Clarifying NY State Decriminalization and Marijuana Possession Related Penalties


There has been some confusion and misinformation circulating about what New York’s latest expansion of marijuana decriminalization means and what impact it will have on criminal prosecutions going forward. As of August 28, 2019, public consumption and possession of up to two ounces of cannabis flower is punishable as a marijuana possession violation (not a crime) and the sentence of that offense is a monetary fine up to $200 under Penal Law 221.

Denver Decriminalizes Psilocybin

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jurisdiction to decriminalize psilocybin-containing mushrooms. jurisdiction has actually approved of the decriminalization of psilocybin, and this could have major effects throughout the nation. Decriminalization is a very different concept.

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CBD Vs THC Benefits & More

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The two most common compounds found in the cannabis plant are CBD and THC. While CBD offers a more relaxing effect and uplifts the mood, THC is popular for its “high” effects. This is because, before the decriminalization of marijuana, it was the largest fund traded commodity.

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California: BCC Publish Statement On THC Vaping

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Of the 29 samples, THC was identified in 82%. Of the individuals interviewed, 71 of the 86 individuals, which equates to 83%, reported consuming vaping products containing THC. The other 70 individuals surveyed reported buying THC vaping products from unlicensed sources.

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Pennsylvania: Marijuana possession arrests decline statewide


” “This is likely the result of two major policy changes: More than twenty decriminalization or penalty downgrade ordinances passed by city councils across the Commonwealth, and approximately a quarter of a million registered medical marijuana patients,” said Goldstein.

Ecuador sets hemp THC limit at full 1.0%,

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Hemp Today reports… The Ecuadorian government has set the maximum THC level for industrial hemp at a full 1%, following the lead of Uruguay, Switzerland and Australia. The 1% THC limit is based on dry weight of hemp green matter. THC limit.

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Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/20/19


At the state level, Governor Brian Kemp (R) signed legislation into law to facilitate regulations governing the licensed production and distribution of oils and other products containing limited amounts of plant-derived THC. Click here to email your lawmakers in support of decriminalization.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 5/3/19


At a more local level, members of Las Vegas, Nevada’s city council approved legislation to allow cannabis consumption lounges. Legislation is pending, House Bill 96 / Senate Bill 98, to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 2/1/19


Manor Township, Pennsylvania is considering a proposal that would decriminalize cannabis possession. Legislation is pending, House Bill 2555, to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana possession. Click here to email your lawmakers in support of decriminalization.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 1/25/20


At a more local level, city council members in Springfield, Illinois approved the state’s first marijuana consumption space. The Austin, Texas city council approved a resolution that will restrict city funds or city personnel from being used to create THC testing protocol and would direct APD to stop citing or arresting individuals for low-level marijuana possession. Send a message to your lawmakers in support of decriminalization.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 2/8/19


Legislation is pending to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. A third measure, House Bill 1658, would decriminalize the possession of up to two ounces of marijuana. Click here to email your lawmakers in support of decriminalization.

Virginia, Marijuana, and How Medical Legalization May Unfold in the South


The passage of SB 701 directed the Virginia Board of Pharmacy to regulate and monitor the state’s CBD- and THC-A-rich oils. Furthermore, Virginia’s consumption/product regulations are smoke-free. A low-THC program? It’s the same thing here [with THC-A products].”

Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/12/19


At the state level, a bill to allow licensed social consumption spaces in Oregon was defeated for this year. Legislation is pending, House Bill 19-1230, to allow the social consumption of cannabis by adults in licensed and regulated establishments.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 2/1/20


City council members in Berkeley, California voted to approve a proposal to allow marijuana consumption spaces. 2227) is bipartisan legislation that removes marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, thus decriminalizing the substance at the federal level and enabling states to set their own policies. Legislation is pending, House Bill 550, to expand the state’s marijuana decriminalization law. Send a message to your lawmakers in support of decriminalization.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/5/19


Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) of New Mexico signed cannabis decriminalization legislation into law. An Arkansas House committee defeated a decriminalization bill this week to send it to study. Click here to email your lawmakers in support of social consumption.

Medical Cannabis Pot-ential

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Medical Cannabis: South Africa’s highest court has made the decision to decriminalize cannabis for private use. There are no products containing the psychoactive THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) available on the mainstream public. THC that is not used for therapeutic purposes.

NORML Chapter Newsletter


“That’s why dozens of NORML chapters are organizing citizen lobby days to advocate for the end of marijuana prohibition and other reforms ranging from depenalization and expungement, to workplace drug testing and social consumption.”

Five Continents and Five Years of CannaTech: Global Cannabis Highlights


For non-licensed use, cannabis possession under 15 grams and personal adult use were officially decriminalized in April 2019. of THC is legal across Switzerland and widely available. THC content to be allowed on the market.

Cannabis Education with Canada’s Newcomers

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and Tweed put together a debut educational workshop on the fundamentals of cannabis and responsible consumption , to elevate community and product engagement among Canada’s first-generation immigrants. The Plant Science: CBD, THC and PSAs.

Cannabis as Medicine: 101

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As of October 17 th 2018, the Canadian government has decriminalized recreational use of cannabis under legislative bill C-45, also known as the Cannabis Act. THC and CBD. THC is known for its psychoactive “high” effects, whereas CBD, is devoid of these properties.

Cannabis Legalization Roundup: Mexico, Luxembourg, Switzerland

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Many more countries have decriminalized marijuana for recreational use in various amounts, and a few have straight up “legalized” recreational marijuana. Public consumption esta prohibido. Switzerland is unusual in that cannabis products of less than 1% THC are currently allowed.

NORML’s 2020 Democratic Primary Marijuana Straw Poll


While serving as mayor of Burlington, Vermont in the 1980’s, he called for decriminalizing drug possession and treating substance abuse as a public health issue. States are moving forward on decriminalization and legalization.

The Endocannabinoid System-History, Health and Why We Feel High

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Having a THC concentration of less than 0.03%, hemp is a non-psychoactive plant. As of October 17th 2018, the Canadian government has decriminalized recreational use of cannabis under legislative bill C-45, also known as the Cannabis Act. Higher THC to lower CBD/CBN ratio.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/1/18


Roers Jones, who sponsored the recently defeated decriminalization bill, is trying to get her language inserted as a part of separate legislation. Update : The House Regulated Industries Low Thc Oil Access Subcommittee held another hearing on HB 324 on 2/27/2019, then the bill was approved by the full committee on 3/1/2019. Legislation is pending, Senate Bill 639, to allow the social consumption of cannabis by adults in licensed and regulated establishments.

Italian Interior Minister Takes Extreme Anti-Cannabis Stance, but Analysts See it as Empty Rhetoric


THC and must not come from the marijuana variant of cannabis. Recreational marijuana remains illegal, but is decriminalized. Consequently, it left a legal loophole that technically allowed shops to sell hemp, while stating that the hemp was not meant for consumption. THC limit.

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Weekly Cannabis News Roundup

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Researchers suggest that delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) appears to target a part of our brain associated with sexual arousal, at least in females. The border prohibition applies even to Canadians authorized to use cannabis for medical purposes — and to people travelling to or from parts of the United States where cannabis has been legalized or decriminalized.

Swiss Plan To Let 5,000 Citizens Use Cannabis In Major Medical Trial

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Currently, consumption of cannabis containing up to one percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is legal. In 2013, Switzerland decriminalized possession of small amounts of cannabis, 10 grammes or less.

CBD: Uncertainty for Restaurants and Retailers

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THC), as well as the transfer of hemp-derived products across state lines for commercial purposes, without restriction on the sale, transport, or possession of hemp-derived products. Taken in concert with state cannabis decriminalization efforts, the result is that domestically-produced CBD is generally far more available and easier to obtain in most states. In Dallas, a yoga studio offers CBD-infused kombucha.

Meritas Law Firms Worldwide Article: Global Cannabis Industry: The Essential Primer

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As more countries legalize or decriminalize the cultivation, manufacture, sale, and use of cannabis, companies across a variety of industries are looking for opportunities to capitalize on this emerging market. THC is just one of the cannabinoids in the Cannabis sativa L.

Dentons Cannabis Practice Are Now Publishing A Regular Roundup

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However, consumption is still prohibited and possession can be punished as a rule violation by the state Department of Corrections. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has called for legalizing cannabis , starting with decriminalizing possession.

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Article: Legality Of Marijuana In Nigeria: A Legal Opinion By Kayode Ajulo PhD

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The Agency has the job of curtailing the consumption of drugs in Nigeria. But in recent years, some nations have adopted a different strategy, of decriminalizing marijuana usage as a way of combating it. Source: Sahara Reporters. Author: Kayode Ajulo PhD.

Article – Reed Smith: UK: Cannabis In The UK – A Regulatory Environment In Transition?

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The recent trend towards decriminalization of cannabis in other countries suggests they may be right, but in the meantime, a proliferation of products containing extracts from cannabis plants are appearing in UK stores. The two that are most relevant to the ongoing medical and legalisation debate are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC, a tetrahydro derivative of cannabinol, is a controlled drug under the Act. 19 August 2019. Authors – Carolyn E.

CBD is Everywhere – But Where Does the FDA Stand?

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tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) or less to be sold, with certain caveats. Currently, the FDA treats CBD products aimed at human or animal consumption as drugs and therefore they cannot be distributed without prior approval or a rulemaking exception (more on this below). Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, for example, in July of 2019, signed into law a bill decriminalizing marijuana. CBD is “thriving” in the current regulatory environment, but is it doing so illegally?

NORML 2019 Legislative Report

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State regulators signed off on new provisions establishing procedures for licensing on-site cannabis consumption facilities. ” Under the measure, licensed dispensaries and retailers may apply for on-site consumption permits.

Cannabis Group Weekly Alert – November 2019 #2

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The latest version of the California Psilocybin Decriminalization Initiative “advances cognitive liberty and implements a comprehensive, statewide scheme authorizing and regulating the cultivation, processing and distribution of Psilocybin Mushrooms and the chemical compounds contained therein for personal, spiritual, religious, dietary, therapeutic, and medical use,” the measure says. The study tested people after use of CBD samples, some containing tiny amounts of THC (up to 0.39% THC).