Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) Reports Says States Have Collected $US10 Billion In Cannabis Taxes So Far

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Legalizing cannabis for adults has been a wise investment. Since 2014 when sales began in Colorado and Washington, legalization policies have provided states a new revenue stream to bolster budgets and fund important services and programs. Cannabis-Tax-Revenue.

Polish Free Hemp Initiative collects 100,000 signatures in 2021

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The Free Hemp Citizens’ Initiative, seeking to introduce a law decriminalizing the possession and cultivation of cannabis, has faced a… Read More. Global Advocacy & Policy Global Forum


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States Collect $3.7 Billion In Recreational Cannabis Tax Revenue In 2021 Says MPP Report

Cannabis Law Report

States that have legalized marijuana for adult use collectively generated more than $3.7 billion in tax revenue from recreational cannabis sales in 2021, a report from the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) that was released on Wednesday found. States Collected More Than $3.7

CA: Lake County Board of Supervisors clarify cannabis tax collection policy

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Cannabis Tax IntelSabatier: ‘This is what everybody who voted on Measure C was anticipating’ The Lake County Record Bee writes LAKE COUNTY — If you grow the … Read More.

What Is the MORE Act, and How Could It Change Marijuana Policy Forever?


How will it work, and what will it do for cannabis consumers, pot convicts, and the burgeoning gray-market industry? Currently, public support for legalizing weed nationwide is at an all-time high: 62 percent of Americans favor legalizing the adult use of marijuana, while over 90 percent want access to medical cannabis. Under the MORE Act, marijuana would be completely removed from the Controlled Substances Act, which currently classifies cannabis as a Schedule I drug.

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Grassroots Activism and Marijuana Policy: A Winning Combination


Regardless of the policy you’re advocating for (e.g., you’ll find an extensive collection of recent studies and fact-based information that will reinforce your position in NORML’s Online Library. Priority legislation includes: the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act , the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act , the VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act and more! Marijuana policy should be evidence based.

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MJ Biz : Oakland sends social equity marijuana licensees to collections over unpaid loans

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Marijuana regulators in Oakland, California, have begun referring a handful of social equity licensees to the city’s collections department after they defaulted on loans intended to help get their companies started. According to a report shared with the Oakland Cannabis Commission on Oct.

Missouri Medical Cannabis Policy Alert

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More information about the language and how it helps Missouri cannabis companies is below. This archaic tax code should be updated now that 36 states and the District of Columbia have approved medical marijuana or cannabis programs. Medical Cannabis News

Lawmakers Reintroduce Marijuana Data Collection Act To Congress


A bipartisan group of lawmakers from both houses of Congress reintroduced on Thursday the Marijuana Data Collection Act, a bill that would require the federal government to study the effects of legal cannabis. Marijuana Data Collection Act Puts Medical Marijuana Under The Microscope.

Do You Want To Advise On Oregon Cannabis Policy? OLCC Need you

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Help update the framework for regulating the Alcohol & Cannabis Industries. Are you interested in helping the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission to draft rules and policies? Cannabis Advisory Committee Application. They sent out this alert May 12.

Italy – Supreme Court of Cassation informs cannabis advocates that it has validated the 630K signautres collected in referendum push

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Italian officials certified on Wednesday that activists collected enough signatures to place a marijuana legalization referendum on the country’s ballot this spring—though there’s still one more procedural step before the measure will officially be on its way to voters.

NY Office of Cannabis Management – Director of Policy (Deputy Director, NS)

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Office of Cannabis Management. Director of Policy (Deputy Director, NS) #10901. Duties include, but are not limited to: • Oversee the data analysis and evaluation of programs, policies, and initiatives for the Office. Cannabis Employment: Professional Positions & News

Cannabis Trade Federation Issues Update On Cannabis Policy Votes Around the Country

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Today has been a big day for cannabis policy reform! From all four corners of the country, in an incredibly diverse collection of states, every … Read More.

Cannabis Use in the NFL – Will Policies Change?

Greenspoon Marder Cannabis Law Group Blog

By: Rachel Gillette , Partner and Chair of the Cannabis Law Practice. The National Football League (NFL) preseason is upon us, and though the players may have changed, the league’s strict cannabis policies have not. That stands to change, though, with the renegotiation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement – a labor agreement between the NFL team owners and the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) – which expires after the 2020 season.

Illinois Collects Nearly $100 Million More From Marijuana Tax Revenue Than Alcohol In 2021, State Data Shows

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And cannabis tax dollars have exceeded those for liquor every month since February. The trend is yet another example of the strength of Illinois’s recreational cannabis market , which launched in January 2020 and has consistently seen record-breaking sales in the months since.

A big player staying committed to craft: Introducing Trulieve’s Cultivar Collection


The new Cultivar Collection from Trulieve demonstrates how a multi-state player can stay craft at its core. Nowhere is this truer than in the cultivation of craft cannabis. Crafting the Cultivar Collection. The proof is in the pudding with Trulieve’s new Cultivar Collection.

Jason Straw: Medical Cannabis Policy, ISNA 2020 Conference

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PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. In Indianapolis on January 29, a quiet, eager audience of nurses give their rapt attention to Jason Straw as he takes center stage at the 2020 ISNA Policy Conference. ISNA 2020 POLICY CONFERENCE AGENDA, Jason Straw- Cannabis Policy.

Dead, Alive, Comatose. Are medical cannabis collectives dead or alive? 

Cannabis Law Report

PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. DEAD – ALIVE – COMATOSE – Are medical cannabis collectives dead or alive? What about medical cannabis cooperatives? What about adult-use cannabis collectives and cooperatives? Does it make a difference if you ask a cannabis industry expert? We have concluded the phrase “cannabis industry expert” may be an oxymoron.

Norway’s Alliance for Rights-Oriented Drug Policies (AROD) To Hold Cannabis Sale Outside Oslo Police HQ Sept 11 To Highlight Country’s Drug Policy Failures

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Norway’s Alliance for rights-oriented Drug Policies (AROD) says that to vindicate the rights of drug law violators , they will on 11 September 2021, hold a cannabis sale outside Oslo’s police headquarters to protest the abject failure of Norwegian drug reform.

San Diego: Supervisors OK Cannabis Review Policy, Changes For Existing Facilities

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County supervisors Wednesday approved by a 4-1 vote an environmental review process for commercial cannabis operations in unincorporated areas, allowing for future expansion.

Santa Ana’s Cannabis Shop Policies Praised for Boosting Community Investment, But Questions Remain

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In 2018, officials asked voters to decide whether commercial cannabis should be allowed, placing Measure Y on the ballot. Their answer was “Yes,” and now City Hall licenses, regulates and taxes the legal cannabis shops operating in the city.

Maine: OMP Update – Adult Use Sample Collection Rulemaking/Metrc Best Practices, Precautions, and Reminders/ Important Tax Information for MMMP Registrants and AUMP Licensees + More

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OMP Completes Adult Use Sample Collection Rulemaking On Friday, September 11, the Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP) adopted amendments to the Adult Use Marijuana Program … Read More. The post Maine: OMP Update - Adult Use Sample Collection Rulemaking/Metrc Best Practices, Precautions, and Reminders/ Important Tax Information for MMMP Registrants and AUMP Licensees + More first appeared on Cannabis Law Report. Cannabis Law News

United Coalition of Cannabis Associations Successfully Advocated Amendments into AB 45, Establishing A Foundation for Comprehensive Cannabinoid Policy.

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The mission of the United Cannabis Business Association is to establish a comprehensive, statewide cannabinoid policy. It is in that same spirit that UCBA has spent the last three years advocating for responsible consumable hemp policy. The UCBA write.

Not-very-NICE: UK Cannabis Policy and Harm to Patients


This commentary on the NICE UK cannabis guidelines is originally published by The Academy of Medical Cannabis , the globally leading institute for clinical training and research in cannabis-based medicinal products. Since the early 1990s, Israel has stood at the front line of cannabis medicalization. Israel’s approach to cannabis has contributed to reducing stigma and increasing access for patients around the world.

Generation Hemp Chairman and CEO to Speak at Southern Hemp Expo and Company Targets Green Policy

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a Dallas/Fort Worth based midstream hemp company (OTCQB: GENH) and its wholly-owned subsidiary, GENH Halcyon Acquisition, LLC (collectively the “Company”), today announced that its Chairman and CEO, Gary C. DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– $ACB #GENH –Generation Hemp, Inc.,

Oregon: The OLCC Needs You – Are you interested in helping the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to draft rules and policies?   

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Are you interested in helping the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to draft rules and policies? We are collecting information from interested individuals and industry representatives to lend their expertise to OLCC Advisory Committees. Cannabis Advisory Committee Application.

Chacruna… Psilocybin Mushroom Policy Review Panel: 2021 Comprehensive Report

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The initiative also created the Denver Psilocybin Policy Review Panel (“Panel”), which was required to report back to the City on the public safety and other impacts of decriminalization. The following authors contribute. Kevin Matthews. Shane LeMaster, B.A., LAC, CMPC. Sean McAllister, Esq.

Finnish Cannabis Association Collecting Signatures To Get Referendum On Cannabis Legalization

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Newsweed report… While cannabis is not really a political issue in Finland, a citizens’ initiative has taken up the subject and proposes to decriminalize cannabis in Finland . The Finnish Cannabis Association has launched an information campaign on the benefits of the plant, as well as a citizen referendum to decriminalize the personal use, possession and small-scale cultivation of cannabis, and to allow Cannabis clubs.

Idaho Cannabis Advocates Launch Legalization Efforts in ‘The Most Hostile State’ Toward Policy Reform


Idaho cannabis advocates are working to place medical and decriminalization measures on the 2022 ballot in what Russ Belville, spokesperson for the Idaho Citizens Coalition for Cannabis , calls “the most hostile state” toward policy reform. of cannabis plant material.

CCIA Policy Conference What’s Missing?

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CPA’s” PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. CCIA Policy Conference What’s Missing? – On Wednesday, March 20, 2019, the California Cannabis Industry Association (“CCIA”) will host its 4th Annual Policy Conference in Sacramento, California. 2019 Policy Development & Legislation , moderated by Amy Jenkins, CCIA. moderated by Kristin Nevedal, International Cannabis Farmers Association.

New Study: Demographic and policy-based differences in behaviors and attitudes towards driving after marijuana use: an analysis of the 2013–2017 Traffic Safety Culture Index

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In short the study learns that legalized states tend not to have their roads overcrowded with stoned drivers and cannabis users like alcohol users self police their behaviour. Marijuana policies in the United States (U.S.) Third, we only considered three types of marijuana policies.

Ontario Cannabis Policy Continues to Hurt the Legal Market


From opt-outs to gross limitations on the number of initial cannabis stores, “competent” is hardly a word we could use to describe Ontario’s marijuana policy. Ontario will not allow dispensaries to offer “click-and-collect” purchases or home deliveries. . No Click-and-Collect or Delivery Options. The concept of click-and-collect is hardly new. Click-and-collect would be an amazing tool for dispensaries.

Federal Hemp CBD Policy Is Taking Shape: How Will Products Be Tested and Labeled?

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Last week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) submitted a CBD enforcement policy to the White House. You can read NIST’s press release on the Cannabis Quality Assurance ( CannaQAP ) program here. After collecting responses, NIST will publish the measurements the labs obtained.

House Members Pass Historic Legislation Legitimizing Retail Cannabis Sales


Today’s vote is a significant victory for the cannabis reform movement and here’s why: for the first time ever, a supermajority of the House voted affirmatively to recognize that the legalization and regulation of marijuana is a superior public policy to prohibition and criminalization. Therefore, almost no state-licensed cannabis businesses can legally obtain a bank account, process credit cards, or provide loans to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Former High-Profile Bahamian Politician Blasts Government Over Marijuana Policy


He flat-out blasted the Bahamas’ government for its slow work on cannabis reform. Whether Gomez knows this, he feels he needs to educate these doctors on the utter silliness of opposing medical cannabis. His message is simple, explaining that the current cannabis policies are poorly thought-out and poorly executed. Like all other cannabis prohibition laws, Bahma’s restrictions on medical cannabis are blatantly absurd.

Bloomberg Article Looks At Harborside, 280E and “drug war policy”

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The court sided with the government and is expected to charge Harborside between $11 million and $13 million in back taxes under a drug war-era tax policy that’s become the bane of pot company CPAs’ existence: Section 280E. We also expect it would—or certainly hope it would—lead to the industry collectively saving millions and millions of dollars, potentially hundreds of millions of dollars,” said co-founder Steve DeAngelo, who refers to himself as the company’s chairman emeritus.

Paper: Racial Capitalism and the African American Experience Entering the Cannabis Industry By Dr. Ayoka Nurse

Cannabis Law Report

The current public policies in local and state cannabis ordinance and equity programs may enhance racial disparities if they follow the pattern of exclusion and criminalization that encompass past policies promoted as beneficial to African Americans but uphold racial capitalistic practices.