Cannabis Sustainability: Scope and Solutions

Cannabis Law Report

PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. The Beyond Compliant name comes from the language of Prop 64, which requires cannabis farmers to be “on the pathway to compliance” in abiding by the state’s new environmental regulations governing marijuana cultivation.” Sana Packaging.

Now They’ve Succeeded In Oregon It’s Time To Introduce The Idea To DC, Here Comes The State Cannabis Commerce Act

Cannabis Law Report

Senator Ron Wyden and Congressman Earl Blumenauer have introduced legislation to allow for interstate commerce when it comes to state-legal cannabis programs. It’s past time we protect the states, like Oregon, that have gotten it right.”. State Cannabis Commerce Act of 2019 One Pager.

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How to Get a Credit Union Account for Your Hemp Business

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Financial institutions that work with marijuana businesses must conduct due diligence to ensure that marijuana businesses are complying with state law. For example, certain hemp-derived products may now or in the future be regulated by state health departments and/or the U.S.

Hemp CBD Across State Lines: North Carolina

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In turn, states have the option to maintain primary regulatory authority over the crop cultivated within their borders by submitting a plan to the USDA. This federal and state interplay has resulted in many legislative and regulatory changes at the state level. Hemp/CBD States

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How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Growers License

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Cultivating marijuana is now legal in several states in the United States as well as Canada for licensed professionals. Other rules govern cultivation, storage, pest control, packaging and inventory. Medical patients are allowed to grow their own cannabis without a license in the state of Washington. The rules for growing medical marijuana in the state of Washington require a 60 day supply limit, which amounts to up to 15 plants producing 24 ounces of marijuana.

Did the 2018 Farm Bill Open the Door to Importing Hemp?

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the mature stalks and seeds incapable of germination) is not in violation of the CSA or related laws and regulations specific to importing goods. The 2014 Farm Bill is still in effect as the U.S. CBP also stated that “hemp flowers” are not excluded from the CSA definition.

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Lighting Up Florida’s Medical Marijuana People: The Medics Series, Part 4

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PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT. However, finalized rules on the shape, size, color, warning, packaging, and display of Edibles are currently lingering in final formation. . Otherwise, this state will not be moving forward fast enough, far enough. . then an out of state I.D.,

Meritas Law Firms Worldwide Article: Global Cannabis Industry: The Essential Primer

Cannabis Law Report

State of the Industry. Selinger cites software, point-of-sale systems, and packaging as areas that are thriving in the state. which aspects of the law are determined federally versus locally. which governmental bodies are responsible for regulating the law.