Clarifying NY State Decriminalization and Marijuana Possession Related Penalties


There has been some confusion and misinformation circulating about what New York’s latest expansion of marijuana decriminalization means and what impact it will have on criminal prosecutions going forward. There are 2 provisions of New York’s Penal Law that relate marijuana-related offenses. New York Penal Law defines all of the violations and crimes that are punishable in New York State. ACTIVISM Advocacy Decriminalization GOVERNMENT NORML Chapters Policy

Italy Gets One Step Closer to Decriminalizing Cannabis


A ballot campaign launched by several pro-cannabis organizations and political parties in the country last week earned the required 500,000 signatures to continue down the road to cannabis decriminalization. Cannabis reform is booming in Italy.


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Thailand Decriminalizes Kratom in Amended Narcotics Act

Cannabis Law Report

2522 (1972), effectively decriminalizing the consumption, production, disposal, import, export, and possession of kratom, for any purpose and in any quantity or form, effective August 24, 2021. 2522 (1979), effectively prohibiting all consumption, cultivation, trade, and distribution.

Mexico Supreme Court Decriminalizes Cannabis Use

Cannabis Law Report

Monday, Mexico’s Supreme Court overruled cannabis prohibition, effectively decriminalizing the plant for adults nationwide. Sources: Mexico Supreme Court Decriminalizes Cannabis Use. Cannabis Law NewsSupreme Courts are busy this week !

Denver Decriminalizes Psilocybin

Canna Law Blog

jurisdiction to decriminalize psilocybin-containing mushrooms. jurisdiction has actually approved of the decriminalization of psilocybin, and this could have major effects throughout the nation. Let’s break down exactly what this law does and doesn’t do. First, the law doesn’t “legalize” psilocybin to the same extent that cannabis has been “legalized” in many states. Decriminalization is a very different concept.

Webinar – July 28 2021: Peyote and Decriminalization Webinar Q&A

Cannabis Law Report

The Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative Communications Committee took questions from participants during the Peyote and Decriminalization Webinar which took place onMay 25th, 2021. issues as this is where the Decriminalization efforts this Webinar was addressing take place.

Fact Check: Is Luxembourg the First European Country to Legalize Cannabis?

Cannabis Life Network

Reports are circulating that the country of 600,000 recently became the first country in Europe to legalize the production and consumption of cannabis. Has Luxembourg become the first to legalize cannabis in Europe?

A New Survey Provides Insight into Youth Consumption Post Legalization


For many years those who have stood against the reform of cannabis laws have argued that decriminalization and/or legalization would lead to an increase in consumption among adolescents. This report analyzed lifetime consumption among youth as well as current consumption habits.

California Senators Just Approved Bill to Decriminalize Possession of Psychedelics


State senators on the Golden State’s public safety committee voted to advance a bill that would decriminalize the possession of many mind-expanding substances by 4 to 1 on Tuesday. . The proposed law is not the only effort underway to expand access to psychedelics in California.

Pennsylvania: Marijuana possession arrests decline statewide


” “This is likely the result of two major policy changes: More than twenty decriminalization or penalty downgrade ordinances passed by city councils across the Commonwealth, and approximately a quarter of a million registered medical marijuana patients,” said Goldstein.

CNN: Italy will likely hold a referendum on decriminalizing cannabis next year

Cannabis Law Report

Italy will likely decide whether or not to decriminalize cannabis in a referendum next year, after campaign groups managed to gather the required 500,000 signatures in a week.

Cannabis laws in Japan: Is weed legal?

The Cannigma

While many countries around the world have legalized or decriminalized cannabis or have eased up on enforcement in recent years, in Japan in 2018 there was a sharp increase in cannabis-related arrests — and 80% of them were possession charges. The post Cannabis laws in Japan: Is weed legal?

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Trinidad & Tobago Cannabis Decriminalization Now In Play

Cannabis Law Report

It is now law after President Paula-Mae Weekes proclaimed the legislation on Friday, even as Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi said the President had given assent to the bill and would proclaim it on Monday. What the law says. It is insane these laws were in operation so long.”.

California Activists Seek Decriminalization of Magic Mushrooms

Marijuana Lawyer Blog

With the 2020 ballot fast approaching, California activists are keenly working towards securing a measure that would decriminalize psilocybin, also commonly known as ‘magic mushrooms.’. Together with the required $2,000 fee, an advocacy group by the name of Decriminalize California submitted ballot language to the state attorney general’s office in September. Representatives for Decriminalize California have stated the group currently aims to raise $1.5

Cultiva Law: New Jersey Attorney General: No More Weed Arrests

Cannabis Law Report

In a move that comports with New Jersey’s recent legalization and decriminalization of marijuana, the state’s Attorney General directed law enforcement agencies to stop arrests for minor marijuana offenses and for prosecutors to immediately dismiss all such pending criminal charges.

Law 87

Former French President Hollande Says He Supports Medical Cannabis…””Decriminalization without legalization doesn’t make much sense””

Cannabis Law Report

If he is “not favorable” to the consumption of cannabis, the former head of state has nevertheless “arrived at the conclusion that this trade must be legalized to better control it, to ensure health.

California Supreme Court: Cannabis Law Not Applicable to Prison Inmates

Marijuana Lawyer Blog

The majority opinion held that there as nothing in the ballot materials for the law that indicated voters had considered or were even aware of how this might impact possession of the drug in prison.

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What are the cannabis laws in Mexico? Is weed legal?

The Cannigma

Medical: Legal Recreational: Decriminalized (expected to be legal imminently) . Mexican lawmakers in March, 2021 approved a law to legalize recreational cannabis, and some analysts believe the country could become the world’s largest cannabis market.

Law 83

Nevada: Reform Efforts are Still Alive


Even though cannabis has been recreationally legal in the Battle Born State for nearly two years and Sin City has become a greenish gold mine of legal cannabis, many problems and societal penalties still arise with the use of it; no social consumption lounges being among the most glaring. Yet unlike the consumption lounges, people’s lives are directly being negatively impacted by laws surrounding pre-employment drug testing and previous cannabis convictions in the Prohibition years.

Texas House Passes Bills to Decriminalize Adult-Use Cannabis and Expand Medical Cannabis Program


Instead of trying to discreetly consume in their rental cars, hotel rooms or on the street, visitors will opt for the peace and comfort of a legal consumption venue, the reps have said. If the headline looks familiar, well, that’s because it is.

Atlanta Police Department No Longer Rejects Applicants For Having Used Cannabis


In fact, the question regarding cannabis consumption has been completely removed from the department’s applicant pre-screening questionnaire. The department has been sharing recruitment ads on its Facebook page which read, “JOIN THE ELITE APD: Looking for a fresh start in a law enforcement career? According to the Atlanta Police Department, there will be an increase in random drug testing to weed out officers who do not follow the law. Decriminalization.

Oregon’s Measure 110 Has Helped Thousands in Just One Year


In November 2020, Measure 110 (Drug Decriminalization and Addiction Treatment Initiative) passed by majority vote in Oregon, bringing forth a new era in combating drug addiction and prioritizing criminal justice reform in the state.

Dentons Latest Cannabis Law News Updates

Cannabis Law Report

Members of the SPD in Germany have adopted a cannabis policy platform that endorses decriminalization and calls for pilot program to study legal recreational use. VA – The Virginia legislature is drawing closer to passing legislation to decriminalize cannabis.

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On Decriminalizing Magic Mushrooms: The Psychedelic Constituency and Its Challenges

Freedom Leaf

The voters were presented with choices for Mayor, City Council, Auditor, Clerk and Recorder, and two voter initiatives: Initiative 300 (the Right to Survive Initiative, which aimed to restore certain rights as to sheltering in public places, i.e. rights of the homeless) and Initiative 301, the Denver Psilocybin Mushroom Decriminalization Ballot Initiative (I-301). He’d listened to a podcast I did on the topic of “psychedelic law,” a term I coined in 2010.

How Does Marijuana Laws Affect Tourism?

Otherside Farms

Learn more about how does marijuana laws affect tourism. While many things affect the sector, marijuana laws have been in the frontline. Let’s look at how marijuana laws affect tourism. Marijuana laws revolve around distribution, possession, cultivation, and consumption. Although the use of cannabis for recreation is prohibited in most states, most have adopted a decriminalization policy. Marijuana Laws – Final Thoughts.

Law 59

New Jersey governor signs cannabis legalization into law, finally


AP) — Legislation to set up a recreational marijuana marketplace, decriminalize cannabis and loosen penalties for underage possession of the drug and alcohol was signed into law Monday by New Jersey Gov. He had opposed marijuana legalization, though was supportive of decriminalization.

Argentina’s Congress Aprroves Law To Create Reg Framework “for public and private investments in the production of pharma-grade cannabis products.”

Cannabis Law Report

The law still needs to be signed by President Alberto Fernandez. ” The law passed the Senate last year, with ample support from state governors who are betting on cannabis to promote economic growth and sustainable development. Benzinga reports.

And on the other hand… Spain, Podemos announces proposed law to legalize cannabis

Cannabis Law Report

The vast majority of the Upper House, with the socialist party PSOE and the conservatives of the PP at the head by number of senators, have voted against regulating these places of consumption condemning them to a more than uncertain future. Cannabis clubs may have been voted down.

Missouri Bill Aims to Expand Right to Try Law to Include Psychedelics


Psilocybin, DMT, mescaline, MDMA, and other psychedelic substances are starting to gain traction towards decriminalization in our nation. Oregon took a groundbreaking approach to decriminalizing all drugs. Back in 2014, Missouri enacted The Right to Try Law.

Here’s what’s legal under New Jersey’s updated marijuana laws


Phil Murphy signed into law a package of bills that create the rules and regulations regarding the state’s legal cannabis industry. The new laws follow last November’s statewide vote to legalize cannabis for all adults. New Jersey marijuana laws. Earlier today New Jersey Gov.

Details From The Latest Mexican Senate Draft Bill “Cannabis Regulation Law”

Cannabis Law Report

Export or import: distribution and sale outside the national territory in the terms of the laws, treaties and other applicable regulations, which must specify the destination or origin of the cannabis product, respectively.

Federal Drug Law Presents Few Obstacles for Cannabis Patents

Cannabis Law Report

However, the patchwork of state laws regarding the legal status of cannabis, as well as inconsistencies between state and federal law on this topic, have rendered certain types of IP rights, particularly trademark rights, elusive for many cannabis entrepreneurs. There is no such requirement in patent law, as Congress intended patentable subject matter to encompass “anything under the sun that is made by man.” ARTICLE: FISH & RICHARDSON. PUBLISHED BY JD SUPRA.

Is weed legal in Colombia?

The Cannigma

Recreational: No, but decriminalized Medical: Yes. Recreational cannabis is not legal in Colombia, but personal consumption and possession of the plant is decriminalized. In 2019, the Constitutional Court of Colombia overruled the ban on public consumption.

UN To Vote On WHO Medical Marijuana Recommendations: What Does This Mean For The US MMJ Market?

MMJ Recs

US MMJ Market: The Impact Of The Decision On Federal Marijuana Law. For other countries that have drug schedules already dictated by their own laws, these WHO recommendations are a great motivation to help spur political change.

Former Massachusetts Cannabis Regulator and State Sen. Jennifer Flanagan Joins National Cannabis Law Firm Vicente Sederberg LLP as Director of Regulatory Policy


Instead of trying to discreetly consume in their rental cars, hotel rooms or on the street, visitors will opt for the peace and comfort of a legal consumption venue, the reps have said. If the headline looks familiar, well, that’s because it is.

Mexico: Placing limits on the amount of cannabis a person can have for personal use is unconstitutional Supreme Court rules

Cannabis Law Report

This earlier ruling, however, did not challenge the 5-gram decriminalization in place since 2009, with those in possession of higher amounts facing a potential prison sentence of up to three years. Cannabis Law News

Which Countries Are Next For Medical Marijuana Legalization In 2021?

MMJ Recs

Image by RexMedlen on Pixabay : Medical marijuana laws in 2021 will differ considerably around the world. But many countries have legal MMJ almost in name only, with limiting and restrictive laws that make MMJ available to only a minority of people with very specific medical conditions.