Cannabis and NFTs: Collectible Art or Regulated Ads?


” Translated, NFTs are distinct tokens on the blockchain that establish ownership of digital collectibles, like digital art. The post Cannabis and NFTs: Collectible Art or Regulated Ads?

Largest Human Trial to Date Will Review Safety of Full Spectrum Hemp Products


Every successful Novel Food Application goes through three phases (the “Application Assessment,” the “Safety Assessment” and the “Marketing Authorization”), which lasts 3 to 4 years and require a hefty budget of €350,000 to €500,000.


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Public Safety Canada: Announcement On Enforcement of Illegal Cannabis

Cannabis Law Report

Public Safety (PS) is supporting efforts to enforce the legalization and regulation of cannabis through activities to deter criminal activity and to help ensure that organized crime does not penetrate the legalized system. Law Enforcement Related to Cannabis. Background.

New Study: Demographic and policy-based differences in behaviors and attitudes towards driving after marijuana use: an analysis of the 2013–2017 Traffic Safety Culture Index

Cannabis Law Report

The Traffic Safety Culture Index is an annual survey with national scope and multiple measures relevant to driving after marijuana use. The datasets supporting the current study can be obtained by contacting the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and completing a request form.

Endofungal Bacteria and the implications for Cannabis Safety Testing

Medicinal Genomics

Discordant samples were collected. The post Endofungal Bacteria and the implications for Cannabis Safety Testing appeared first on Medicinal Genomics In April of 2018, DigiPath Labs and Medicinal Genomics began a research program to better understand testing discordance with 3M TAC and TYM Petri-Films and PathoSEEK qPCR. Individual Colonies were isolated, subjected to qPCR and then DNA Sequenced to obtain 18S and 16S ITS sequence information.

More aggressive tax collections from unlicensed cannabis sellers recommended in Mass.

Cannabis Law Report

The Boston Globe reports. The attorney general and cannabis regulators don’t think that Massachusetts needs new criminal penalties for violations of the state’s marijuana laws, but the offices recommended three ways the Legislature could clarify the law and crack down on the illicit market.

ElleVet Sciences Publishes Safety Study On CBD For Animals

Cannabis Law Report

ElleVet Sciences is pleased to announce the results and publication of the first safety study on the use of hemp CBD/CBDA. The 12-week safety study, conducted by Dr. Joseph Wakshlag, DVM, Ph.D., Safety is imperative for any reputable brand of hemp extract, and we are confident that the dosing we recommend is both safe and effective,” said Dr. Wakshlag, Chief Medical Officer at ElleVet Sciences. Five milliliters of blood was collected at time 0, 0.5,

Putting Out the Fire Fueling the Fire Extinguisher Scam


SOPs need to include safety and security measures and ongoing training to address new industry trends and notify employees of any scams.”. “My When putting together any safety & security plan, more is always better.

Nevada Dept Of Taxation Issues Health & Safety Notices On Cannabis Yeast & Mold Limits

Cannabis Law Report

The Nevada Department of Taxation has issued a health and safety noticed after several samples of marijuana sold tested for higher levels of yeast and mold than the state allowable limit. Blackjack Collective – Naturex II, LLC (license # 50748233769645953480). Additional samples of the affected marijuana are being sent for confirmation testing at a laboratory operated by the State of Nevada Department of Agriculture. .

European Food Safety Authority Reports Says Eating Hemp Foods May Elevate Ingested THC Levels

Cannabis Law Report

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has looked at THC levels in 12 different categories of hemp foods, including hemp oil, breads and teas. More than 1,500 samples were collected from the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Romania. European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) . .

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FDA Press Release: FDA warns 15 companies for illegally selling various products containing cannabidiol as agency details safety concerns

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The FDA also published a revised Consumer Update detailing safety concerns about CBD products more broadly. Pink Collections Inc. , The agency remains concerned about the safety of human food products (e.g. Today, the U.S.

CCT CET: Responsible Persons, “Collection & Remittance of Cannabis Excise Tax [“CET”] & Cannabis Cultivation Tax [“CCT”]

Cannabis Law Report

The weakness relates to the collection and remittance of Cannabis Excise Tax [“CET”] and Cannabis Cultivation Tax [“CCT”]. When the Distributor role was created, the California Legislature decided to place the majority of the collection and remittance responsibility on it [1]. You must collect the cultivation tax from cultivators when the cannabis enters the commercial market based on weight and category of the cannabis. c) COLLECTION. (1)

Massachusetts cities and towns collected $2 million in marijuana taxes: Here’s who’s getting it, and how it’s being spent

Cannabis Law Report

million in fiscal 2020, into its budget to use for schools, public safety, public works and general operations. The Department of Revenue collects the money, then returns it to municipalities under the same process used for hotel and meal taxes. New England Treatment Access is doing more than selling marijuana to consumers — it is also providing a tax revenue windfall to Northampton and Brookline.

Cannabis Use in the NFL – Will Policies Change?

Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Group Blog

That stands to change, though, with the renegotiation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement – a labor agreement between the NFL team owners and the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) – which expires after the 2020 season. I think it demonstrates the spirit of cooperation we have around our health and safety issues.”. Blog Cannabis Cannabis Blog Publications cannabis and athletes CBA collective bargaining agreement football and marijuana marijuana law NFL

Attorneys General Push for Marijuana Banking Reform


“First, threats to public safety caused by a cash-intensive business model, often the target of criminal activity, have intensified in the months since the pandemic began.

U.S. regulators plan hearing on growing use of CBD in products

Cannabis Chronicles

regulators are planning a public hearing to collect more information on CBD in cosmetics, foods and other products as the cannabis compound spreads in popularity. The Food and Drug Administration says the May 31 meeting will discuss the science, safety and sale of cannabis compounds like CBD. NEW YORK — U.S. CBD comes from marijuana or hemp plants but does not cause a high. People have been drawn to the extract because of its supposed calming effects.

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Recreational Marijuana: Impact on Traffic Deaths


Luckily, states such as Colorado, Washington, and California have had marijuana laws in place long enough for researchers to collect data and better understand the effects of legalization on behaviors such as driving under the influence.

New Jersey: Adult-use legalization is closer than ever


Some highlights include expedited expungement for past misdemeanor marijuana convictions, a three-percent tax to be collected by or paid to municipalities wherever retail stores exist, and provisions to incentivize socio-economic, racial, and gender equity in the state’s cannabis industry. It’s time for New Jersey to prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of its residents by joining the 10 states (and Washington DC) that have passed sensible marijuana reform.

Philadelphia Joins New York City and Nevada in Restricting Pre-Employment Marijuana Tests

The Blunt Truth

Nevada prohibits employers from taking adverse action against applicants who test positive for marijuana, with exceptions for, among other jobs, safety-sensitive positions and motor vehicle drivers who are subject to testing under state or federal law.

Sanders Cannabis Plan Looks At Protections For Minors & Less Of A Share For Corporations

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Provide resources for entrepreneurs to incentivize starting cooperatives and collectives that will bolster economic growth and create jobs in local communities. Here are the key points of the plan as summarised by Ganjapreneur.

Long Beach Lowers Cannabis Taxes

Canna Newswire

February 17, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – The Long Beach Collective Association (“ LBCA ”), cannabis business owners, policy advocates, patients, consumers, and city officials came together to support the city’s legal cannabis business community, lower taxes, and fight the illegal market.

Bipartisan Legislation To End Marijuana Prohibition Filed


Also introduced was The Marijuana Data Collection Act of 2019 , which would study the effects of state legalized medicinal and non-medicinal marijuana programs from a variety of perspectives, including state revenues, public health, substance abuse and opioids, criminal justice, and employment. The enactment of these policies have not negatively impacted workplace safety , crime rates , traffic safety , or youth use patterns.

WSU researchers team with Puyallup tribe on medicinal cannabis research

Cannabis Chronicles

This partnership with WSU and Qwibil will help us research the safety and efficacy of cannabis as medicine for our patients’ use.”. Collecting patient data is an important step in legitimizing cannabis as a potential therapeutic drug, said Debbie Churgai, interim director for the national group Americans for Safe Access, which pushes for reform of marijuana laws to allow for medicinal uses.

House Members Pass Historic Legislation Legitimizing Retail Cannabis Sales


This ongoing federal prohibition also places the safety and welfare of these businesses’ customers at risk, as they must carry significant amounts of cash on their persons in order to make legal purchases at retail facilities. Furthermore, the MORE Act additional allocates a portion of the federal taxes collected to the Small Business Administration to support small businesses and entrepreneurs who seek to engage in the emerging legal marketplaces.

In new book, WSU Vancouver professor sees benefits of legalized marijuana

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In the months after Washington voters approved legalized marijuana in 2012, Clayton Mosher, a sociology professor at Washington State University Vancouver, noticed what he believed to be unnecessary safety concerns. In 2016, 110 Washington drivers died while under the influence of the drug, according to a 2018 report from the state Traffic Safety Commission.

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Portland Funded its Police Department With Cannabis Tax Revenue


A 2019 report from the Portland City Auditor, 79 percent of marijuana tax revenue has gone to public safety, including about 46 percent directly to the Portland Police Bureau.

BREAKING: Newsom Proposes California Cannabis Regulatory Consolidation

Canna Law Blog

The state intends to change the point of collection for various cannabis taxes. The state believes that this will simplify tax collection both for the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) and for the industry.

Attorneys general from 33 states urge pot banking reform

Cannabis Chronicles

billion industry into our banking system is hurting our public safety and economy,” said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, whose state is the nation’s largest legal pot shop. In a letter to congressional leaders, the attorneys general also argue that under existing law, authorities are less able to track potential financial crimes and it is more difficult for businesses to pay — and for states to collect — tax deposits.

Regarding COVID-19, A Message to the NORML Family from the Executive Director


During this trying time, we must come together to protect this community, as well as the health and safety of others.

RYAH Medtech Inc. Completes Initial Shipment for Major UK-based Clinical Trial

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The initial shipment is designated to be used by the Clinic in a pilot run in preparation for the previously announced study , based out of the United Kingdom, on the safety and efficacy of cannabis and hemp for the treatment of patients suffering from chronic pain.

The Week in Weed: May 22, 2020

The Blunt Truth

The state Supreme Court ruled that all signatures for ballot initiatives must be collected in person. Supporters of medical cannabis in Nebraska are also dealing with safety concerns. They are practicing social distancing while collecting signatures in person.

InMed Pharmaceuticals Announces Completed Enrollment in Phase 1 Clinical Trial of INM-755 CBN Cream in Healthy Subjects

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” Study 755-101-HV is a randomized, vehicle controlled, double-blind, Phase 1 trial, examining the safety and tolerability of two strengths of INM-755 cream in 22 healthy adult volunteers over a 14-day treatment period as part of a randomized, vehicle controlled, double-blind, Phase 1 trial.

Applied DNA Adds First Summer Camp for safeCircle Pooled COVID-19 Surveillance Testing

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Samples will be collected via anterior nasal swabs that offer ease-of-use for all ages. STONY BROOK, N.Y.–(BUSINESS –(BUSINESS WIRE)– $APDN #COVID19 — Applied DNA Sciences, Inc.

Group Representing State Treasurers Formally Calls On Congress To Pass Banking Legislation

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The National Association of State Treasurers adopted a resolution on Friday announcing that the organization “supports common sense federal laws and regulations to provide essential banking services to state legalized cannabis businesses, promote public safety and financial transparency, and facilitate local, state and federal tax and fee collection.”. I hope that Congress will recognize that this public safety issue is bi-partisan and will create safer communities.”.

Insomnia is Treated Effectively with Medical Marijuana

No data was collected on sex or race/ethnicity. In stark contrast to opioids and other available pain medications, cannabis is relatively non-addicting and has the best safety record of any known pain medication (no deaths attributed to overdose or direct effects of medication). Sleep is an essential part of maintaining mental, emotional, biological and physiological balance.

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A Bipartisan Bill Would Regulate Hemp CBD as a Dietary Supplement

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8179 would legalize the manufacture, sale and marketing of hemp, hemp-derived cannabidiol and other hemp extracts (collectively referred to as “Hemp Products”) as dietary supplements under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (“FDCA”).

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The Sale of CBD Foods Is Legal in the UK (For Now)

Canna Law Blog

Last week, the Food Standard Agency (“ FSA ”), the agency responsible for protecting public health in relation to food in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (collectively, the “UK”), cleared a path for the sale of CBD-infused food for the next 12 months.

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