History-Making Legislation To Repeal Marijuana Prohibition Reintroduced


The Act repeals the long-standing federal prohibition of marijuana -- thereby ending the existing state/federal conflict in cannabis policies and providing state governments with greater authority to regulate marijuana-related activities.

Harry Aslinger and the War on Drugs: A History of Politicking and Racism

Cannabis Life Network

For decades, cannabis users have struggled with criminalization and stigma. However, not all of us know about Harry Aslinger, the War on Drugs, and how his politicking and racism are at the root of anti-drug policies globally.


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Likely Senate Power Shift and What It Means for the Prospects of Marijuana Policy Reform, NORML Responds


Senator Schumer's ascension to Majority Leader will mark the first time in US history that the upper chamber is led by a Senator who is openly calling for cannabis legalization. Congress Election Policy

Policy 208

Hi[gh]ring Practices: Salary History Bans

The Blunt Truth

As more states legalize cannabis, growth in job opportunities rises. While there are a host of issues cannabis companies need to consider at the hiring stage (i.e. background checks, policies, benefits, payroll, etc.), this blog post focuses on salary histories.

Is weed gay?: An abbreviated cultural history


LGBTQIA+ people and cannabis enthusiasts share similar experiences when it comes to legal progress, political challenges, and a continued quest for equality. In fact, one study says that queer people consume cannabis at higher rate than straight and cis people.

Reefer Madness Returns – Six Facts From Cannabis History?


Reefer Madness Returns – Six Facts From Cannabis History ? America turns 2019 years old today, and in those years, history has held some of its finest moments. With that said, America has had some evil history as well. I’m of course talking about… REEFER HISTORY.

Forthcoming Title: The Nature of Drugs: History, Pharmacology, and Social Impact By Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin

Cannabis Law Report

The Nature of Drugs presents Sasha Shulgin’s popular San Francisco State University course on what drugs are, how they work, how they are processed by the body, and how they affect our society.

Taylor Hartin Leaves Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority to Join Cannabis Policy Firm VS Strategies (Consulting Arm Of Vincente Sederberg)

Cannabis Law Report

OKLAHOMA CITY — Taylor Hartin has left her role as one of Oklahoma’s top marijuana regulators to join VS Strategies, a leading cannabis policy and public affairs firm, as a senior associate. Cannabis Law News

Blunt Political Ad Goes Viral, Teacher Arrested Over Pot Brownies, & Cannabis Found in Ancient Chinese Tomb


smokes a blunt in his newest ad, pot brownies landed a South Dakota teacher in hot water, and an unearthed tomb shed some light on ancient Chinese cannabis use. Senate Candidate’s Cannabis Political Ad Sparks Conversation. Chinese Tomb Provides Proof of Ancient Cannabis Use.

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Norway’s Alliance for Rights-Oriented Drug Policies (AROD) To Hold Cannabis Sale Outside Oslo Police HQ Sept 11 To Highlight Country’s Drug Policy Failures

Cannabis Law Report

Norway’s Alliance for rights-oriented Drug Policies (AROD) says that to vindicate the rights of drug law violators , they will on 11 September 2021, hold a cannabis sale outside Oslo’s police headquarters to protest the abject failure of Norwegian drug reform.

Gubernatorial Report Card: Learn Where Your Governor Stands on Marijuana Policy


This extensive database assigns a letter grade ‘A’ through ‘F’ to states’ governors based upon their comments and voting records specific to matters of marijuana policy. Following the publication of our 2018 Scorecard, there has been a dramatic shift in opinion among elected officials in favor of marijuana policy reform,” NORML’s Political Director Justin Strekal said.

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China and Cannabis: Stigmatization and Continued Crackdown

Cannabis Life Network

Cannabis in China remains a complicated issue. Cannabis faces stigmatization, and the Chinese government continues to crack down on usage. Just recently, the government implemented new policies that restrict gaming time for youths.

BREAKING: Bill To End Marijuana Prohibition Passes Key Committee


The Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement Act, better known as The MORE Act, would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act and impose a minor excise tax on the legal cannabis industry to pay for the expungement of criminal records, among other changes, passed with a bipartisan vote of 24 to 10. “This is a truly historic moment in our nation’s political history.

New Title: Canada McGill – Queens University Press: Remedicalising Cannabis Science, Industry, and Drug Policy By Suzanne Taylor

Cannabis Law Report

A contemporary history of the remedicalization of cannabis and the shifting boundaries between licit and illicit drugs. When cannabis tincture was withdrawn from the medical establishment in the UK in 1973, cannabis became regulated solely as an illicit drug.

Article & Program Report: Perfecting Cannabis Policy

Cannabis Law Report

The Rappaport Center for Law and Public Policy continued to place a spotlight on issues of equality, inequality, equity, and inequity with its most recent program, “Pot and Parity.”. The program, held on November 1 as part of BC Law’s alumni weekend, focused on the economic and social impacts of cannabis legalization in Massachusetts. Naomi Martin, cannabis reporter from the Boston Globe, served as moderator.

Congress Votes To Protect Legal Marijuana


Today, for the second time in history, the House of Representatives… The post Congress Votes To Protect Legal Marijuana appeared first on NORML. ACTIVISM Advocacy Cannabis Caucus Policy Earl Blumenauer Rep. We did it! Again!)

NCIA Statement On Cannabis Initiatives: Cannabis Policy Reform Wins Big On Election Night as Five States Approve Ballot Initiatives

Cannabis Law Report

Here’s what they are saying as the cannabis results roll in. history, Americans demonstrated unity around at … Read More. During the most divisive election in modern U.S.

City Lights Bookshop & Synergetic Press Present Free 2 Day Event celebrating the pioneering legacy of Sasha and Ann Shulgin for the launch of the first Shulgin book since 2011, The Nature of Drugs: History, Pharmacology, and Social Impact. 

Cannabis Law Report

Dr. Erika Dyck – Professor and a Canada Research Chair in the History of Health & Social Justice. Leonard Pickard – chemist, author, former research associate in neurobiology at Harvard Medical School, and Deputy Director of the Drug Policy Analysis Program at UCLA.

Cannabis Use in the NFL – Will Policies Change?

Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Group Blog

By: Rachel Gillette , Partner and Chair of the Cannabis Law Practice. The National Football League (NFL) preseason is upon us, and though the players may have changed, the league’s strict cannabis policies have not. According to a report from NBC Sports , “the NFL is prepared to make major concessions regarding the substance-abuse policy, especially as it relates to marijuana.” Williams had a history of suspensions from the NFL for marijuana, and retired in 2011.

Congressional Cannabis Caucus Co-Chairs Announced


Today, the rollout of the new leadership team of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus was announced, with Representatives Barbara Lee (D-CA) and David Joyce (R-OH) joining founding members Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Don Young (R-AK). The Cannabis Caucus was the first of its kind to create a forum for elected officials to collaborate on ways to address our outdated federal marijuana laws,” said Rep. 2019 ACTIVISM Advocacy Cannabis Caucus Citizen Lobbyists GOVERNMENT Legalization Polic

Federal Appropriations Bills Include Limited Cannabis Protections


In a change of trajectory, the powerful Appropriations Committee in the House of Representatives has for the first time included limited protections for cannabis businesses engaged in the legal marketplaces in 33 states. Since 2014, there has been a spending restriction that prevents the Department of Justice from spending one penny or paperclip to take action against state-legal medical cannabis programs. Advocacy Banking GOVERNMENT Policy

Former High-Profile Bahamian Politician Blasts Government Over Marijuana Policy


He flat-out blasted the Bahamas’ government for its slow work on cannabis reform. If history is any indicator from countries like Canada and the U.S. (in Whether Gomez knows this, he feels he needs to educate these doctors on the utter silliness of opposing medical cannabis. His message is simple, explaining that the current cannabis policies are poorly thought-out and poorly executed. Studies on basic cannabis subjects are now plentiful.

Cannabis Culture Article: African Governments Militarize Cannabis Production, Create Prison Grow-Ops

Cannabis Law Report

In Zambia , medical cannabis is banned for residents but in February, the army is announced it has secured 20,000 hectares of land ´freely given´ by traditional leaders to cultivate cannabis. They know the Canadians, Chinese, Americans are coming fast onto the cannabis scene.”.

House Members Pass Historic Legislation Legitimizing Retail Cannabis Sales


Today’s vote is a significant victory for the cannabis reform movement and here’s why: for the first time ever, a supermajority of the House voted affirmatively to recognize that the legalization and regulation of marijuana is a superior public policy to prohibition and criminalization. Therefore, almost no state-licensed cannabis businesses can legally obtain a bank account, process credit cards, or provide loans to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

U.S. Marijuana Immigration Policy Draws Criticism from Attorneys


With states allowed to exercise autonomy over their laws – almost to the point of being their own countries – their decisions to legalize cannabis for recreational and/or medical use puts them at odds with the federal government. While recent proposed and implemented changes help protect these states and normalize the cannabis industry, U.S. Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of this immigration policy is the wording of the law. Contradiction to Policy. .

Nevada: A Monumental Year for Cannabis Reform


The Battle Born State made national history with the passing and the subsequent signing by Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak of Assembly Bill 132, which would prohibit employers within the state from rejecting an applicant based solely on a positive result for cannabis in a drug test. Speaking of the correct progressive direction, Assembly Bill 192 would authorize those who have received low-level, usually misdemeanor cannabis possession charges to apply for expungement.

Illinois Legislature Passes the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act


With Governor Pritzker’s Signature, Illinois will become the first state in history to legislatively legalize and regulate cannabis sales. Springfield, IL : Just prior to the closing of the 2019 legislative session, both chambers of the Illinois statehouse passed the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act (HB1438-SFA2) to legalize cannabis and regulate it’s production, manufacture, and distribution. “Cannabis criminalization in Illinois is coming to an end.

S. 420 Introduced To End Federal Prohibition And Regulate Marijuana Nationwide


Senator Ron Wyden has introduced legislation in the Senate — The Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act — to permit states to establish their own marijuana regulatory policies free from federal interference. “Senate Bill 420 is another sign that the growing public support for ending our failed war on cannabis consumers nationwide is continuing to translate into political support amongst federal officials,” said NORML Political Director Justin Strekal.

Safety 219

House Committee Markup Announced To End Marijuana Prohibition


“Thanks to the leadership of the House Judiciary chairman, never in history have we been closer to ending the failed policy of marijuana criminalization and providing pathways to opportunity for our brothers and sisters who have suffered under its oppressive reign.” Earlier this year, members of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security heard expert testimony challenging the federal government’s policy of cannabis prohibition.

Paper: Racial Capitalism and the African American Experience Entering the Cannabis Industry By Dr. Ayoka Nurse

Cannabis Law Report

The current public policies in local and state cannabis ordinance and equity programs may enhance racial disparities if they follow the pattern of exclusion and criminalization that encompass past policies promoted as beneficial to African Americans but uphold racial capitalistic practices.

The History of Marijuana Use Throughout Time

Cannabis Maven

Cannabis use spans thousands of years. Policy

Historic: Judiciary Committee Chairman Introduces Bill To End Federal Marijuana Prohibition


“After nearly a century of prohibition, it is clear this policy has been an absolute failure and a national disgrace. This bill provides a real federal solution by fully descheduling of cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act and providing relief to those suffering under the collateral consequences of having a marijuana charge on their record by facilitating the process of expungements.

Tunisian Youth Group Calls For Legalizing Cannabis

Cannabis Law Report

A group of young Tunisians is calling for the establishment of a National Cannabis Bureau, and the end of the nationwide ban on cannabis. 52” that penalizes cannabis consumption , explaining that it’s “cruel,” the report added. Global Advocacy & Policy Global Forum

Growing Pains Pt. 2 Adult-Use Marijauna in Illinois: A Case Study for Market and Policy Patterns

Cannabis Law Report

In May of 2019, the State’s General Assembly passed Illinois House Bill 1438 – the “Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act.” . Ultimately, if we don’t learn from history, we’re doomed to repeat it. On January 1st, 2020, Illinois became the 11th state to legalize adult-use marijuana.

An Update on ASA’s Biden-Harris Can Do It! Campaign

Americans for Safe Access

When then presidential candidate Joe Biden released his approach to federal cannabis policy in May of 2020, it marked the first time in history a major party presidential candidate included a cannabis-specific policy goal in their campaign.

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Video: Let’s Be Blunt with Montel – CANNABIS LAW | JOSIAH YOUNG

Cannabis Law Report

Cannabis has a special responsibility when it comes to social justice, because cannabis has a special history. On this episode of Let’s be Blunt Montel talks with Josiah Young, a NY & CA licensed attorney with a passion for social equity within the cannabis industry.

Action Needed: Marijuana Vote This Week In Congress


However, since 2014, members of Congress have passed annual spending bills that included a provision protecting those who engage in the state-sanctioned use and dispensing of medical cannabis from undue prosecution by the Department of Justice. Never in modern history has there existed greater public support for ending the nation’s nearly century-long failed experiment with marijuana prohibition. 2019 Advocacy Citizen Lobbyists GOVERNMENT Grassroots Legalization Policy