Create a Brand with the Right Cannabis Packaging

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Cannabis packaging is particularly significant for organizations hoping to discover accomplishment in the developing business sector. The Problem with Marijuana Packaging. Wholesale Marijuana Packaging. Retail Marijuana Packaging. Custom Marijuana Packaging.

Health Canada’s Current Plastic Hypocrisy

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Blog Business Cannabis Legalization Featured Health Marijuana Legalization Marijuana News cannabis packaging Health Canada Justin Trudeau marijuana packaging plastic packagingThese days, environmental issues are at the top of everyones’ news feed.

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California Cannabis Agencies Drop New Packaging and Labeling Guidance

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On March 7, 2019 the California Department of Public Health (“CDPH”), which regulates cannabis manufacturers, dropped a new list of updated resources for packaging and labeling. Repackage using compliant packaging – Manufacturers can repackage cannabis products on their premises.

6 Hot-for-Pot Cities Driving the US Market

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Additional titles in the series analyze the pet, food and beverage, packaging, and supplies areas of the cannabis/CBD industry. Blog Business Cannabis Legalization CBD News Featured Marijuana News Press Releases THC News cannabis research study CBD Freedonia and Packaged Facts THC

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The Momma Blog: The Rules About Children on a “Licensed Premise”

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The Momma Blog: The Rules About Children on a “Licensed Premise” By Heather Burke. Nor do any of the three regulation packages set out a penalty for violating this statute.

Manzuri Law Blog Post: The Cannabis Advisory Committee: Going from Puppeteering to Action

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BLOG POST. The state has published one-pagers on issues like packaging and labeling requirements, but the industry is still waiting on formal guidance for important issues like white labeling, and greater movement on policies such as compassionate use and social equity.

Tilray uses Saavy loan-to-own to buy a CBD-ready soap biz on the cheap

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Blog Business Cannabis Canada Cannabis Legalization Cannabis News CBD News Featured Marijuana Legalization Marijuana News THC News cannabis canada CBD NASDAQ savvy naturals THC tilray inc.

California Issues Guidance to Cannabis Distributors

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The recently released Distributor (Type 11) fact sheet addresses important issues faced by cannabis distributors such as transportation, packaging and labeling, testing, transfers and storage of cannabis goods. By: Robert Finkle, Senior Counsel.

Hemp CBD Litigation in 2020: Prop 65

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We encourage manufacturers, producers, packagers, importers, suppliers or distributors of CBD products to contact us for further information. Blog Cannabis Cannabis Blog Federal Hemp and CBD Legal Updates Publications CBD FDA fda warning letter hemp hemp law hemp litigation proposition 54We hope we turn out to be wrong, but 2020 could be the year of litigation for hemp derived products, especially including FDA regulated CBD products and companies with California customers.

Florida’s Legislature Passed a Commercial Hemp Bill, Paving the Way for a New Industry in the State

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Under the Hemp Bill, hemp extract – defined as a compound of hemp that is intended for ingestion – may be distributed and sold in Florida if the product meets certain testing and packaging requirements. Blog Cannabis Cannabis Blog Federal Hemp and CBD Legal Updates Publications CBD law florida cbd florida hemp hemp hemp bill senate bill 1020 usdaBy Matthew Ginder , Senior Counsel.

USPS Acceptance Criteria for CBD Oil and Products Containing CBD: Guidance, or lack thereof?

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However, the USPS appears to be creating a method of shipping to prevent potential seizure or temporary detainment of packages containing CBD oil or products containing CBD. Blog Cannabis Cannabis Blog Federal Hemp and CBD Legal Updates CBD oil CBD shipping farm bill hemp hemp shipping laws USPSBy: Nabil Rodriguez*, J.D. On March 4, 2019, the United States Postal Service (“USPS”) Business Mail Acceptance (“BMA”) released guidance on mailing hemp-derived CBD.

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New York Legislature Passes Breakthrough CBD Hemp Bill

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The bill, to be reviewed by Governor Cuomo, provides the regulatory framework for two-year renewable licensing (growing, manufacturing, extracting), packaging and labeling requirements (including negative health impact warning information and restrictions on health claims), and laboratory testing oversight to include QR codes linked to consumer information. Blog Cannabis Cannabis Blog Federal Hemp and CBD Legal Updates Publications cannabis CBD hemp hemp law lupardo hemp new york hemp

What’s New For Oklahoma Medical Marijuana In 2020?

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There are pretty strict standards in place regarding the packaging, labeling, and testing of marijuana products, but many people are guessing that there will be even more regulations put into law to ensure consumer safety overall.

Model Cannabis Brands with Business Lessons to Teach

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Their SENTRI track and trace system uses the lot number located on the package to trace the origin of your cannabis from source to market, all the way back to the mother plant. Marley Natural’s eye-catching packaging design is a perfect example. Health - Featured Medical Marijuana Blo

FDA and CDC Investigate THC Vapes and Issue Warnings: Still more questions than answers…

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According to FDA, “The outbreak is occurring in the context of a dynamic marketplace for e-cigarette, or vaping, products, which may have a mix of ingredients, complex packaging and supply chains, and include potentially illicit substances. Blog Cannabis Blog PublicationsBy: Jessica Wasserman, Esq.

How Cannabis Concentrate Can Help You

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Concentrates come in a variety of options packaged in different flavors and scents. The post How Cannabis Concentrate Can Help You appeared first on Medical Marijuana Blog. Devices Health Medical Marijuana Blog

This Canadian Cannabis Advisory Ad Is Full-On Trippy


The whole package has a lot to unpack: actually pretty decent advice; partnering with an authentic young artist from Yellowknife; the local culture incorporated into design, language, and message; and then just the sheer hallucinogenic quality of the thing. Blog canada News Politics

What Are The New Changes Made By The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority In 2019?

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Updated packaging requirements – The new rules also require information to be placed on medical marijuana products that note the potency of the product as well as if it’s been tested for contamination.

You Can Now Smoke and Buy Weed in Canada

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These stores offers various packaged products (dry herb, bundled cigarettes, oils, sprays, pills). The post You Can Now Smoke and Buy Weed in Canada appeared first on Medical Marijuana Blog. General News History In the News Law Medical Marijuana Blog

6 Of The Best Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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Packaging and labelling is important, too. The Medical Marijuana Blog dispensaries medical marijuana dispensary medical marijuana oklahoma MMJ dispensary OK Oklahoma Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Oklahoma MMJ CardIf you own an Oklahoma MMJ card, then you’re in good company!

Newfoundland Cannabis Store Closes Amidst Supply Shortages


At the purchase point for suppliers, Greening explains, she can specify the type of product—for example, Plain Packaging cannabis flower—and see an estimated THC range before placing orders and making payment. Blog canada industry News Politics retail stores

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8 Reasons Why The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Industry Will Grow And Grow

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The Unity Bill dictates rules regarding product testing, labeling, packaging, and sales tracking. The Medical Marijuana Blog Medical Marijuana Industry medical marijuana oklahoma MMJ Industry Oklahoma Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Oklahoma MMJ Card

Maine’s Cannabis Legalization Timeline Goes up in Smoke


State officials said Friday that Maine rescinded a Los Angeles consultant’s winning bid to help craft the rules about key issues such as sales and packaging of marijuana. adult-use cannabis Blog industry legalization maine News Politics

Where To Buy MMJ In Oklahoma

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The various strains on offer should be well-packaged and clearly labeled. The Medical Marijuana Blog buy medical marijuana dispensaries dispensary medical marijuana dispensary MMJ dispensary Oklahoma Oklahoma MMJ Card

Here’s looking at you, 2020 – A Merry Canna Christmas Wishlist

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Greener Packaging for Cannabis The excessive, unnecessary packaging requirements for cannabis since legalization has been one of my biggest gripes […]. The holidaze are upon us, and another year is just around the corner.

What does legalization mean for medical users? What you need to know

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Some helpful tips when travelling with medical cannabis: Keep your medicine in its original packaging. Blog General Info calgary cannabis cannabis alberta cannabis calgary cannabis canada city of calgary health canada licensed producers medical cannabis medical cannabis calgaryLegalization means access to cannabis has greatly increased, for both medical and recreational users alike.

The 8 Best MMJ Sweets On The Market

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Their packaging is also nice and discreet as well, making them unlikely to be sampled by eager children, which is always a plus if you have kids around! Their packaging is also awesome, and the taste is sublime; some of the best-tasting marijuana chocolate out there for sure.

Strike Oil: Desire for Cannabis Oil Heats Up


Is discretion (packaging) important to you? Moreover upcoming NewsMunchies blogs will take a deep dive look at SHO and talk about concentrated CBD via coils. Baked CannaBiz Medical Marijuana Ted's BlogTHIS BUD’S FOR YOU: I’m not a fan of trends because by definition, trends will pass. But the next big thing is cannabis oil, and I’m here to tell you it’s more than a trend – it’s a movement, it’s a lifestyle.

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5 Common Mistakes Patients New to Medical Cannabis Make

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Licensed producers deliver their products in a package. The medical marijuana patient population is growing in Canada. Even as rules are changing, many are discovering the medicinal properties of cannabis. As more research is conducted, more doctors and patients alike are convinced medical marijuana may be the right treatment for them. Are you part of this growing population? New patients often have many questions, some of which your doctor may not be able to answer.

Opinion: California Legalization Is Lumbering to Life


All legal cannabis in the state is now in child-resistant packaging. adult-use cannabis Blog california News opinion PoliticsCalifornia’s legal cannabis industry is lumbering to life. But you wouldn’t know it from the groans of the industry and its critics.

What Patients Should Know about Medical Cannabis in the Workplace

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Ask your employer if they’ll consider adding this coverage to your medical benefits package or making it an option for you and your co-workers. The Cannabis Act made recreational cannabis legal across all of Canada in October 2018. Ahead of legalization, many stakeholders reviewed their policies towards the use of cannabis.

Meet the man budding to smash diabetes with cannabis therapy

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” Breaking News Featured Mark Taylor UK / EU Cannabis Compliance Blog diabetes Martin Tindall medicinal cannabis medicinal marijuana Phoenix Phoenix Life Sciences International snoop dogg South Pacific

Malta: Cannabis smokers will register with State under proposed reform

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We will have a complimentary law enforcement package that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of policing,” Farrugia Portelli said. Mark Taylor UK / EU Cannabis Compliance BlogMalta Today reports.

How to Grow Weed – A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

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Storage, packaging and consumption. The post How to Grow Weed – A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners appeared first on Medical Marijuana Blog. Grow Blog Health - Featured Learn to Grow

‘Make It Legal And Give Us Control’, Swiss Pharmacies Tell Government

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Cannabis should be classified as a medicinal product, she said, and therefore all active ingredients msu be displayed on the packaging. . “We Featured Mark Taylor UK / EU Cannabis Compliance Blog Michael Herzig Pharma-Suisse switzerland Zurich