

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Microdosing, if you have not yet heard of it, is hotter than just any ordinary trend: Science proves THC and CBD safe, with very real benefits associated with consuming very low doses regularly, as opposed to massive doses all at once. What is a Microdose? Purpose of Microdosing.

What Microdosing Cannabis Is Really Like, According To 14 Real People On Reddit

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Microdosing cannabis allows users to experience the health benefits of marijuana without getting too high. What is microdosing? When talking about microdosing cannabis, the same principle applies. What does microdosing do? RELATED: A Handy Guide For Microdosing Weed.

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Guide to Microdosing Cannabis Concentrates, Flowers and Edibles


Microdosing is a method of dosing cannabis in a way that allows you to reap its medical benefits without getting high. The other trend is a special approach to consuming cannabis, which was previously associated only with psychedelic substances—microdosing. Basics of microdosing.

What Is Microdosing? A Guide to Microdosing Cannabis

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In recent years, microdosing has gained popularity in the cannabis community. Still, you may be wondering: What is microdosing? Microdosing is the act of using a very small amount of a substance to feel minor, but still perceptible, sensations. When it comes to microdosing cannabis, the idea is not to get high–– as counter-intuitive as that may sounds––but rather to get the point where you are just on the verge of being high. How To Microdose Cannabis.

Micro-Dosing with Cannabis

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Well, less is more when it comes to marijuana consumption.” That’s why micro-dosing has become a growing trend with Cannabis advocates pushing for less is more with regards to cannabis consumption. There is no optimal dose for microdosing with Cannabis.



When patients understand their disease state, how the endocannabinoid system interacts with all their other systems, comprehends the concept of microdosing, as well as the different components of different strains, and the many different methods of consumption available, we see amazing things.

10 Self-Care Tips Using Marijuana & CBD Oil (When You Need Some Serious R&R)

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RELATED: What Microdosing Cannabis Is Really Like, According To 14 Real People On Reddit. RELATED: A Handy Guide For Microdosing Weed. Slow down the consumption experience, if nothing else. By: Dee Dussault. The word “busy” has to go. We are all busy.

Why Does Marijuana Make You Lose Weight?


Stimulating CB1 receptors with THC results in up-regulation across the board (meaning most patients will experience an increase in appetite and calorie consumption).

Louisiana House Mildly Loosens its Stance on Marijuana Inhalation


However, like its oral spray counterparts, an inhaler will likely be just as accurate for microdosing – much more than smoking or vaporizing. Our stance is to leave consumption approaches to individual users, but Louisiana’s decision is a perfect middle-ground. In popular culture and the public psyche, marijuana and smoking are irrevocably intertwined. While this is not even remotely true, the joint is a universally recognizable symbol for cannabis.

The Challenges of Offering Medical Cannabis to Patients


Methods like microdosing and vaporization need to be carefully explained to patients and might present unique challenges to doctors who are not educated on the breadth of cannabis treatment. Hurdles in Healthcare.

California’s New Cannabis Laws Affect College-Aged Students


[link] With states across the nation embracing the medical and recreational legalization of cannabis, it’s important young adults are informed about the benefits and risks associated with cannabis consumption during their adolescence. David Hua: Microdosing.

The John Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research Publishes Inaugural Edition Of Newsletter

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Dr. Johnson recently spoke about microdosing and its affects on creativity. Cessation and reduction in alcohol consumption and misuse after psychedelic use. We advise readers subscribe to this.

Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational Marijuana

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Recreational Marijuana : Microdosing psychedelics is nothing but cannabis or other psychedelic substances consumed without any medical advice or justification. By Kathy T. Cooley.