Illinois: Medical Cannabis Expansion Measures Signed into Law


Pritzker (D) has signed two separate medical cannabis expansion bills into law. Senate Bill 2023 expands the state’s medical cannabis program by adding several new qualifying conditions, allowing physicians assistants and advanced practice registered nurses to recommend medical cannabis to their patients, allowing minor patients to have up to three caregivers instead of two, among other changes. Illinois Governor J.B.

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Leaf Traders Launches First Survey Marketplace for Cannabis and Hemp Market Research

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September 24, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – Leaf Traders, a development company, is launching the first self-service survey marketplace for qualitative cannabis and hemp market research. We are cannabis advocates developing innovative technology to promote the cannabis/hemp industry and community.

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NJ Cancels Vote On Adult Use Murphy Couldn’t Muster The Numbers

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billion in annual retail sales by 2023. New Jersey lawmakers cancel vote on adult-use cannabis bill. Cannabis Law NewsMJ Biz Report. New Jersey lawmakers called off their scheduled vote Monday on a bill to legalize adult-use marijuana after Gov.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 5/31/19


Governor Jared Polis (D) of Colorado signed multiple cannabis reform bills into law that regulate cannabis delivery services and social consumption spaces, and reduce criminal penalties for the possession of large quantities of cannabis.

MJ Biz Publish 2019 Factbook

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Retail sales of medical and recreational cannabis in the United States are on pace to eclipse $12 billion by the end of 2019 – an increase of roughly 35% over 2018 – and could rise as high as $30 billion by 2023.

Malta: Cannabis smokers will register with State under proposed reform

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Cannabis smokers will be asked to register with the government once a reform of the country’s cannabis rules is implemented. As such, she said that there would need to be some way of monitoring how much cannabis users are consuming. Three perspectives to cannabis .

CBD is on a Roll, but the FDA is Hitting the Brakes

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market for CBD continues to skyrocket and companies competing in the cannabis space become more developed, they are being held back by the slow federal regulatory response at the Food and Drug Administration. CBD sales by 2023. As the U.S.

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Law Firm, Drummond Woodsum Report On Maine Legislature, New Rules Adopted

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In fiscal year 2023, Maine is banking on $33.2 Cannabis Law NewsThe firm writes, ” As of 5:30 this morning, the adult use marijuana rules had been approved by the Maine State Legislature and were headed to the Governor’s desk for her signature.

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Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/29


Governor Gary Herbert (R) of Utah signed legislation into law that strengthens protections for medical cannabis patients and further improves upon the state’s new medical cannabis access program. Legislation is pending, Senate Bill 59, to expand medical cannabis access.

LeafWorks, Botanical Genomics Company, Launches its Gender ID Test for Both Cannabis and Hemp Industries

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cannabis industry. April 8, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – Today LeafWorks, a female scientist-led plant genetics company specializing in botanical identification for cannabis and hemp, launched its proprietary Gender ID Test to solve a pervasive problem among cannabis cultivators – male plants.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/5/19


This Act amends the Controlled Substances Act to reduce the number of instances in which federal law enforcement agencies could carry out legal actions against state-licensed cannabis businesses or other related enterprises.

Article – Thompson Coburn LLP: What’s new for medical cannabis facilities after the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act

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Pritzker signed into law the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act (“CRTA”), making recreational cannabis use legal for adults 21 and older. Additionally, the CRTA addresses the following topics relevant to facilities currently operating under Illinois’ 2013 Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act (the “MCPPA”): Early approval and secondary site applications for medical dispensaries; Early approval applications for medical cultivation centers; and.

Washington: WSLCB Publish Their 2019 Cannabis Topics & Trends Alerts

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Winter Edition 2019 – Cannabis. The expiration date of the Licensing and Enforcement System Modernization Project Account is revised from June 30, 2019 to September 1, 2023. Modeled on the training required for employees who serve alcohol for on-premises consumption, this permit would be required for cannabis retail store employees who sell or service marijuana products for the public. . Cannabis Law NewsHere’s the Table of Contents.

Despite Minor Setbacks, Colombia Still On Track to Become a Leading CBD Exporter


If things continue at this rate, Colombia is well on its way to become a major exporter of cannabis, despite its regulatory roadblocks. When Colombia allowed domestic cannabis growth, investors pounced. Seemingly overnight, hundreds of millions of dollars were invested in helping get the country’s cannabis export industry up and running. Aurora Cannabis Inc. alone could be worth almost $23 billion by 2023.”.

Illinois Governor Signs Bill Expanding Medical Marijuana Program

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Under current provisions, the cannabis plants must be out of public view, and in a locked area. ” The two measures signed into law are Senate Bill 2023 and Senate Bill 455. On Monday Illinois Governor J.B.

Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/22


Activists in Oregon have filed a 2020 ballot initiative with the Secretary of State that, if approved, would allow social cannabis consumption sites and protect consumers from employment discrimination. Click here to email your lawmakers in support of allowing medical cannabis in schools.

State Republicans Appear To Be Following The Lead Of The Likes Of McConnell & Boehner & Cashing In On Cannabis & Hemp Industry

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The war on drugs has become the cannabis goldrush and the Republicans mass amnesia sadly surprises no one reading the tone of the following report about many members of the party in Michigan grabbing what they can as soon as they can. Chiefs of staff embrace cannabis.

Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) and Canadian Health Food Association (CHTA) Publish White Paper

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The current regulatory approach to CBD is perpetuating the illegal cannabis market. Support expansion of the Canadian hemp industry, including a 7 times increase in sales and jobs, by 2023. Following is their letter to members. See the White Paper below.

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On the medical side, Governor Pritzker signed Senate Bill 2023 , which expands and makes permanent the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program Act in Illinois. Authors Akshita Singh , Irina Dashevsky . Aug 21, 2019 .

Macedonian-based grower is on a mission to produce high quality, low-cost solutions to meet unmet market needs.

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Demand for medicinal cannabis in Europe has reached new levels and is expected to grow by more than 400% through 2023. trillion, the continent is on track to become the largest medical cannabis market in the world.



CannaTech Global is a premier cannabis event platform bringing the world’s best and brightest industry mavens, thought leaders and disruptive tech gurus together to propel innovation. FAR REMOVED FROM ‘REEFER MADNESS’ MADNESS: Cannabis is commonly known in South Africa as dagga.

Hemp/CBD Litigation Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Damages

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Our cannabis attorneys are often asked by media, clients, and other professionals working in the hemp and CBD marketplace what we think will be the next “big issue” in this developing industry. sales by 2023.

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Lab Properties Welcomes Emerald Grown into Family of Tenants at the Searls Cannabis Campus

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June 25, 2019 / Canna Newswire / – Lab Properties ( [link] ) is excited to welcome Emerald Grown into its family of tenants at its Searls Cannabis Campus in Nevada City. He said the goal is to reach 300 farms by 2023. NEVADA CITY, Calif.

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You can now get a license to grow and sell cannabis from the state of California


You can now get a license to grow and sell cannabis from the State of California That doesn’t mean it’s easy, or that most people will apply. And then you see the consumption version of that, where folks would be sold a small amount of cannabis or concentrate that they could use on site.

Motley Fool Article: 5 of the Cheapest Pot Stocks Under $5

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As of 2018, legal cannabis was a nearly $11 billion industry, at least according to sales figures published by Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics in their annual State of the Legal Cannabis Markets report. Supreme Cannabis Company: Forward P/E of 9.2.