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Louisiana: Senate Passes Amended Bill Permitting Doctors to Recommend Medical Cannabis for “Any Condition”


Senators on Wednesday passed legislation to significantly expand the pool of patients eligible to qualify for medical cannabis access. 2020 LEGISLATION Medical Marijuana discretion doctors home delivery Louisiana medical cannabis

200,000 Marijuana Patients in PA

Nature's Way Medicine

Sometime last week, Pennsylvania reached 200,000 medical marijuana card holders approved by physicians to purchase cannabis in dispensaries. Anxiety disorders became an approved condition last summer. News Pennsylvania 200000 medical marijuana news patients pennsylvania

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Patients In Florida Can Finally Smoke Medical Cannabis


Newly sworn-in Governor Ron DeSantis officially ended the statewide ban on smokable forms of medical cannabis in Florida, making good on the promise he made to patients. DeSantis signed Senate Bill 182 “Medical Use of Marijuana” into law.

How does medical marijuana help patients with Epilepsy?

The Epilepsy Foundation defines epilepsy as a chronic condition of the brain which causes seizures and affects 65 million people worldwide. It is not fully known the genetic origins of epilepsy or if the condition is hereditary. Medical marijuana can alleviate certain side effects and, some research indicates, reduce the number of seizures a patient experiences. Cannabinoids are compounds in cannabis that target cells in the body. Patient Education

What Marijuana Patients with Heart Problems Need to Know


In January of 2020, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology published a review titled Marijuana Use in Patients With Cardiovascular Disease. Marijuana Heart Study Summary. adults who have reported ever using marijuana have cardiovascular disease.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help Cancer Patients?

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Patients often turn to alternative therapies to help them cope with the pain of the disease and the disabling effects of the treatment drugs. A question frequently asked is “Can medical marijuana help cancer patients?” How can medical cannabis help cancer patients?

Medical cannabis qualified patient bill has one last stop before the governor’s desk

The NM Political Report | Medical Cannabis Program

A bill aimed at limiting who can enroll in the state’s Medical Cannabis Program was approved in committee Monday morning and now has one more stop before the governor’s desk.

Study: Daily Cannabis Use Among Pain Patients Associated with Less Non-Prescription Opioid Use


Patients suffering from persistent pain conditions who frequently use cannabis are far less likely to use non-prescription opioids, according to longitudinal data published in the journal PLOS One.

Texas NORML: Patient Lobby Day Recap


In the Texas State Capitol Building, dozens of patients joined us to ask their legislators to coauthor legislation that makes the Texas Compassionate Use Program more inclusive and effective. Patients then broke out into groups by district and went to visit their legislative offices.

Marijuana & COVID-19: New Study Preview


In a working draft of research prepared by Canadian scientists, study authors claim that their findings are “crucial for the future analysis of the effects of medical cannabis on COVID-19.” But what does marijuana have to do with ACE2? Why Study Marijuana?

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How To Choose The Right MMJ Strain For Your Patient

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If you are an MMJ caregiver, you’ve probably wondered, “How do I know which medical marijuana strain to give to my patient?” Choosing the right MMJ strain is super important because different medical marijuana strains have very different effects on patients.

3 Reasons Why MMJ Patients Are Allowed To Grow More Marijuana Than The General Public

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Marijuana laws can be quite confusing; as it stands in 2019, the drug exists in a kind of grey area, where it’s legal in some states and illegal in others. MMJ is legal in far more states than its recreational cousin, but can still prove confusing for patients and non-patients alike.

Cannabis May Enhance Cognition and Memory

In 2017, researcher Andreas Zimmer of the University of Bonn in Germany published his study titled Cannabis reverses aging process in the brain. This study gives hope to those who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia and other brain-affected conditions.

NH House Says Yes To Two Bills Expanding Medical Cannabis Conditions

Cannabis Law Report

The New Hampshire House of Representatives approved two bills to make medical marijuana available to more patients by expanding the state’s list of treatable conditions, but a more expansive measure died in the Senate. NH House OKs bills expanding medical cannabis conditions.

4 Reasons Why MMJ Patients Are Allowed To Possess More Marijuana Than The General Public

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The laws surrounding marijuana, both for medicinal and recreational use, are constantly changing and differ from state to state. However, there are still some very straightforward advantages to having a medical marijuana (MMJ) card. Medical marijuana recommendation and possession.

Ohio Thinking of Adding Anxiety and Autism to List Qualifying Medical Marijuana Conditions


Over a million Ohio citizens could see their medical options open if the state decides to expand its eligible medical marijuana conditions, reports The Center Square. The subject first appeared in June, when the State Medical Board considered adding anxiety and autism as eligible for medical cannabis, at the discretion of a medical professional. million anxiety patients (14% of Ohio’s population) and 44,000 children with autism, says The Center Square.

Becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient

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Becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient in the United States involves different requirements depending on the state you reside in. Check our article on Medical Marijuana States or for more information for laws in your state.

Marijuana-Based Parkinson’s Medication Moves Forward


Patients with Parkinson’s disease also frequently suffer from mood issues such as apathy and depression. They describe their goal as “marrying cutting edge cannabis cultivation with biopharmaceutical research and development.” Parkinson’s Disease: Marijuana Studies.

Dosing A Patient With MMJ: A Primary Caregiver’s Guide

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Being a caregiver to a medical marijuana patient is a big responsibility. Here is a primary caregiver’s guide to medical marijuana to help you feel confident and knowledgeable in your MMJ duties. How Much Medical Marijuana Should I Give My Patient?

Marijuana for Nausea: Helping Cancer Patients for Decades


It took a lot of time for humanity to “rediscover” the medical potential of cannabis. Although there’s still a long way to go, cannabis has been accepted by many as a tool for treating regular nausea, but also nausea caused by chemotherapy. And that’s where cannabis comes into play.

How Many MMJ Patients Are in Oklahoma?

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As more states legalize medical marijuana (MMJ), its usage is becoming more prevalent throughout the United States. Medical marijuana in Oklahoma officially became legal in August 2018. Furthermore, the increase of Oklahoma MMJ patients meant additional legislation needed to be passed.

Ohio Medical Cannabis Patients Rejoice As Edibles Will Soon Be Available


The first medical cannabis product manufacturing license was just awarded in Ohio, giving patients in the program a reason to celebrate. In the same facility, a 25,000 square foot space is dedicated to cultivating cannabis plants. Ohio Medical Cannabis Program Update.

More Marijuana Weight Loss Evidence: THCA-A


There’s a lot of evidence to support the benefits of marijuana for weight loss and weight control. and our doctors remain committed to keeping patients informed on developing research. A few highlights: * As a group, marijuana users are less likely to be obese than non-users.

Marijuana and HIV: Can Weed Help HIV Patients


Marijuana and HIV are two topics that can come together. Due to the medical properties of cannabis , it is no secret that HIV patients have used it as a pain and stress relief method for a long time. Marijuana and HIV for Mental Health. Marijuana for a Better Appetite.

PA: Health Secretary to Add Anxiety Disorders and Tourette Syndrome to Medical Marijuana Program Serious Medical Conditions

Cannabis Law Report

After a careful review of the medical literature available about these conditions, I have decided to approve this recommendation,” Dr. Levine said. Patients should consult with their health care provider to see if medical marijuana will be beneficial for them.

Video: Cops Search For Marijuana in Hospital Room of Missouri Man Suffering from Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer


A Missouri man suffering from stage-four (IV) pancreatic cancer endured a police raid on his hospital room Thursday, as officers searched his belongings for cannabis. By the time his condition was diagnosed, it had already spread to his liver, qualifying his cancer as stage IV.

New Mexico Adds Opioid Use Disorder and Other Ailments as Qualifying Medical Marijuana Condition

The Joint Blog

New Mexico health officials on Thursday expanded the list of qualifying conditions for the state’s medical cannabis program to include opioid use disorder and several others, reports the Associated Press.

5 Ways Marijuana Helps Cancer Patients

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Marijuana is becoming a widely accepted option for treating cancer patients. And in places where it is legal, cannabis is prescribed by doctors as an effective relaxant and pain suppressant. Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy often experience weight loss during the period.

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4 Ways Medical Marijuana Can Help Arthritis Patients

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Medical marijuana is used for many chronic conditions, one of which is arthritis in all its forms. So how does marijuana help arthritis, exactly? Can marijuana help arthritis? If you’ve been wondering “Can marijuana help joint pain?”,

PrestoDoctor Launches Medical Marijuana Patient Curated Shop!


PrestoDoctor is thrilled to announce PrestoDoctor Shop , a medical marijuana patient curated shop! PrestoDoctor Shop features only the most trusted product and brands in cannabis. Every item listed is chosen specifically for the needs of medical marijuana patients.

Huge Win for Epilepsy Patient as D.C. Lifts Ban on Medical Marijuana in Schools


Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states, technically placing it in the same category as any other prescription medication. It then be logical to assume that children with prescriptions would be allowed to consume medical cannabis in school. Marijuana is Usually a Last Resort. .

New Mexico Medical Marijuana Patient Levels Spike Since Mid-2018


As the stigma and laws around marijuana both relax, patient access to medical marijuana continues to broaden in many states. In cases like New Mexico, it did not take long for medical marijuana use to skyrocket. The number of registered patients has notably jumped in the last few months, with an even larger overall increase over the past year. But this surge in medical marijuana’s popularity may have unintended – albeit positive – effects.

How to Get a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card


Looking for medical cannabis in Michigan? You'll need a state-issued patient ID card. The post How to Get a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card appeared first on Leafly. Health dispensaries medical marijuana Michigan qualifying conditions

Why Does Marijuana Make You Lose Weight?


As leading researchers summarize: The effect size of cannabis use on body mass index (BMI) is large and the magnitude of the difference in BMI of users and non-users is of clinical significance. Already know that medical marijuana is right for you? Marijuana & Obesity Rates.

New Jersey approves medical marijuana as treatment for opioid addiction


Prescription painkiller addicts can now seek medical cannabis as a form of treatment in New Jersey. Phil Murphy (D) on Wednesday announced that opioid addiction will be added to the list of qualifying conditions that allows residents to obtain medical marijuana, reports

5 Things Veterans Deserve to Know About Medical Marijuana


As we honor those who have served in the United States armed forces, CannaMD has organized five of the most important things every veteran deserves to know about medical marijuana, PTSD , and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Medical Marijuana Patients Still Receive VA Benefits.

Marijuana Increases Productivity in Older Adults


If there’s one stigma that marijuana patients have had the hardest time shaking, it’s that they’re lazy. One recent study, published in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management , suggests medical marijuana may improve both the health and employment prospects of older adults.