Pennsylvania Adds Anxiety, Tourette’s to Qualifying Conditions


Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine says her decision was based on the recommendation of the state's Medical Marijuana Advisory Board and her own review of medical research literature. The post Pennsylvania Adds Anxiety, Tourette’s to Qualifying Conditions appeared first on Leafly.

Pennsylvania Adds Anxiety, Tourette’s to Qualifying Conditions


Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine says her decision was based on the recommendation of the state's Medical Marijuana Advisory Board and her own review of medical research literature. The post Pennsylvania Adds Anxiety, Tourette’s to Qualifying Conditions appeared first on Leafly. Health Politics anxiety pennsylvania qualifying conditions tourettes

New York City: Lawmakers Advance Bills Limiting Drug Testing for Cannabis as a Condition of Employment, Probation


Council members overwhelmingly voted in favor of a municipal proposal (No.1445) barring employers from drug testing certain job applicants for the presence of marijuana. 641) calling on the New York City officials to expunge the records of all city misdemeanor marijuana convictions is pending.

New York City: Municipal Legislation Enacted Prohibiting Drug Testing for Cannabis as a Condition of Employment, Probation


1427 states , “The department of probation shall not require individuals to submit to marijuana testing unless a determination is made, based on an individuals’ history and circumstances, that abstinence from marijuana is necessary to otherwise lead an otherwise law-abiding life.”

Pennsylvania May Approve More Conditions for Medical Marijuana

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Ever since medical marijuana became law in Pennsylvania, people have been wondering when the state would consider adding additional conditions to the list of those qualified for treatment under medical cannabis, in addition to the 21 current chronic illnesses which the drug treats. The Pennsylvania State Medical Marijuana Advisory Board is now in the process. medical marijuana

Ohio Thinking of Adding Anxiety and Autism to List Qualifying Medical Marijuana Conditions


Over a million Ohio citizens could see their medical options open if the state decides to expand its eligible medical marijuana conditions, reports The Center Square. Evidence for marijuana’s efficacy against autism and anxiety are not as rock solid as CBD and epilepsy – the only use of cannabis approved by the FDA. But despite these concerning numbers, health professionals will not entertain medical marijuana without some evidence to support it in these cases.

Ideal Growing Conditions Will Not Be Enough for Colombia’s Medical Cannabis Industry


In our past discussions on Colombia, one topic that came up was Colombia’s perfect setup for marijuana cultivation. But in order to provide medical marijuana to outside licensed producers, having the aforementioned advantages means nothing. Colombia’s up-and-coming medical marijuana breakout has not gone unnoticed. Uruguay, after all, was the first country to legalize marijuana, making its home continent Ground Zero for major cannabis expansion.

PA: Health Secretary to Add Anxiety Disorders and Tourette Syndrome to Medical Marijuana Program Serious Medical Conditions

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After a careful review of the medical literature available about these conditions, I have decided to approve this recommendation,” Dr. Levine said. Patients should consult with their health care provider to see if medical marijuana will be beneficial for them.

New Mexico Adds Opioid Use Disorder and Other Ailments as Qualifying Medical Marijuana Condition

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New Mexico health officials on Thursday expanded the list of qualifying conditions for the state’s medical cannabis program to include opioid use disorder and several others, reports the Associated Press.

How to Get a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card


The post How to Get a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card appeared first on Leafly. Health dispensaries medical marijuana Michigan qualifying conditionsLooking for medical cannabis in Michigan? You'll need a state-issued patient ID card. Here's a 6-step guide to getting one.

New Jersey Just Expanded Its Medical Cannabis Program


The measure signed into law Tuesday makes a number of changes, lowering barriers to access, expanding qualifying conditions, and greenlighting home delivery. Health Politics medical marijuana new jersey qualifying conditions

New Jersey approves medical marijuana as treatment for opioid addiction


Phil Murphy (D) on Wednesday announced that opioid addiction will be added to the list of qualifying conditions that allows residents to obtain medical marijuana, reports Prescription painkiller addicts can now seek medical cannabis as a form of treatment in New Jersey.

Oklahoma and Medical Marijuana: Everything You Need to Know

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More and more people across the country are getting to experience the benefits of using medical marijuana (MMJ). As of this month, more than 151,000 patients have turned in applications to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (or OMMA, the agency that issues MMJ cards).

Pennsylvania could cap prices on medical marijuana


Are you paying too much for medical marijuana? Pennsylvania’s closed-loop system of limited marijuana permit holders is not a competitive free market. ’s medical marijuana law will start bringing some transparency to consumer-level prices.

Here’s How to Get a New York Medical Marijuana Card


The post Here’s How to Get a New York Medical Marijuana Card appeared first on Leafly. Health medical marijuana new york city qualifying conditionsWhen I got mine after shoulder surgery, it reduced my pain and my opioid intake. Here's a 5-step guide to getting yours.

Virginia, Marijuana, and How Medical Legalization May Unfold in the South


Virginia has been one of the most reluctant states to consider marijuana law reform, though it recently began allowing some forms of cannabis oil for approved patients. Then, in 2017 and 2018, Virginia finally made some moves to establish its own medical marijuana industry.

New Mexico: Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Decriminalization, Other Reform Bills


State lawmakers have approved a series of bills reducing penalties for marijuana possession offenses and strengthening and expanding legal protections for medical cannabis patients. Senate Bill 323 amends minor marijuana possession penalties.

Two Congressional Hearing Next Week On Marijuana


Next week, the two key committees will hold hearings on various aspects of federal marijuana policy. A recently released poll conducted by The American Legion showed that nearly 1 in 4 veterans self-reported using marijuana to alleviate a medical or physical condition.

The Long Beach Planning Commission has approved a conditional use permit for a facility to grow, test and distribute recreational cannabis

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Long Beach Business Journal reports… The Long Beach Planning Commission on February 21 approved a conditional use permit for a facility to grow, test and distribute recreational cannabis in an industrial area on 15th Street, between Oregon and San Francisco avenues.

Marijuana reform is budding in New Hampshire!


Several bills have been introduced in the state legislature, ranging from legal hemp production to adult-use marijuana legalization, and the fight for freedom has never been more widely supported than now. — Bipartisan bill HB 481 would legalize the personal adult-use, possession, cultivation, and retail sale of marijuana. — Bills SB 175 and HB 461 would expand the qualifying conditions under New Hampshire’s medical marijuana program.

5 Benefits of Having A California Medical Marijuana Card

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states legalizing medical marijuana (29 at last count), the drug is starting to be accepted as something more than simply an outlier treatment; it is a genuine, progressive form of therapy with tangible results. California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana.

Can Texas Build a Working Medical Cannabis Program in 2019?


Health Politics decriminalization laws legalization medical marijuana qualifying conditions texasIn 2019 Texans will find out whether lawmakers are ready to build a viable medical cannabis program or whether old-fashioned politics will limit access to effective medicine. The post Can Texas Build a Working Medical Cannabis Program in 2019? appeared first on Leafly.

Thailand Legalized Medical Marijuana


Who can buy and sell medical marijuana in Thailand? Those who want to produce or sell medical marijuana in Thailand will require a license to do so legally. Why did Thailand Legalize Medical Marijuana? The post Thailand Legalized Medical Marijuana appeared first on MassRoots.

How to Get a MMJ Card for Your Child


Everybody’s heard about adults getting a medical marijuana card for themselves. Yet, kids suffering from cancer, epilepsy and all sorts of other conditions are often given highly-addictive.

Will Legalizing Medical Marijuana Bring More Money Into Oklahoma?

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The process of rolling out medical marijuana laws has typically taken years for most states. Legalizing medical marijuana in Oklahoma has proved to be a surprisingly straightforward task; but will it bring in more money?

When Will Marijuana Be Legalized In Oklahoma?

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One of the most pressing debates of our time surrounds the legalization of marijuana, and while many states are making progress, some still haven’t taken the full leap. The answer is yes – since last year, medical marijuana has been legal in Oklahoma, so long as you have an MMJ card.

How Marijuana Affects The Body?

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Similarly, as with different prescriptions and methodology, Marijuana use can possibly bring both positive and negative impacts. . More research is essential to look at the impacts of used marijuana smoke. use other topical or oral marijuana products. reducing nausea condition.


DIY Marijuana Topicals: Pain Relieving Frankincense and Cannabis Massage Oil

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And since topically applied cannabis will not make you high or cause you to fail a drug test , even people who don’t normally use marijuana can benefit from it. A Money Saving DIY Marijuana Topicals Tip. Packaging and Storing the Marijuana Massage Oil.

How Do I Get a Medical Cannabis Card Online?


If the physician approves the patient, they receive their official recommendation, medical marijuana ID card as well as benefits specific to PrestoDoctor members including a personalized medical treatment plan. Qualifying conditions vary by state.

Is Recreational Marijuana Legal In Oklahoma?

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These days the legality of marijuana varies from state to state. Medical marijuana (MMJ) is now legal in Oklahoma – but is recreational. marijuana legal in Oklahoma? Currently, no – the use of recreational marijuana is still prohibited in the state.

Veterans Medical Marijuana Access Legislation Introduced In House and Senate


Today, Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) and Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) introduced legislation, The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act , to expand and facilitate medical cannabis access to military veterans suffering from chronic pain, PTSD, and other serious medical conditions. “The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act would provide crucial medical and civil protections for the men and women who put their lives on the line to serve this country.

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CBD and Sports Officially Come Together in the United States


Marijuana has been seen medically to help people with their pain. Industry Culture Medical ConditionsThe worlds of CBD and sports have come together for the first time in the United States.

Texas Police Chiefs Association Hold Marijuana Press Conference


They discussed “the myths vs. the facts as they pertain to marijuana sales, production, distribution, possession, usage along with its long-term effects as well as impact on quality of life for all citizens.” ” While there, I was able to livestream the press conference and ask the Chiefs three questions regarding medical marijuana. Support Medical Marijuana in the Senate and in the House.

California Assembly Votes to Allow Medical Marijuana at School

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Parents of children in California schools are a step closer to being allowed to provide medical marijuana to their children on K-12 campuses. As the law stands now, marijuana is not permitted on school campuses.

6 Historical Facts About Medical Marijuana

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Although medical marijuana is becoming legal in many parts of the world, its use as a medicine dates back thousands of years. As the debate over legalizing marijuana heats up, many continue to dispute the value of marijuana as a treatment for various ailments.

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U.S. Virgin Islands Finally Legalizes Medical Marijuana


After four years in the making, medical marijuana is finally legal in the U.S. I have approved the Virgin Islands Medicinal Cannabis Care Act because it is a step in the right direction toward assisting Virgin Islanders suffering from autoimmune and other debilitating medical conditions,” Gov.

Kentucky Lawmakers Push to Legalize Medical Marijuana


House Bill 136, an amendment to legalize medical marijuana, was introduced in the Kentucky Legislature on Wednesday, January 9, 2019. Why Medical Marijuana? Nemes to explain why she would like to be able to try medical marijuana. Legalization Marijuana News